Hyacinth first spots Richard at a fancy restaurant. He's obviously there with a date, a woman wearing an elegant floral dress and low heels. She thinks he looks so brilliantly charming as he fiddles with his napkin.

"Are you ready to order?" she asks as she stops by their table.

Richard smiles at her and she feels as though she's melting. His date glares at her but she ignores the woman.


It takes six weeks for Richard to ask her out on a date. By that time, Hyacinth has gotten advice from her sister Rose on how to dress and act. "Are you sure?" she asks as she totters out the door on a pair of Rose's heels and a horrifyingly short dress.

"Perfect," Rose says beaming. "You look wonderful. He'll be impressed, believe me."

Richard's jaw drops when he sees her and Hyacinth cringes inwardly. She's overdressed, she knows she is. Or worse. She looks like a slut.

"You look lovely," Richard says but she knows he's lying.


To Hyacinth's great surprise, Richard proposes on their fifth date. She accepts, even though his last name is Bucket, and he hitches up his pant leg when he's full, because he's Richard and he has a wonderful job at the Council. She knows he's going places and he'll take her with him.

She wrinkles her nose when she examines her mother's wedding dress. It's cheap and worse, it looks cheap.

In desperation, she borrows money from Daisy.


They move into a lovely brick house in the middle of a safe suburb and Hyacinth feels like she might just burst with happiness. She's scared to go and meet their new neighbours but a woman names Elizabeth comes over and introduces herself.

Hyacinth beams at her and knows that they'll be great friends.


The first time she goes to Richard's church, she notices people staring at her. A immaculately clad woman comes up to her and introduces herself.

"My name's Hyacinth Bucket," Hyacinth says quietly.

The woman's upper lip curls slightly and she nods.

Hyacinth suddenly feels acutely embarrassed of her accent and her clothing. She wants to be like that woman. Perfection with Royal Doulton teacups.


Hyacinth reads etiquette books by the dim light in their bathroom while Richard is sleeping and learns the correct way to set a supper table. She's determined not to embarrass Richard in front of his friends again.


Slowly, as Hyacinth shapes herself into a lady, Richard watches her and wonders what happened to the vivacious woman he married.