Sloan got out of her car and started to walk up the drive way and towards the front door of Anna's friend Claire's house. She had just had a great breakthrough at the lab and was feeling right as rain, to say the least. She looked up over the fence at the pool and spotted Anna on the deck with some boy. She looked closer, she assumed this wasn't just any boy. This must be the famous Jack; who Anna was positively in love with since the beginning of the year. She watched as Jack and Anna walked around to the other side of the pool, Jack's arm wrapped around her back and resting right above her butt. She continued to watch as she made her way up the long front walk. They stopped at the other side of the pools, they parted for a second, and Sloan watched as Jack started to kiss Anna. She still had her eyes over there as she knocked on the door, she could see that they had both opened their mouths now. Sloan was in shock, her baby was French kissing Jack. But she was startled out of her gaze when the door opened and Mrs. Aments emerged.

"Oh hi, Sloan. I think you're just in time, they just got out of the pool." Mrs. Aments commented as she led Sloan through the house and out towards the pool deck. She walked through the glass doors and out onto the deck, seeing Anna was now whispering with Claire as the boys grabbed their towels.

"Anna." She called out. Anna looked up and waved to Sloan, putting halt to the conversation. She started to walked toward her; Sloan noticed how positively skimpy the suit she was wearing actually was. But trying to be a cool and supportive mother, she kept her mouth shut.

"Hey Mom. I just gotta grab my stuff, kay?" Sloan nodded and turned her attention back to Mrs. Aments, who stood behind her.

"So did Claire like the Ropes & Challenges trip?" She asked trying to make polite conversation.

"What?" Mrs. Aments looked confused.

"The Ropes & Challenges trip. Didn't Claire go?"

"No, of course not. Didn't Mr. Lewison call you about the trip getting called off last minute?" Mrs. Aments asked, skeptically.

"Mr. Lewison, huh? Uh, yea. Silly me. I totally forgot. Nevermind." She turned back to Anna, still confused herself. Anna was putting on some shorts with her back towards Sloan, when Sloan noticed something on her back. She walked closer, pretending to get Anna to hurry up and ran her hand down the series of oddly familiar dots that went down her back in a small strip. The pieces were starting to come together now. Anna turned around and looked up at Sloan.

"Okay, done." In a daze, Sloan started to walk towards the door, as she heard Anna give Jack a goodbye kiss behind her, she walked in the house with Anna who was close on her heels.