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Chapter 1: Miles Apart

"See ya later Bella!" I heard my coworker and friend Angela yell.

"Bye Ang!" I yelled back. I was finally leaving work for the night.

Two hours overtime. Ugh. It would pay off though. I found out I owed $250 on my cell phone. How the hell could I owe that much? So I walked into the store with two Starbucks coffees, asked for the manager, and we talked things through. After a long talk, he said I wouldn't have to pay my bill.

I got to the bottom floor, said goodbye to the doorman, and finally left. I've lived in Seattle for four years now. I just graduated from the University of Washington for Journalism. I immediately made it to the top as an assistant chief-in-editor at the Seattle Times.

I got home, set my stuff down, well more like dropped, on the kitchen table, and crashed next to my roommate and best friend Alice on the couch.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey Bella. How was work?" she asked.

"Okay I guess," I replied. I looked down at the book she was flipping through. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, just looking through our old yearbooks." Alice and I had known each other since kindergarten. I shared my building blocks with her the second day of kindergarten and we have been best friends ever since.


"Oh, I just saw Tyler Crowley, you remember him?"

"Yeah? Did you run into him or something?"

"Oh god no. I just saw him on TV. He was arrested for breaking into some old lady's house and she shot him before he could get in two feet."

I chuckled, too tired to get any humor out of it.

"So you're looking at yearbooks because you saw someone from high school on TV?"

Alice sighed. "Yeah. I'm just reminiscing in the good old days."

"Ha! Good old days."

"Well there were some good times."

"Yeah a few."

I grabbed one she wasn't looking at. I opened up the first page and saw my old Trigonometry teacher, Mr. Varner. I hated Trig. Math just wasn't my thing. English was. That's why Mr. Mason, my teacher and I got along so well.

As I flipped through the first few pages of collages of random candid pictures of my old friends, I saw one particular person. Edward Cullen. My heart stopped. My breathing hitched. My eyes went wide.

Oh my god.

Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen.

Oh my god.

Edward Cullen.

The love of my life.

The boy I obsessed over throughout high school.

My whole four years of high school flashed before my eyes.

Freshman year. I saw Edward Cullen at a football game. I was smitten with him, as most girls were.

Sophomore year. I was in the same English class with him. We became acquaintances. We worked on projects together and would go over to each other's houses, sometimes.

Junior year. Partners in biology. We became best friends. We worked on our projects together. We sat at the same lunch table. He was popular, but now he didn't care. We were best friends and he didn't run with the popular crowd anymore.

Senior year. Pretty much all the same classes. We were over at each other's houses almost every day after school. We hung out all the time, doing homework, going to movies, everything. By this time, I was absolutely in love with Edward Cullen.

For some reason, I heard Edward's deep, velvety voice saying my name.

"Bella, Bella, Bella…" he said.

"Bella? Bella?" Alice was waving her hand in front of my face. I shook my head.

"What?" I said quickly.

"What the hell were you thinking about?" I didn't say anything but gave her a knowing look. She looked down and saw Edward's picture. "Oh. You were thinking of, him. You know Bella, I told you then over and over to tell him how you felt, but you never listened to me. But now he's married to T-"

"Alice, I don't want to hear it. I know I should have told him. I regret it. Maybe my life would have been different if I would have told Edward how I fee-felt." I changed my words quickly.

"Wait. Bella? Do you still love him?" I didn't say anything. "Bella…are you still in love with Edward?"

I sighed. "I don't know Alice. I mean, I haven't seen him in months."

"Well maybe you should call him up and ask him to hang out, you know, just as friends."

"Alice! He's married! I cannot go out with a married man. Plus, you know how Tanya reacted last time."

"Yeah, I know, but if you ever get a chance to talk to him again, you should tell him again, even if you do or don't love him still. You shouldn't live your life with regrets Bella. That's not how a life is meant to be lived."

I sighed. "Whatever, Alice, I'm going to bed."

"Ok, good night Bella."


I changed into a tank top and shorts and laid down. I felt my stomach rumble, but I couldn't tell if it was because I didn't eat when I came home or because of my recent thoughts of Edward. I didn't care though. I just wanted to sleep.

