Finding a Way Home

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It was late at night in the Garage—nearing three in the morning. The moon was high and full, watching over the domed city of Corinth. The only sounds that could be heard was faint clattering coming from the vicinity if Doctor K's lab. The source of the noise was the Black and Blue Rangers, Dillon and Flynn. They walked very carefully into the lab, trying not to make even the slightest sound. Due to the darkness of the room, Flynn crashed into a trash bin with a loud bag.

Dillon whipped around to face him. "Quiet, Flynn!" he said in a harsh whisper. "We're not even supposed to be down here!"

Flynn steadied the flimsy trash bin and stood straight. "Well, I'm sorry, mate. Sneaking isn't in my area of expertise." He told the Black Ranger.

Dillon decided to shake it off and headed over to Doctor K's massive computer with three keyboards. "Whatever. I'm sorry." Dillon apologized. "Do you have your Morpher?" he asked, extending his hand.

"Aye." Flynn grumbled, pulling the cell-phone like object from his pocket. "I still say this is a mistake." He added, staring at the Morpher in his hand. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Dillon stopped mid keystroke and closed his eyes with a hard sigh. "This is the only way, Flynn. I'm aware of all the risks." He said lowly.

"But what about Taryn and…and Summer?!" Flynn asked loudly.

"Don't you think I've though of that?!" Dillon yelled, pounding the desk and turning to Flynn.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Flynn finally spoke. "Look," he said, walking over to him, "I'm sorry. I…just don't want you to regret what you're doing here."

"What I'd regret is hurting someone I love because of this…damn virus." Dillon said, looking at his left hand.

Though he'd never let any of the others see it, Dillon was fighting with this virus inside him every day. It was only recently that Doctor K discovered it in his system and informed him that there wasn't yet a cure. Venjix for one reason or another placed this virus in his system, and was bound and determined to make him join his side. He had already put his friends in danger a few times due to the virus, and he was going to do everything in his power to keep that from happening again.

"I want to do this, Flynn." Dillon said softly. "I have to."

Flynn just looked at his friend sadly and patted him on the back. "Then I'll help you any way I can." He told him, handing him his Morpher.

"Thanks," Dillon replied with a small smile, "I owe you one."

"Just…make me a fruit smoothie after all of this and we'll call it even." Flynn said.

"You got it." Dillon said with a small laugh.

"Now, what do I do?" Flynn asked, approaching the keyboard.

"I need to borrow some of your time manipulation powers from your Morpher." Dillon explained.

"Aye." Flynn added, nodding along.

"What I do is link your and my morphers together via the computer. Next, I remove some of your time manipulation energies and send it into my Morpher. Then, sync the energies with the virus and that way, whenever I feel the virus taking hold…" Dillon trailed off.

"My powers will freeze it in time." Flynn finished for him.

"Exactly." Dillon said, looking over his plan on the screen.

"Okay. But you do know that this is only a temporary solution…it won't hold off the virus forever." Flynn told him.

"Yes, but it will give me some time so I can try and gain control of it. Maybe this way I can fight it." Dillon answered.

"Here's hoping." Flynn said. give me some time so I can try and gain control of it. Maybe this way I can fight it." Dillon answered.

"Here's hoping." Flynn said, looking at all the work details.

"Flynn, the thing is I don't know how to sync one Morpher with the other—you do." Dillon said, removing his Morpher from his wrist and handing it to the Blue Ranger. "Please do this for me…this is my only hope."

Flynn paused and looking at both of the morphers in Dillon's hands. "I'll do it." He answered. "As long as you tell me what I'm supposed to tell Summer should anything happen to you."

"I'll handle that…don't worry." Dillon assured him. "Now, let's do this."

Flynn took the morphers from Dillon's hands and let out a sigh. "First we hook the morphers to one another, then attached them to the computer." He said laying the morphers on a nearby table, hooking them to one another. "Then, I'll transmit my time manipulation electrodes into your Morpher."

"Will you still be able access your ability?" Dillon asked as he watched the Blue Ranger work. He wanted to make sure that his friend wouldn't have to deal with any harsh ramifications because of his actions

"Aye." Flynn told him. "I'm only sending over a few electrodes. Once they get inside or your Morpher, they'll multiply and spread." Then he walked over to the computer, hooking it to both of the Morphers. "But…"

"'But'…what?" Dillon asked impatiently.

