This was supposed to be up on Halloween but my dad passed away a few days before Halloween, after fighting cancer for most of 2016, so I didn't feel like writing for awhile.

The little family's morning in the hotel room.

It was seven the next morning when Sam opened his eyes and looked down to see Dean was snuggled up to him, still fast asleep. He smiled fondly and stroked his fingers through the soft hair, before lowering his head slightly to lay a kiss to the top of Dean's head.

Sam was surprised that Dean was still asleep, since he kept waking up every hour, asking if it was time to 'get awake now'. Each of the three men had been woken up more than once by the excited four year old, but they just couldn't be annoyed with the adorable child with the big smile and the wide green eyes, shining with joy and excitement. Zeppelin had woken up every time Dean did, probably to make sure the little boy was okay.

He looked up and saw Dave was already awake, sitting at the tiny kitchen counter, both hands wrapped around a freshly made cup of coffee, and he was staring down into his cup as if it was a crystal ball and he was trying to see his future. "Morning."

Dave looked up from his cup and smiled. "Morning. He still sleeping then?" he asked, nodding at Dean.

"Yeah. Surprisingly. I thought he'd be the first one awake," whispered Sam, sitting up with Dean cuddled up in his arms.

"Me too. The first thing I did when I woke up, was look over at your bed to see whether he was asleep or awake. I was expecting to see him wide-awake and demanding we all get up so we could go have fun."

Sam laughed and wrapped his sleeping brother up with the top blanket, and laid him back down, before getting up and walking to the tiny kitchen area. "I need some coffee if today is going to be as crazy as yesterday."

"Me too," said Dave, lifting his cup up in a salute, before drinking a mouthful of the hot liquid.

After pouring a cup, Sam sat beside Dave, his hands around his own cup to warm his hands. "How long have you been up?"

Dave shrugged. "About an hour. I'm used to getting up early with my job."

Sam nodded and looked over at Dave's covered torso, and winced slightly, remembering the many scars covering his body. He swallowed heavily, and looked down into his coffee to avoid looking at the older man. "I um... Bobby told me what happened."

Dave nodded, and bit his lip. "I thought he might."

"Are you... Did you ever find the demons who did it?"

"After I got out of hospital and was recovering at Bobby's, he told me what they were, and helped train me to be a hunter as soon as I was well enough. I spent my every waking moment trying to find them. I hardly ate or slept, Bobby was worried I was going a little crazy, but I tracked them all down eventually. Two of the demons were still wearing the same body and I killed them not too long after I started hunting. But it took longer to find the one who did the most violence... the one who actually killed my parents and nearly killed me."

Sam listened in silence while the older man told the story, his blue eyes watery as he relived the memories.

"Me and DW were working a regular job and I was attacked by a demon. At first I didn't know who... or what it was, but then it smiled. It was the most evil smile I've ever seen on a human face and I knew..." Dave closed his eyes and shook his head. "I'll never forget that smile. And then to confirm what I already knew, he started talking about that night, about 'how fun' it was. Apparently torturing me and my parents was the most fun he'd had in centuries. And he went into a ten minute monologue about all the things he was going to do now we were reunited, and how that night was going to feel like a holiday in Hawaii compared to what he was going to do to me this time."

"Where was Dean? Was he okay?" asked a worried Sam.

"We were separated. I was going to rescue the people the demons had kidnapped, while he was finishing off some other demons with 'Hellen', my demon-killing knife- the one from Hell itself. I had Stabitha and Kyra." Dave noticed the confused look on Sam's face. "One of my iron swords, and silver bowie knives. I always take Hellen, and at least two other blades doused in holy water with me on a hunt."

Sam laughed and shook his head. "Giving weapons names sounds like something Dean would do. But to my knowledge he doesn't." He shrugged, before remembering the Impala. "He calls his car 'baby', but that's about it."

"I like to give them their own names, otherwise I'll be calling them 'sword one' and 'sword two' or something. It'll get confusing since I have so many. Anyway, I was trying to save the people, but the demon attacked me, locked me in a room, and took my weapons, which he was going to use to torture me with. He was just getting started when the door literally blew off its hinges, and DW suddenly showed up armed with a huge super soaker full of salty holy water." Dave smiled. "It was hilarious to see the demon flail around and scream like a bitch when he was showered. I don't even know where the hell DW got it from, but I think he must have heard what the demon was saying and knew who it was, so instead of killing it, he comes in spraying holy water everywhere like he was a fireman trying to put out a fire."

