Summary – House's psychologist is for lack of better term – being a bitch so his only and best friend – Jimmy Wilson – comes to his rescue. This was to be a story of it's own but it got added to my chapter 'The Summer' of the story 'Seeing in Cerulean' I'm still publishing it as a one shot, just cause it can be read with or without the story.

He sighed disparagingly at the psychologist sitting primly across from him. She wore glasses and a suit that was entirely opposite of Cuddy's style. House would be disappointed, that is, if the shrink was pretty. She was younger, but plain, with a pinch nose that screamed 'I'm a bitch' from a mile away. Wilson frowned, giving her an unintentional dark look. He was not getting a good first impression from this woman.

Parsimoniously (wow that's a long word!) the psychologist, her name was Penny Jenson, surveyed her critic. He was gorgeous, of course, with light brown hair and huge creamy brown eyes. And from what she could tell by the way that he was looking at her, he already hated her. And she hadn't even said anything yet. But he probably had read her reports and decided to hate her then.

"From what I read, he isn't doing any better, and the detox, well, frankly the detox went like hell for him. You're supposed to be helping him!"

Penny had almost forgotten that besides being co-medical proxy with Dr. Cuddy, Dr. Wilson was Dr. House's best friend. She was screwing this up right off the bat.

"Well Dr. Wilson, he does need to learn to cope with his pain, and -"

"You need to remember that Dr. House has lived with his pain for a very long time and can deal with it. He does, I'll admit, have a pain management problem, but he also has a pain problem, that can only be taken care of with medication. That medication, you need to remember, is Vicodin. That is his life support, and you've taken it away from him till he's completely detoxed. He's in a lot of pain, and he's an ass, he's not going to cooperate unless you have something to bargain with. And I bet you that your best shot at bargaining with him is giving him Vicodin. It's going to be tough for you to get anywhere with him if you don't get to know him. And that's why I'm here. Because he won't help you, I have to. I know him best of anybody, with the exception of his mother, and Cuddy."

Penny was speechless. She said the first and most unprofessional thing that came into her head. "You call your boss Cuddy?"

Wilson frowned even more. He was finally upset. "That's beside the point. Do you want to make progress with House, or don't you? Because he needs it and I might be able to finally stay married without having to get a divorce or have my girlfriend die in an Accident because she had to pick him up from a bar at 5 O' Clock at night, because he got drunk because he was pissed that I was spending time with her!"
"Ummm…my condolences, but Dr. House needs to be dealt with and you are not his psychologist, and I know how to deal with drug addicts, they're all the same way, trust me I can handle him,"

Wilson shook his head. 'No. You can't. You don't understand. Every situation is different; you can't categorize them like that. One is a druggy because they want to be, House is a drug addict because he has to be,"

"But he doesn't have to be. He can take them, and not be addicted. But he doesn't. He chose to be addicted,"

Wilson was wishing that he could be unprofessional enough to flip her off. But he didn't.