I fell asleep quickly because before I knew it, it was morning. I stretched widely like a cat, then fell on the floor.

"Ow." I got up and looked around. For some reason I was in my old house. Charlie's house. "What…" I had to be dreaming. I pinched myself. Nope, I wasn't dreaming. This had to be a dream. I never really pinched myself in dreams, so I didn't really know if I could feel pain in dreams. Knowing me, I would.

I looked down and I was wearing happy bunny pajamas that said "it's all about me" and a tank top. I was still dazed that I was in Charlie's house. I sat down on the bed and rubbed my eyes.

"This can't be real." I looked at my nightstand for my phone. I picked it up, but it was my old Samsung phone. It was almost bigger than my Blackberry! I flipped through the contacts and called Alice.

"Hello?" Alice mumbled.

"Alice?" I whispered.

"What Bella? I was sleeping."

"When is it?"

"When is what?"

"Never mind. Go back to sleep." Alice sighed and hung up. I flipped my phone closed. I looked at the date and it said "7:02, Wednesday, September 28, 2005"

"WHAAT???" I screamed. I heard Charlie busting up the stairs and into my room.

"What? What's the matter Bella?" he shouted.

"Nothing, Dad. Nothing's wrong. Go back downstairs, I'll make us breakfast." Charlie nodded and left.

I sat there dazed and confused by what was going on. I had to be dreaming. I just had to.

But I decided to go along with the dream.

From what I could remember, school started in one hour, and Edward would be picking me up in a half hour. Edward.


Oh my god.

Edward would be picking me up.

I dashed up to my closet and tried to pick out what to wear. The style hadn't changed much in the past four years. So I picked out jeans, a long-sleeve Forks Football t-shirt that was Edward's, and my Chucks. Alice would probably yell at me, but I only had a half hour before Edward would come pick me up. God, thinking his name still made my heart flutter.

I changed quickly, brushed my hair, and ran down the stairs. I quickly made Charlie and I ham and cheese omelets and poured us orange juice.

I ate my omelet in three bites and gulped down my orange juice. I ran upstairs to brush my teeth. When I turned the water off and put my toothbrush away, I could hear laughing downstairs.

He was here.

Holy fuck, he was here.

What do I say?

Hi Edward. I think dreaming I'm back in high school in , and I'm in love with you. I hope you don't think I'm crazy, but…what? What did I say? That I'm dreaming? Oh, I hope you don't think I'm crazy?

I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw him. Edward Cullen. He was sitting at the table while my dad was washing our breakfast dishes. I sat my backpack at the bottom of the stairs.

"Dad, I can get those."

"No Bells, that's okay." I started to step off the last step, but tripped over my backpack. Smooth Bella. Trip over your backpack right in front of the guy you're in love with.

I heard Edward chuckle and I shot him a look.

"Sorry, sorry," he said. "Are you ready to go Bella?" Just hearing him say my name made me tremble. Actually, just hearing him talk made me tremble.

"Yep. Bye Dad."

"See ya after school Bells," he replied.

"Actually, aren't you coming over to my house after school Bella?" Edward asked.

"I am?" I asked.

"I thought you were. Unless you don't want to anymore."

"No! No, I guess I just forgot."

"All right. Then it's set. We'll see you later Chief Swan."

"Edward, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Charlie."

Edward chuckled. "Sorry. Charlie."


"So, you ready for another day of school?" Edward asked, opening my door for me.

"Definitely not."

And I really wasn't. It's been four years since I've been in high school. I don't even know if I would remember everyone's names and any of the material we'd been covering. We pulled up into the parking lot. I tried to remember my daily routine, but fuck, it had been four years. How would I remember my routine of my senior year?

We started to get out of the car, but I stopped Edward.

"Hey Edward?" I said.


"Um, this is kind of weird, but…"


"I fell out of my bed and hit my head really hard this morning and I think I'm having a bit of a case of amnesia."

Edward's eyes went wide. "Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

I shook my head. "No, no. I just need your help to get around today. I really don't remember my classes or my locker combination."