Sam laughed again. "Dean always knows how to make a dramatic entrance and come to the rescue."

"I noticed," smiled Dave, pausing to take a sip of his coffee. "DW refilled the super soaker, and gave it to me before helping me up." His smile widened as he turned to Sam. "Making that demon scream like a banshee... it was one of the best sounds I've ever heard. He made my parents scream, a sound that still haunts me, and I finally got the chance to repay him by returning the favour. We eventually ran out of holy water, then DW gave me my knife, and said I should have the honour of killing the bastard. I dropped to my knees and drove it deep into his chest. I kinda lost it and started stabbing him over and over, until DW finally had to pull me away and held me until I calmed down." Dave looked down at his trembling hands. "It took awhile. But DW never left me. Afterwards we saved the people and I called James for the first time in years."

"What did he say?"

Dave was silent for several seconds, quickly wiping his teary eyes. "I told him the thing who killed our parents was dead, and he..." he closed his eyes, and a tear slid down his cheek. "He said 'Well, he obviously isn't if he's calling me on the phone. So why doesn't he do me a favour and really drop dead. Then I'll have something to celebrate.' And then he hung up. It was the last time I spoke to him until we went to play golf."

Sam gasped in horror. "Oh my god. How can he say something so terrible to his own brother?" he whispered, looking at his own little brother, laying fast asleep, cuddled up to his teddies and his dog. The two of them had had their fair share of arguments and disagreements, but he couldn't imagine saying something so horrible to Dean, whether he was big Dean or little Dean, Sam could never be that cruel. "Your brother is a dick. I don't think I've ever hated a human being as much as I hate your brother, especially after he called Dean a little bitch and nearly hit him."

"You're not the only one. After the phonecall, I was a mess, both physically and emotionally, so DW took me to Bobby's. We camped out in his yard that night, and stayed up around the campfire, drinking and celebrating. It was awesome."

"You actually got Dean to camp out? He hates camping."

"I know, but we had to do something to calm Bobby down. He was ready to march to James' house and blow his head off," said Dave, his lips twitching at the corners. "He had his shotgun loaded and everything. DW and I had to pretty much wrestle it off him."

Sam laughed again. "Now that's a big brother."

"He's the best," agreed Dave with a grin. "Usually people don't choose their families. But we kinda did."

"Yeah. I wouldn't change our little family for the world," said Sam, nudging his shoulder against Dave's.

Before Dave had the chance to reply, there was movement from Dean's bed, followed by a panicked voice.


Sam stood so fast, he spilled his coffee, and ran over to his brother, who was sitting up with huge panicked eyes darting around the room. "I'm here baby. I'm right here."

Zeppelin was now awake too, sitting close to Dean's side, with one paw resting on Dean's shoulder, like he was trying to protect him from everything. He bared his teeth and growled quietly at Sam as he sat on the bed, as if he knew he was responsible for Dean's fear.

"Sammy's here," Sam soothed, wrapping Dean up in his arms. He looked at Zeppelin, who was staring at him like he wanted to rip his face off with his teeth for upsetting his best friend.

"Where's you go?" Dean sniffled against Sam's chest.

"I was just talking to uncle Dave," Sam told him, pointing at the older man, who was wiping up the small puddle of coffee, before making everyone a morning drink. He started stroking his fingers through the soft, messy blond hair, trying to ignore Zeppelin who was still glaring at him.

"But... but you not weave when I asweeps, Sammy. You maked me scared."

"Shh. I know. I'm sorry kiddo. I never meant to scare you," Sam whispered, feeling guilty. Dean really didn't like to wake up alone. If Sam woke up before Dean did, he always waited on the bed until the little boy woke up so he didn't get frightened by himself, and after everything he had been through Sam didn't blame him.

"You not scare wittle man, Sammy," Dean sniffled, snuggling closer. "It not nice."

"I wanted to get back before you woke up, but I was busy talking to Dave. You know I'll never ever leave you. Shh. There's no need to be scared, I've got you."

"Who upset the little man?" asked Bobby, suddenly standing by the bed.

His sudden appearance made Sam jump in shock, not realising he was awake. "He's okay. He's just a little freaked out."

"Sammy maked me scareded, unca Bee-bee."

