Ianto jones got in the car, He glanced over at Jack with who he had just saved from being buried in concrete. Their eyes met , Ianto felt his eyes well up with tears as he gently placed his hand on Jack's arm,

Ianto looked down at Jack's bare wrists that still bore the shackles their still unknown enemy had put on him before encasing him in a block of cement .

Through his tears Ianto looked at Jack's face and gently touched his Captain's bruised cheek. He whispered " What did they do to you?'

Jack managed a sad small smile as he looked at Ianto. He managed to put his arms around his partner and gently kissed his forehead " Nothing that I couldn't handle. Nothing I couldn't handle,"

Ianto sat with his head on Jack's bare shoulder his own arms wrapped around Jack's bare body, Ianto looked at him and quietly sobbed " I heard you Jack, Screaming out when they were covering you with that concrete . That scream nearly broke my heart, I could not reach you, then I heard the scream stop and it was deathly quiet. I knew I had to save you . But I couldn't get to you, oh Jack I am so sorry,"

Jack smiled and held Ianto close, " But you did save me Jones Ianto Jones and I love you " Ianto smiled weakly as Jack gently kissed. Ianto's lips. Ianto returned the kiss, Both men were unwilling to let go of one another.

From the front drivers seat, Rhys Williams was heard to mutter, "Great . the world is going to shit in a handbasket and those two are busy kissing and carrying on" This remark earned him a jab in his side by his wife Gwen who sat next to him., But neither Jack or Ianto took any notice . At that moment they were alone in their own little world