His worried look didn't leave his face. "Yeah, anything. We have the same classes anyway."

Edward opened my door and grabbed my backpack, then grabbed my arm with his hand to help me walk.

"Edward. I can walk."

Edward leaned into my ear. "I'm just taking precautions. You don't know with you Bella. You could trip anytime." I shivered, feeling his breath on my ear. I nodded, not being able to speak. "Nice shirt by the way. Where did you get it?" he teased, making me laugh breathlessly.

We walked for a while until I saw Alice skip up to us with Jasper behind her. Jasper was her boyfriend and Edward's best friend.

"Thanks for the wake up call this morning Bella," Alice said annoyed.

"Sorry. I was just a little dazed," I replied.

"Yeah, she fell out of her bed again," Edward said, laughing. After that, everyone else started to giggle. I got mad and stomped off. Everyone teasing me about my clumsiness never got old.

I felt Edward's presence behind me. He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

"Bella, stop. I'm sorry. I was just kidding," he said. How could I be mad at a face like that? A gorgeous, strong, chiseled face with stunning green eyes, beautiful, kissable lips, amazing pale skin that just made you want to touch it, cheekbones that…

"Bella!" he yelled.

"Huh?" I said.

"I said, are you ready to go into school? We're going to be late."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don't want to be late."

"Again. We were late yesterday," he reminded me.

"We were?" I asked.

"I guess this 'amnesia'" he quoted with his fingers, "is affecting your past memory too?"

"No, not all of it," I whispered. We walked in silence after that. Edward walked me to the office to get a copy of my schedule. I stood at the door and watched him walk up to Mrs. Cope, the secretary, to get her to give him my schedule, using his charm. No girl, no matter how old, could resist that.

"Here ya go Bells," Edward said, handing me my schedule.

"Thanks," I mumbled. Edward took my backpack and grabbed my arm again. "Edward, I told you I can walk."

"And I told you that I don't want to take any chances," he whispered again, making me shiver. I swore I saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye.

Edward helped me throughout the whole day. At lunch, Emmett teased me about my apparent 'amnesia'. Rosalie, as always, smacked him and called him a big oaf. They were the same old Rosalie and Emmett; in love and always fighting. Alice and Jasper were the same too; just in love and always sneaking glances and kisses. That made my stomach churn though because I thought that could have been Edward and me if I would have told Edward how I felt.

But if this was reality instead of a dream, maybe I could tell him. I was still as much of a coward as I was back then. I knew if I told him, it would change our relationship. Why would he like me anyway? He was Edward Cullen. He was beautiful, popular, played football, could get any girl he wanted, but didn't, I don't know why. He only said he wasn't into stuff like that, having one-night stands. He wanted a serious relationship. That only made me love, even respect, him more.

As I spent more time with him and my other friends, more and more came back to me from my years in high school. It made me miss high school a little and I didn't want to go back to the real world. I wanted to stay here. But I knew I had to. I knew that when I went to sleep that night, I would go back; back to Seattle to my job at the Seattle Times and paying bills. Back to being an adult. And I thought high school was hard.

Then Alice's words from 2009 popped into my head.

"…you shouldn't live your life with regrets Bella. That's not how a life is meant to be lived." No regrets. Then it hit me.

The yearbook.

Did the yearbook make me go back in time?

No. It couldn't have. Could it?

Maybe this is a sign that maybe fate wants me to be happy, or at least live a life without regrets.

I had to do it. I had to tell Edward I loved him.

And tonight, before I fell asleep again.

The rest of the day went by fine, with Edward, it went by better than fine.

I was nervous going to his house. It wasn't because I was going to his house, but because I was going to admit my feelings for him that I've held inside me for five years. Damn. I'm such a coward. I don't think I was afraid that he didn't feel the same way, but I was afraid of his reaction. I as afraid that he would have a disgusted look on his face, or say that I didn't deserve him, which I didn't. He deserved much better than me.

But I had to do it.

I had to tell Edward Cullen I was in love with him.

Edward and I were sitting in his room doing homework. His parents, Carlisle and Esme weren't home. From what I could remember, they were on their second honeymoon.

