The New Divide

Attack of the Mountain Ox

Transformers 2/HP crossover. A serious crossover. No mind numbing action, hopefully just some good old fashion comedy, romance, death, tragedy, drama, action, adventure, and the whole nine yards.

Workings on a lot of other stories so expect updates to come slowly.

I don't own any of this, all done in good fun.


"I can tell you really missed me a lot Sam!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's not my fault listen, listen… I am a victim."

Mikaela's eye's widened in disbelief "a victim? A victim of what? Of what? A little eighty pound girl?"

"No, no, listen, listen – it was like getting humped in the neck by a mountain ox!" Sam whispered hurriedly attempting to break into Mikela's rant.

"You didn't have to put your tongue in her mouth."

"I didn't!" Sam whispered his face scrunching up with anger.

"Yes you did!"

"Listen! You ever have your stomach tongued by a mountain ox with a five-foot tongue? Listen it's not fun for me ok Mikaela? It-it-it smelled like diesel, like a diesely tinge to it." Sam finished.

Mikaela rolled her eyes "you're such a little girl."

Sam stared at her like she was crazy before shaking his head "ten seconds of silence right now. Not talking to you for ten seconds." Sam said as he put his fingers up counting down.

"You can't give me the silent treatment! You know what!"

Sam leaned forward "not talking to you for ten seconds, you got three seconds left."

Mikaela seethed with anger "you can give me the silent treatment all you want, but I can keep talking and this" she said motioning to Sam and herself "is over!"

Sam hung his head in defeat, but Leo quickly jumped into the conversation.

"She went into your orifice with her nasty alien probe! She did it? She went inside of there? You probably have nasty little alien babies are probably gestating and hatching inside of you!"

Sam put his hand on his mouth and he seemed to pale somewhat.

Mikaela just rolled her eyes.

Leo continued on his rant "you need to vomit right now… yak it, yak it!"

Sam couldn't stop himself as he began to puke all over the floor next to him.

Mikaela turned her head in disgust looking at Leo "who are you?"

"Leo Spitz, the aliens want me cause of my site, I'm the key to this."

Mikaela rolled her eyes as the wall to the library they were hiding in exploded.


The trio got up and ran as the Pretender Decepticon marched forward blasting bits and pieces of the library away.

People dashed here and there screaming for their lives.

"Run!" Sam shouted trying to guide the Mikaela and Leo to the exit of the library. A nearby shot exploded scattering the three as they were flung in different directions.

Sam crawled under a table frantically looking about for the others. He spotted Mikaela who stood up in somewhat of a daze.

She spotted Sam sitting under the table his eyes grew wide as he looked past her "Mikaela!"

Mikaela turned around as the Decepticon fired a shot.


Sam's eyes widened as Mikaela vanished with a loud crack, and the shot streaked harmlessly by crashing into the wall, blowing a large hole in it.

"Come on you idiot!" Mikaela said from her position right next to Sam.

"How did you…?"

"Run you moron!" Mikaela said dragging Sam to his feet.

The two dashed towards the large hole made by the Decepticon.

"Come on Leo unless you want to die!" Sam shouted dragging Leo up from the ground and pulling him along.

The trio dashed out of the hole as the Decepticon made it's way after them. They ran across the quad until Mikaela spotted a box on the ground. She stopped and grabbed it up in her hands.

"What the hell are you doing picking up luggage?" Sam shouted through the screams of students echoing through the quad.

Mikaela rolled her eyes and thrust it at him knocking the wind out of Sam as it hit him in the stomach "we are taking it with us! Now move!" She shouted grabbing Sam and dragging him with into a nearby parking lot.

The trio dashed to a nearby car and smashed the window in with her elbow wincing in pain, but ignoring it. She unlocked the doors and the Sam and Leo clamored in.

Sam thrust the box into the box seat "ok Mikela how did you up and disappear like that?"

Mikaela ignored him as she hotwired the car.

"You know how to hotwire a car? … So hot." Leo said just before his eyes widened a bit.

"Oh shit, crazy psycho thing!"

"Drive, drive, drive, drive! Right there" Sam spluttered pointing at the Decepticon approaching them.

Mikaela threw the car in reverse and slammed on the gas just as the Decepticon Pretender jumped on the hood of the car clawing and scratching at the window.

Mikaela put the car in drive and put her foot down on the gas. The Decepticon momentarily lost balance and collapsed on the hood, but dug it's metallic claws into the frame of the car.

The Decepticon stood on the hood of the car as it barreled down the road. It had metallic tentacles shooting out from its head jabbing and smashing at the windshield, in an attempt to the get at the occupants.

"Hold on!" Mikaela shouted as she veered the car off the road into a cemented streetlight.

The Decepticon caught between the car and lamp shattered as bits and pieces of its body flew about.


The three occupants of the car stared at one another breathing heavily. They all sat in silence for a few moments making sure the Decepticon was dead.

"What the hell was that thing? And I'm sure you aren't mentioning some minor details you may have left out back there?" Leo shouted breaking the silence.

"What the hell Mikaela? How did you disappear back there?" Sam shouted figuring he could get some answers.

Before anyone could respond the sounds of helicopter blades could be heard. All three of them stared at the roof of the car just as a large spike was driven through it.

They all screamed as the car was lifted from the ground. The car for a moment seemed in stable flight, but lurched to the side causing Sam's door to fall off and he slid from his seat dangling for his life as he desperately clutched the side of the door.

"Sam!" Mikaela screamed out as she reached out and grabbed his hand.

"I won't let go Sam!"

Sam in his panicked state nodded and clawed his way back into the car using Mikela's already weakened bloodied arm, from when she broke the window of the car.

Once Sam was safely back in the car Mikaela clutched her arm, tears streaked her face as she winced in pain.

"I'm sorry!" Sam shouted as he looked at Mikaela's arm.

"Don't touch it. I'm sure it is dislodged."

"Guys, anyone notice we stopped moving?" Leo said, as the helicopter seemed to have stopped its flight was now hovering.

They all screamed as the spike detached from the car dropping it into what looked like an abandoned factory.


The car fell through the roof of the factory and landed with a crash. Before the occupants could even collect themselves a giant metallic saw drove its way through the center of the car easily slicing it in two.

"Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh Jesus." Was all Leo could say as he stared at a trio of Decepticons.

Starscream let out a lowly hiss at the site of the humans. Grindor had transformed and stood by as Megatron rose up letting out a growl.

"Come here boy." Megatron grunted at Sam taking no notice of the other two humans.

Sam raised his arms up as he made his way toward Megatron.

Mikaela clutching her arm mouthed "no" as tears streamed her face, but Sam didn't stop.

"You remember me boy, don't you?" Megatron grumbled.

"I'll do what you say just don't hurt us!"

Megatron laughed as he slapped Sam to the ground.

There Sam rolled in agony as Megatron hovered over him laughing as Mikaela cried out his name.


Mikaela didn't know what to do as she watched Sam struggling as Megatron grabbed Sam harshly with enough force to perhaps snap his limbs.

Leo had grabbed her and was pulling her away as if to make an escape at Sam's expense.

Mikaela brushed him off and clutched at the pendant of her necklace.

"What are you doing? We got to get out of here!" Leo whispered into her ear.

"Calling for help." Mikaela responded.


End Chapter

I had to include that first scene. I laughed so hard when I saw that. Seriously just watch through that scene again a few times when this movie is released. I swear it gets funnier every time.

Also yes I know it isn't a match, but things have to change crossover fan fic and all.