Bobby nodded and immediately slapped Sam around the head, making Dave laugh. "Ya don't scare the little man."

"OW!" yelped Sam, using one hand to rub the sore area. "It's not like I did it on purpose." He looked down at Dean, who was currently giggling against Sam's chest. He smiled softly, at least he made his brother happy, which was better than him being scared.

"Er... Why's Zeppelin giving ya the evils? He looks like he's about to rip yer balls off."

"I think it's because I scared Dean," said Sam with an eye-roll, turning to Zeppelin, who was sitting by Dean's side, staring menacingly at him through unblinking eyes. "Zeppelin I said I was sorry. Will you stop glaring at me like that?"

Bobby watched in amusement as Dean's little hand reached out to stroke his fur, which immediately calmed the German shepherd down. Zeppelin's eyes closed as he laid his head on Dean's knees and he nuzzled against his stomach, whining softly.

"Damn. That dog is scary when he looks at you like that," said Dave, placing three cups of coffee and a cup of milk on the bedside tables. "It's like a remake of Cujo."

"Hiya unca Davey," said Dean, smiling sweetly up at him from the protective embrace of Sam's arms, and cuddled up with the protective body of his dog.

"Hiya Deanie. Did you have a good sleep?"

"Yeah. I's have funny dweam again. Zeppin talk and gotted funny voice," he said, giggling as Zeppelin raised his head and licked his cheek in response to his name.

"He did? Well, that sounds awesome. It's been a long time since I had a funny dream. Anyway, before we go out I'm going to get another shower."

"Yer not gonna start having another rave are ya?"

"Of course. I always sing in the shower, you should know this by now. Any requests Deanie? What do you want me to sing?"

"Um... Metaca?"

"Sure." Dave ruffled his hair fondly. "A little warning guys, if you hear any banging in the bathroom, I'm not getting murdered, I'm just doing a drum solo against the wall tiles, okay?" he said, grabbing a fresh change of clothes, making sure he had everything he needed this time.

Dean giggled and nodded. "'Kay unca Davey."

Dave winked and headed into the bathroom to start his shower/rave.

The tiny Winchester continued laying in Sam's arms, snuggled up to Sam's chest, until he heard Dave start singing in the shower. As soon as he heard 'Enter Sandman', he pulled away and climbed down from the bed to start dancing.

Dean giggled and sang along as he shook his shoulders, wiggled his hips and waved his arms around while dancing around the hotel room. Zeppelin barked once as if saying 'wait for me', before he jumped off the bed, got up onto his back legs and started his own version of dancing.

Sam laughed, watching Zeppelin dancing with his favourite human. He loved watching the two together, and was so glad Bobby had chosen the lovable, protective German shepherd for Dean. Zeppelin was perfect for their family- he would always play with Dean whenever he wanted, would protect him with his life, and go with him wherever he went. Dean could decide to travel to the other side of the world, Zeppelin would be right there by his side, he could fall off a cliff and Zeppelin would probably jump off right behind him in an attempt to save him. It was just one of the things Sam loved about him.

"Go awound Zeppin," said Dean, turning in a circle. He cheered and clapped when Zeppelin barked and turned around, still on his back legs. Dean started bouncing and flailing his little arms around like a windmill, singing at the top of his lungs. Zeppelin howled and started waving his front legs frantically like he did when he was begging.

"Why can't we have normal people in this family?" asked Sam with a smile.

Bobby shrugged. "No idea. But it sure makes things interesting... even if yer all crazy," he answered, watching his little man dancing and having fun with his dog, and listening to his little brother singing his heart out in the shower. 'And I wouldn't change them for the world', he added silently.

Later, while Sam was showering, Dean was colouring a picture for Dave. "Unca Davey, what you's mommy and daddy name?" he asked, adding black shapes to two figures on a fluffy cloud- Dave's parents.

"Patrick and Sarah-Rose. I have my dad's first name as one of my middle names. My full name is David Jacob Patrick."

"Dey's pwetty names. It wike Patwick in SpunBob scarepants," said Dean, adding a few more shapes to his picture, before getting up. "Dere go unca Davey Jakey Patwick."

"Thanks Deanie William," said Dave, taking the picture, and giving Dean a hug. He looked down at the colourful picture and smiled when he saw the figures of his parents smiling back at him. "What's this?" He pointed at the brown wiggly line with black shapes attached.

