Dean learns to be a pirate.

After another turn on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, during which he sat between his two uncles, they spent the next couple of hours doing a lot of fun and exciting things, including Dean taking part in the pirate parade with Sam by his side holding his hand, and playing a cool game called 'A Pirate's Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas' where they all worked together to complete 5 missions.

They were now watching Captain Jack's pirate tutorial. Dean was sitting at the front with the other little pirates and giggling at the funny antics of Mac and Captain Jack on stage.

"So it's a pirates life you claim to seek?" Jack looked at the audience. "You don't seem the usual sort, attracted to the lure of this dark..." He came to a stop and shook his head. "But perhaps I misjudged you. Do you seek adventure?"

"YEAH!" Yelled Dean and everyone around him.

"Do you seek a reputation as someone to be reckoned with?"


"Do you seek treasure beyond your wildest dreams?"


"It's not gonna be easy. It takes skill."

"SKILL!" yelled Mac, making Jack turn to look at him.





"And very often patience," said Jack, walking over to Mac.

"AND VERY OFTEN YOU NEED..." Mac trailed off when he noticed Jack staring at him. "To be quiet."

Jack smiled and shook his head. "Okay, so let's put the lot of you to the test and see if you've got what it takes. Now are you ready?"


"The captain asked are you ready?" said Mac.

"YEAH!" they yelled louder.

"Now, looting and plundering may be all well and good maties, but the sailing to get there is hard work. To begin, let's get you all working on developing some necessary skills. So I want to see you raise your strong right arm in the air. Get them up."

As Dean raised his arm, he looked around at the other children to see if he had the correct arm in the air, and nodded when he saw that he did.

Jack looked around and smiled when he saw all the little arms in the air. "Very good. Put them down, and let me see your strong left arm high in the air now." Jack nodded when he saw the little pirates doing as he asked. "Nicely done. Now let me see you using both, hand over hand like you're raising the sail," he said, demonstrating. When he saw them all copying his actions, Jack started to clap. "Not bad for beginners. Not bad at all. Ooh. I saw lots of potential. Now, during your adventures, some fine day, you might find yourself on the wrong side of an argument with your captain or your crew mates."

"Or both based on your experiences, hey captain?" said Mac, making Jack roll his eyes.

"Yeah. Or both. Should that occur, you might find yourself... How can I put this?"

"Marooned in accordance with the pirate code."

"Mac, why don't you go rest? Now, should that occur and a ship should pass by, if you wish to save yourself, you will need to attract their attention. So I need you on your feet. Come on everybody. Now, wave your arms over your head and jump up and down."

"Follow my lead, maties. SAVE ME! SAVE ME!" yelled Mac, jumping and waving his arms frantically.

Dean was giggling as he jumped up and down, his little arms flailing as he pretended to call for help. Learning to be a pirate was a lot of fun.

"Well done," said Jack, clapping again. "I could see the rescue in my minds eye. You did very well."

"Begging your pardon Captain, but in your honour, the crew and I have taken to calling these 'Jumping Jacks'. Haha."

"I'm truly flattered, but I doubt I'd be much remembered. Now what might be remembered however, is this young man right there," said Jack, walking over and pointing at Dean, whose face lit up. "You wanna come with me? Yes, excellent. Where's your family?" he asked Dean, who pointed over to where his family were standing.

"Over there? Say goodbye," Jack told Dean, who giggled and waved at the three men, who waved back. "Okay, now get up those stairs. Move those little legs, we've got work to do."

As Dean ran over to the stage, Mac took his hand and helped him up the steps. "Fank you."

"You're welcome, matie. My name is Mac, what's your name?" he asked, shaking Dean's hand, while Jack recruited more trainee pirates.

"I's Dean." When Mac continued shaking his hand, Dean giggled again. "You's gotted my hand."

"Oh I'm sorry matie," said Mac with a smile, letting the little hand go and bowing dramatically.

Two more boys, and a mermaid, who were all bigger than Dean, joined him on the stage, so Mac introduced himself and shook their hands.

When the four little trainee pirates stood together on stage, Mac started talking. "Okay, let's have some encouragement for these brave volunteers. Give it up for them," he told the audience, who started clapping.

