Hey peoples of the earth. It's been a couple years since I've posted anything, and for good reason. One, loss of idea flow and a start of enormous amounts of advanced classes homework, have kept me from writing, and two, more advanced classes homework. Not to put too fine a point on things, but IT'S QUITE A BIT OF WORK. lol.

And regrettably, I had forgotten about writing it, to the point where I forgot some of what I wrote here. Ahh! *facepalms*

But I still remember what Lelouch was going to do about that Geass problem, and how he works things out to again put forth the good of the world. Thanks to all of the people who submitted reviews and followed my work, I really appreciate it. I made a promise that this story would never dye, and I'm honoring it. For now, I'm going to take my junior midterms, and start writing a brand new shiny chapter, to kick off 2012. And just remember, the world won't end this year, because Marty McFly has been to 2015 :)

Chapter 21