"Mr Wiggles. He wiggle and fwy up heaven awell."

"Awesome. What about this," he asked, pointing at the strange shape beside them- it was a bright orange circle with long legs, a long neck and a big head.

"It Guwaffe."

"A giraffe? Why is there a giraffe in heaven? Is he an angel too?"

"No. He for you's mommy and daddy go wide awound wike Zeppin. But dey's not have my Zeppin 'cos he my bestest fwiend," Dean explained to a smiling Dave.

Zeppelin sat up and placed his head on Dean's shoulder, making Dean giggle as he rested his own head against the fluffy head of his dog.

"I bet they'll love it. My mom loved animals." He saw the colourful rainbow and several smiling pink misshapen stars and his smile widened. "Why are the stars pink?"

"It stars up heaven. But dey's Patwick stars so dey pink and shiny. He jump fwom water and up sky, den be woads sky stars not water star."

"Wow. That's awesome. I love it. I'll carry it with me wherever I go," he promised, folding the paper and carefully placing it in his wallet.

After sharing another hug with Dave, Dean walked over to Bobby with his Dean the knight teddy in his arms, and sat beside him. "Unca Bee-bee? Where you's mommy and daddy?"

"Er... Why do ya ask?"

"My's and Sammy mommy and daddy up heaven. Dean knight mommy and daddy up heaven. Unca Davey mommy and daddy up heaven. Where you's mommy and daddy?"

"They're er... They're in heaven too, little man."

"Nooooo. W-Why's evybody up heaven?" asked Dean, his big green eyes filling with tears.

Bobby placed his arm around the little shoulders, and laid a kiss to his still messy hair. "Shh. It's okay, little man. God only takes those who are very special to be his angels."

"B-But my Sammy mostest spesal," he said, tears breaking free and cascading down his freckled cheeks. "God not take my Sammy away. I's fight him."

Dave's lips twitched slightly in amusement. "You'll fight God?"

"Yeah. I not want him take my Sammy away up heaven and make him angel," said Dean, wiping his tears with his pajama sleeve, and sniffling. "A-And my unca Bee-bee."

"Come here little man," said Bobby, lifting him up to place him on his knee, before gathering him up in his arms.

Dean sniffled again and whispered "And my unca Davey. And my Dean knight," against Bobby's chest. He felt Zeppelin nudge his leg and gently place his head down on his knee to comfort his best friend. He reached out to grab a handful of Zeppelin's soft fur, and finished with, "And my Zeppin."

The three of them were quiet for a few minutes, the only sounds were Dean's sniffles and Bobby's soothing words, before Dean whispered his next question. "Is you's mommy and daddy bestest mommy and daddy wike my Sammy is?"

"Er... My mom was a pretty good mom I guess. But I didn't like my dad, he wasn't very nice to me."

"Why? It 'cos he not gived you hugs?" he asked seriously, looking up at him with all the innocence of a four year old.

Bobby smiled and wiped away Dean's remaining tears with his thumb. "Yeah. That's it little man. He never gave me hugs." 'He gave me beatings instead', he added silently.

"Oh no," Dean gasped in horror, as if not having hugs was the worst thing to happen in the history of the universe. He snuggled closer to his favourite uncle, and wrapped his little arms around Bobby as far as he could. "I give hugs."

Bobby chuckled and tightened his grip on the adorable little boy. "Thanks little man. Ya give the best hugs in the world," he whispered, looking over at Dave who was watching with his own smile.

Sam came back into the room, drying his long hair with a blue towel, Dean climbed down and ran over to him. "Sammy, go hug unca Bee-bee," he demanded, tugging on the bottom of Sam's shirt.

Sam looked bewildered as Dean grabbed his hand and started leading him over to Bobby. "Why? Is he okay?"

"No. He daddy nasty big meanie and not gived him none. Hug."

When they reached Bobby, Sam stood there looking awkward. "Er... I don't know why, but I have to give you a hug," he said, pulling Bobby into a hug, while Dean watched on. They pulled away, and turned to Dean who was grinning happily at them.

"Yaaaay. Unca Bee-bee happy now," he decided with a nod.

"Okay. Glad I could help," said a still confused Sam, getting a change of clothes out for Dean. The little boy had got a bath the night before, so after a quick face wash, Sam helped him get dressed for the day.