"Your force field ability will be shortened." Flynn warned him.

"How shortened?" Dillon asked, raising a brow. "I only have five seconds in the first place."

"You'll lose three seconds." He answered, causing Dillon to sigh and run his fingers through his hair. "Still want to do this?"

"It's only three seconds." Dillon told him. "I can handle it." He knew that this wasn't a good thing. He struggled enough with the fact that he only had five seconds to begin with. Two seconds was looking as good as zero about now.

"Then, let's do this." Flynn said hesitantly. With that, he activated the computer, transmitting just the right amount of electrodes into Dillon's Morpher. The objects glowed the color of their owner and static crackled all around it. After a few moments, it stopped.

Dillon looked at the morphers and then to Flynn. "Did you do it?" he asked.

"It's done." Flynn replied with regret in his voice.

Dillon took his morpher from the table and placed it on his wrist. "Now, to sync it with this virus."

"All you have to do is morph and it'll be synced." Flynn said, folding his arms.

The Black Ranger paused for a moment and looked at his morpher. "Right." He said in a low voice. He knew that a lot was riding on this for it to work; he just hoped Flynn was as good as he thought he was. In one swift motion, he activated his morpher and morphed into the Black Ranger.

When he did so, a blue electricity surged throughout his body. Afterwards, he jerked forward and looked at his hands. "Well…" he began, retracting his helmet, "did it work?" Flynn just nodded at him in response. "Thank you." Dillon said.

"Just don't make me regret this." Flynn replied, grabbing his morpher from the table and leaving the room.

"Me neither." Dillon said softly to himself. He had no idea if this was going to work the way he hoped or not, but he figured risking being out of commission was better than the evil taking over him and hurting his friends. He loved them way too much to let that happen.

Meanwhile, another ranger was having a restless night. Scott was upstairs in a disturbed sleep. He was writhing in his bed, seeming to be tormented by a dream of some sort. It had only been a few months since his brother Marcus was lost in a battle against Venjix. But with all the pain Scott was feeling, it may as well only happened a few hours ago. He desperately tried to forget about everything that happened with being the team leader, but he couldn't move on, and it seemed damn near impossible that he ever would.

He heard that last transmission Marcus made over and over again, it was as clear as if he was in the room:


Marcus and Scott were trying with everything in them to control their planes from the flurry of blasts Venjix and his army was firing at them. Shots came from every angle. They were completely surrounded.

Marcus' voice garbled through Scott's helmet. "Eagle Two, we are taking fire! We are taking fire!" he shouted.

Still trying to steady his bird, Scott answered. "Eagle One, this is Eagle Two, requesting permission to engage!"

"Negative, Eagle Two, this zone is too hot!" Marcus shouted back. "Maintain your course. I'm drawing fire away from Alley Delta!"

When Scott heard these words he felt himself growing nervous. "No, Marcus, don't! That's a negative!" he shouted, ripping his helmet from his head.

Suddenly a loud explosion filled the air, all was bright around him filled with fire and scrap metal. "I'm hit! I'm hit!" Marcus cried. "I'm losing altitude!"

Scott saw his brother fading out of view beside him. "No, Marcus!!" Scot screamed.

At that moment, he heard a final report from his brother. "This is Eagle One's last transmission." The tone in his voice was surprisingly calm, it was as if Marcus had already accepted his fate. Then the line went dead.

"Marcus, no!!" Scott screamed once more. He then saw what he dreaded most, Eagle One's plane crashing to the ground, exploding into nothingness. Soot and metal shards flew all around the Red Ranger. "Marcus…" he whimpered sadly, leaving himself wide open to take and attack from Venjix. His plane shook angrily and was going down fast. He searched for the 'eject' button, lifting the protective glass and pressing it. "Eject!" he yelled, getting thrown out of his seat as well as his plane.

When he felt himself launch forward, he jolted awake harshly from his sleep.

(End Flashback)

The Red Ranger screamed as he awakened, drenched in a cold sweat, trying to steady his breathing. The nightmare was over. He exhaled sharply and beat his head once against the wall. He relived his most painful memory, and it never felt more real.