"Bella?" Edward said, interrupting my thoughts.

I looked up from my Trig homework. "Yeah?"

"Could you come here?"

"Sure." I set down my binder and walked up to Edward's desk, which was where he was sitting. He was wearing glasses because he had to wear them for when he used the computer. That made him so much hotter. Edward was typing the paper we had to write for English. I had looked in my binder earlier and I already had it finished, thank god. I could probably have done it anyway. We had to write a personality profile of a character from Romeo and Juliet, which were assigned to us.

Ironically, I got Juliet and Edward got Romeo.

"Mr. Mason put here 'in what ways does the character interact with the other characters?' Well Romeo doesn't really interact with Juliet's nurse."

"Well…hmm. Remember that one scene when Romeo and Juliet almost got caught by her nurse?" I tried not to blush. "You could say something along those lines, I guess."

"Yeah. Thanks Bells."

"No problem."

I turned and sat back on the floor at the foot of the bed. We sat for a little while longer in silence until I heard Edward's voice again.



"Could you proofread my paper?"

"I guess," I said sarcastically, then giggled. "Looks good to me Edward." I said, after I looked it over.

"Awesome, thanks."

"Welcome. Now, I need to get back to my Trig."

"Yeah, I need to do mine too."

I sat back down and started working on it. Edward sat next to me. We looked at each other and smiled. I nudged him and he nudged me back. We both got serious and started to work. I could feel the electricity between us.

You shouldn't live your life with regrets Bella.

Shut up, I know.

That's not how a life is meant to be lived.

I know!

You need to tell him.

I know!

Like now…

What do I say?

The truth?

I can't.

Do it.

I can't.

Come on Bella, it's not that big of a deal. I'm sure he won't be surprised; you were always fawning all over-

"Shut up!"

"What?" Edward said, looking over at me.

"Did I say that out loud?" Edward nodded. I blushed. "Sorry." I started to feel the electricity between us again, or maybe it was just my body heat.

I couldn't do it. I was afraid.

Then it hit me.

I'm 22 fucking years old.

I'm not fucking 12.

Well technically, I'm 18 right now.

But I'm dreaming, right?

So I did it.

Right then.


He looked at me. "Bella?" Ugh, I hated it when he did that. It was so god damn hot.

"I have to tell you something."

Edward set his books down and turned to me.

"Ok, shoot."

I took a deep breath.

"I love you." Oh my god, that felt so much better. Alice was right.

Edward twisted his eyebrows.

"I love you too Bella…" he said slowly. Shit.

I sighed. "No, you don't understand. I've been holding this in for a long time. I love you. I'm in love with you."

I stared at him, waiting for his reaction.

"Oh," was all he said. Tears welled up in my eyes. I shook my head and wiped my eyes with the back of my hands. Of course he didn't love me. Why would he?

Without another word, I quickly gathered my things, shoved them in my bag, and made a break for the door.

But then I was stopped by his hand on my elbow. He spun me quickly into his chest and crushed his lips to mine. He was taking pity on me. I couldn't let him do this. I put my hands on his chest and pushed away.

"Don't," I said, tears running down my face. "Don't feel sorry for me Edward. That only makes it worst."

Edward cupped my cheeks and wiped my tears away with his thumbs.

"Bella, I don't feel sorry for you. I would never do that to you. I love you too much."

I gasped. "What?"

Edward smiled. "Bella, I love you."

"Say it again."

"I love you."

I threw my arms around his neck and placed open mouth kisses all over it.

We parted and Edward kissed me softly.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I nodded and he ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead.

"Edward?" I asked after a few moments.

"Yes, love?" My heart fluttered.

"Will you show me? Show my how much you love me?" I whispered.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yes. As sure as I am of you."

Edward smiled, then pressed his lips against mine, cupping my cheeks with his hands. I stood on my toes and wrapped my arms around him. We kissed like that for god knows how long. It was amazing.

"I love you," he whispered in my mouth.

"I love you," I whispered back.