Dean tried to put on his t-shirt, and ended up getting his head stuck in the sleeve. "SAMMY HEWP!" he yelled, waving his arms around.

Sam was about to help when he suddenly heard Zeppelin growling again. He frowned and turned to see him running across the room, before jumping up to grip the sleeve in his teeth.

Zeppelin started tugging in an effort to save his best friend from getting 'attacked' by whatever was trying to eat his head. But the thing wouldn't budge, and continued attacking the little boy, so Zeppelin started whining and tugging harder as Dean continued flailing and calling for help.

"ZEPPIN HEWP ME!" Dean yelled, knowing from the tugging that his dog was trying to free him.

Zeppelin growled louder, trying to intimidate the thing into letting his best friend go, but it still continued holding on. Whatever it was, it was strong, but Zeppelin wasn't going to give up until Dean was free and safe from harm.

Sam rolled his eyes as he watched Zeppelin's attempt at a rescue mission. When all he succeeded in doing was stretching the fabric, he took the clothing out of Zeppelin's mouth and adjusted the shirt, so Dean could get his little head into the right hole. "There you go."

When Dean was free, he grinned and cheered, "SAMMY!" before throwing his arms around Sam's neck. "I's miss you."

Sam laughed and hugged him tightly. "Dean you had your face covered for about twenty seconds."

"But I miss you," Dean said, reaching up to give Sam's cheek a kiss. "Woves you Sammy."

"Love you too, kiddo. So much," Sam whispered, closing his eyes and cherishing the feel of his little brother in his arms.

After the hug, Zeppelin suddenly jumped up and launched himself at Dean, making him scream and fall backwards on the bed. Dean started giggling as Zeppelin landed on top of him, nudging and licking his freckled face frantically to check for any injuries from the 'attack'.

"I's 'kay Zeppin," Dean managed through his giggles, his little hands reaching out to grab hold of Zeppelin, twiddling a lock of fur in his tiny fingers. "Woves you."

Zeppelin wrapped his four legs around Dean so he was hugging him with his whole body, and started licking his neck- one of his many ticklish spots.

The three men had smiles and fond expressions on their faces, watching the two youngest members of their family enjoy themselves, and listened to Dean giggling uncontrollably at the tickling sensation, as he wriggled around the bed.

Sam pulled out his phone to record the adorable moment, knowing there was only a few more days left to see Dean like this.

After they finally pulled away over ten minutes later, Sam finished helping Dean get ready for another fun day at Disney world.

When Sam finished tying Dean's laces, Dean walked over to his two uncles, bouncing and clapping excitedly. "I weady."

Dave smiled when he saw he was wearing a long sleeved green t-shirt, blue dungarees, his little black boots and his Mickey mouse ears. "Don't you look adorable? You look like baby Luigi on his first trip to Disney world."

Dean giggled. "Mama Mia."

"LUIGIIIIIIII!" said Dave in a high-pitched voice.

"MAWIOOOO!" answered Dean as the two broke up into laughter.

Sam walked over, carrying Dean's leather jacket. "Have you two gone completely mad?"

"CHICKEN!" yelled Dean, jumping up and down.

"I guess so. Come on you crazy cabbage, let's get your jacket on. We need to take Zeppelin to the special dog place so they can look after him, before we go have fun."

"Kay, Sammy." Dean looked sad at the thought of leaving his beloved dog again, but was soon cheered up when they started talking about all the fun they would have that day.

It was when they were walking towards the door that Bobby noticed Zeppelin was carrying something of Dean's. "Why is Zeppelin carrying the little man's Dean the knight teddy?"

The others turned to look down at Zeppelin and saw that he was carrying Dean's favourite teddy in his mouth. When he saw them all looking at him, Zeppelin gave them his saddest eyes and whined softly.

"I think he wants to take something that smells like Dean so he won't miss him as much as yesterday," said Sam, smiling when Zeppelin's tail started wagging.

"Woves you Zeppin," said Dean, giving him a quick hug and kiss, before taking the lead from Sam and walking side by side with his best friend/protector, who refused to be parted from the teddy.

If Zeppelin couldn't be with Dean all day then he would take something that reminded him of him, that dressed and smelled like him. A teddy bear version of Dean was better than no Dean at all.


My dad's middle name was Patrick, so I decided to give Dave a part of my dad's name. :)

Hopefully this year will be better than the last one.