Chapter 1

The meadow is beautiful... Lelouch thought. He was playing tag with Suzaku and Nunnally, and he was it. Everyone was laughing their heads off and having a jolly good time, but something was puzzling Lelouch. He couldn't quite figure out what, but there was something nagging at the back of his brain. He stopped running and let his eyes wander over to his best friend and little sister...of course! Nunnally was walking, nay, running! How did this come to be? Suddenly, he felt a strange pressure on his chest and was knocked backwards. Just when he thought he was about to land, he regained consciousness.

He slowly blinked open his eyes, and there she was. He was lying on his back, and had just awoken to find C.C. sitting on his chest, looking down at his face with her golden eyes. "Lelouch, get up!"

"No. Get off me." He grumbled and tried to roll over.

"But I need your credit card. I can't find it and I'm hungry. I want pizza NOW!" She slapped the side of Lelouch's face at the sight of him trying to roll her off.

"Get off of me, witch!" And with that she slapped him again.

"Hurry up and tell me where the stupid thing is and I'll leave you be." He closed his eyes in a vain attempt to ignore her. "Darn it Lelouch, just tell me!"

"No. Get off or I'll be forced to take the appropriate measures." He opened his eyes again and stared at hers with an angry expression. But C.C. wouldn't give up without a fight.

"If you don't tell me, bad things will happen to you. Very bad things indeed."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" he smirked. Then, without warning, she leaned in and kissed him. His eyes widened and he lay there stunned for a moment. He recollected himself and pushed her off of him. "What was that for, witch?" he screamed.

"Well, I wasn't kidding. And now that you're awake, you wouldn't mind giving me the credit card, would you?" she said with a helpless look of innocence on her face.

"Of course not, and for two reasons: one, you tackled me and woke me up too early, and two, because I only use this credit card for important matters."

"Like what?" she questioned with her usual hardened stare.

"Well...uh..." His mind raced for excuses.

"I'm waiting."

"Um, well, ya know. Stuff."

"What kind of stuff?"

His mind went blank and he shouted the first thing off the top of his head. "Shoe polish." He felt like a complete imbecile.

"Shoe polish." she repeated. "Yes, the famous dead to the rest of the world Lelouch is saving his credit card money... for shoe polish."

"Yes, that's right. I need to maintain my image."

"What image? You're dead! You don't even have shoes that can be polished."

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna get some."

"With what money? You're using it on shoe polish." Once again, it seemed like Lelouch was utterly defeated by the green-haired witch. "Wait just a moment." Lelouch looked up from his pondering to see C.C. puzzled.

"What is it?" he queried, thankful that the argument was forgotten.

C.C. continued: "How can you be using a credit card when you're supposed to be dead? Come to think of it, how can you be using a cell phone either?" Lelouch's eyes went wide. How could he have forgotten that minor detail? This could be the downfall of my brilliant plan! he thought. But wait! He just had an epiphany!

"Well well, C.C., it seems that I've just noticed that you defeated yourself." She looked at him confusedly. "It seems that you'll never get your pizza with no money to buy it with." Her eyes went wide. "But, as you said, I'll need to dispose of this card and my phone." He then took his phone out and threw it to the floor, stamping it into the dust with his foot. C.C. just watched as her method of ordering was destroyed. "The card needs to be scratched out and shredded." Lelouch took out a knife and started scratching at the barcode and the name on the card. C.C. had a blank expression on her face. As soon as Lelouch was satisfied that it was in no way recoverable, he looked over and saw her. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"Oh nothing. You beat me, that's all." She approached him and hugged him. "You're a good thinker, Lelouch." She released him; they were both blushing.

"Well," Lelouch said, "we better get moving. We need to find a place to live soon. I can't stand traveling around and sheltering in random places. Like this barn for example. I'm surprised that the owners didn't notice us here."

"It's old and crusty, and it looks like it's abandoned, considering that there isn't a house anywhere nearby and it's not filled with animals like they usually are." C.C. had regained her composure and was thinking logically again.

"All the same, we should get moving, and find some food, 'cause I'm starved." Lelouch started toward the door and beckoned her over. Welcome to my world. C.C. thought. I still haven't gotten my pizza. As they entered the bright sunlight of the summer morning, she noticed how unsettling her hair was, filled with hay from the night in the barn. She proceeded to rid herself of it, when she noticed Lelouch's hair was the same. She thought she should clear his hair too, but decided against it. She was still a little rattled from the incident this morning, even if she approached him. What am I doing? she wondered, and trekked out onto the road to join Lelouch.