A/N: Thanks to Mel and Liv and especially to Charliiee for telling me to write this! lol love you all (l) So here goes...

As Sky's boat got further and further away, Sam wrapped his arms around Donna as he could see she was shivering from the cold summer night breeze.

Donna slowly looked up into Sam's glistening blue eyes and smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" Sam whispered into her hair.

"Nothing." Donna replied quietly and she took his big, gentle hand in hers and walked slowly back up to the hotel.

Eddie was busy trying to mop up the water from the floor which had exploded earlier on while Pepper was following Tanya around like a stalker.

When Donna and Sam finally got back to the hotel, Sam crept upstairs closely followed by Donna. Sam stopped outside the bedroom door when Donna suddenly thought of something.

"How did you know where my room was?"

"Err... Rosie told me where it was." Sam replied quietly whilst looking at the floor. It was obvious to Donna he was lying.

"Oh really?" Donna questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"No. I sat outside your door for a while last night." Sam admitted while his cheeks went bright red.

"Aww honey." Donna whispered as she put her hand on his cheek. "You should've came in." she said with a wink.

Donna opened the door and went into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and the smile washed off her face immediately.

What if he runs away again? Why am I so worried? He won't be worried because he's gorgeous and perfect and...

Donna was interrupted in her thoughts with a knock on her bathroom door.

"Donna? You okay sweetie?" Sam asked through the wooden door.

Donna smiled silently to herself and walked out of the bathroom into Sam's big comforting arms.

"I'm fine." she said as she laughed quietly into his shirt.

"You wanna come to bed then?" Sam asked.

"Sure." Donna said with a kiss to his lips.

Sam carried Donna over to the bed and placed her gently down on the bed and climbed in next to her. Sam kissed Donna on the lips again and again and...

An hour later Donna cuddled up to Sam and rested her head on his chest. They didn't speak for a few minutes, just enjoying the peace and quiet and each others company.

"I love you."
"Love you too."
"Really. Now shut up and go to sleep."Donna whispered as Sam laughed.
"Night, honey." Sam said as he kissed her head. And they both fell asleep immediately in each others arms.

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