Edward laid me down on his bed and we continued to kiss with him on top of me. He hovered over me, being careful not to put too much of his weight on me. Edward broke from my lips and lifted my shirt over my head. He lowered his lips to my collarbone and trailed his kisses from there to the valley between my breasts.

I ran my hand down his covered chest and lifted his shirt off, throwing it on the floor with mine. We continued to ravish each other with our lips. Edward reached around to the clasp of my bra and threw it off.

I crossed my arms over my breasts, but Edward put them down to my sides.

"Bella, don't cover yourself. You're beautiful," he told me in a loving voice. I smiled, but blushed at the same time.

I searched for his lips, our kisses becoming more frantic. I knew we were both in need for a release soon. Edward moved his lips lower and sucked and nibbled on my breasts.

"Oh god Edward, that feels so good…" I moaned.

I began to play with the button of his jeans, hinting to him that I wanted them off. I heard him chuckle against my nipple, his breath making them harder.

Edward leaned up on his knees and began to unbutton his jeans, but I stopped him. I sat up so I was mirroring his pose. I put my lips on his again while we unbuttoned each other's jeans. We laid back down and took our pants off. The only remaining clothing was our underwear, which was removed quickly.

Edward broke away from me and looked me deep in the eyes.

"Bella?" he said breathlessly. I looked back at him. "Are you sure you want to do this?

I kissed him chastely. "Edward, I love you. I want to make love to you." He nodded and pressed his tip and my entrance.

"Are you ready?" I nodded.

He moved in slowly. I urged him to go in further, so he did. He moved in bit by bit until he was in all the way. It was unreal. I was making love to the man I loved for five years, and he loved me back. This was the best dream ever and I didn't want it to end.

Edward stayed inside me so I could get adjusted to him. I wasn't a virgin in my 22-year-old body. I hoped Edward didn't notice.

"Ok, I'm ready," I said. Edward slowly pulled out of me, then pushed back in quicker. I let out a loud cry of pleasure.

"Edward, please, you can go faster. I need…uhh…" I couldn't finish my sentence.

"Bella, you feel so good." He kissed my face, then found my lips. He began to drive into me harder, our kisses becoming as hard as his thrusts.

I could feel my climax start to build and urged Edward to keep going.

"Please Edward, I'm about to come."

"I am too."

"Oh god Edward…Oh GOD…" I could feel my stomach tightening and my walls starting to clench on him.

"Come Bella. Come with me."

Edward reached down and rubbed his thumb on my clit. My mind and body exploded. I had no idea where I was except that I was with Edward.

"OH SHIT!" I screamed.

"FUCK BELLA!" I felt Edward's body shake beneath me and release inside me.

Edward collapsed on me, burying his head in my shoulder, kissing from my shoulder to my neck, then finally my lips.

"That was amazing love." He kissed me again, longer this time. "You were amazing."

"Mmm…" I agreed. "I love you."

"I love you too."

I looked at the clock and it was 8:30. A little late for dinner, so Edward and I ordered take-out and played this game where we had to connect actors to movies. I think he made it up because I kept losing.

Then we made love again. Twice.

For some reason, I don't think this was a dream because I could actually feel everything, literally; my tears, my orgasms (blush), my hunger, Edward's kisses, hugs, touches, everything.

But if it was a dream, I didn't want to wake up.

It was 11:00 and we decided to go to bed for school in the morning. As boyfriend and girlfriend, we decided.

But I would wake up in the morning as Bella Swan, 22 year-old assistant editor-in-chief for the Seattle Times, not Edward Cullen's girlfriend. Once Edward was asleep, I cried. I cried myself to sleep.

It was finally morning and I woke up to the sun shining through the window.

Great, another morning.

I looked around and it was another room. But this was an unfamiliar room. It wasn't my room in Seattle. It wasn't my old room at Charlie's. It wasn't Edward's room. I was in a nicely decorated room from what I could tell. It had a plush rug, two doors, what I guessed was the closet, maybe the bathroom? There was another door. Maybe that was the door to go out. The window was a sliding glass door and through the blinds, I could see a large patio.

I felt lips kiss my shoulder.

"Good morning, love," said a deep, velvety voice.

I turned around and saw…


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