Sam, Dave and Bobby could be heard above everyone else as they cheered, clapped and whistled for their boy, making him grin shyly and bounce in excitement.

Jack walked over to Dean and flicked down his eyepatch with a wink. "Now you all look just the sort I can count on in a scrape. So pay very close attention, okay?" he asked the little pirates, who nodded. "Good. Now I say that because we'll be undertaking our next subject... the delicate art of sword play."

Mac made them laugh as he walked across the stage, stabbing and slashing with his sword as the captain looked on.

"For everyone's safety, mostly mine, we're going to be using practise cutlasses that I had Mac make earlier. Now, can I trust you?" he asked, kneeling in-front of Dean and the other little pirates, who nodded and said 'yes'.

"Are we friends? Yeah? Good. Friendships are very important." He looked at Dean, who was the youngest and smallest on the stage. "Wow. This is the tiniest pirate I've ever seen. Have one of the seven dwarves escaped again?" asked Jack, looking around.

Dean giggled and shook his head. "No. I Dean and Davey Badbones. And my unca Bee-bee say I's wittle man. 'Cos I wittle."

"Oh. Okay then. Everyone calls me Captain Jack. Because I'm the captain," he said with a wink, taking Dean's hand in both of his own and shaking it gently, making Dean smile happily. "Nice to meet you, little matie."

"Nice meet you awell, Cappy Jack."

"Whoa. Not only the tiniest pirate, but also the politest. Someone taught you well, I'm glad to have you on my team." After tweaking Dean's nose, the captain stood back up. "A pirates best friend is fear. And fears weapon of choice is surprise," he said as him and Mac started having a sword fight.

Dean was watching with his mouth and one visible eye wide open.

"So when it comes to fighting, only fight to win. Only rules are, what a man can do..." Another short fight commenced. "And what a man can't do." Swords clashed again until Jack disarmed Mac. "If you can't beat the fellow that you're fighting, survival is the only way to win. So you must distract and flee. Okay now, I will demonstrate and then each of you..." He pointed at Dean and the others. "You're gonna give it a try. Alright? Now, watch closely. We have three quick strikes. One on that side, the other side and thrust to the belly. Does that make sense?" he asked the little pirates, who nodded.

"Alright, good. Next point your finger like this and say 'Look it's Blackbeard's daughter' and you flee," said Jack, running to the other side of the stage. "And pose for the cameras."

The four trainee pirates giggled as they watched the captain pout and pose like a model as cameras flashed.

When he was finished, Jack walked to the middle of the stage. "Alright, that's all there is to it. Any questions? No. Good." He turned to face the audience. "And when they successfully flee, you all have a very important job to do aswell. I expect to hear you all say 'Hoorah'. One two three..."


Jack grinned and nodded. "Excellent. Now, maties, are you ready?" he asked one of the boys, who nodded and stepped forward.

Dean watched as the other two boys did as Jack instructed them, giggling at their poses at the end, until it was his turn. He took the sword that was handed to him by Jack, as the captain knelt beside him and Mac knelt in-front.

The captain looked surprised as he noticed Dean was still smaller than him even though he was kneeling. "Wow. How old are you?" he asked Dean, who raised four fingers. "Four? And you have a beard?" he asked in disbelief, making the little boy giggle. "What does your mommy look like?"

"Um... Wike Angel. She up heaven," said the little boy, lowering his head sadly, his bottom lip pouted slightly.

Jack's smile fell, his whole expression changing to a look of sadness. "Oh. Uh... I'm sorry, little matie," he said, wrapping one arm around Dean and pulling him close for a few seconds. "What about your daddy? What does he look like? Does he have a beard too?"

"Daddy over dere," said Dean, pointing at Sam, who waved back.

Jack's eyes widened comically when he saw the older Winchester. "Whoa. Did you find him at the top of a beanstalk?" he asked Dean, who burst into giggles. Jack hid behind Dean as if the tiny boy could protect him. His head appeared over Dean's, his expression full of fear. "He's not gonna eat me, is he?"

"Noooo," giggled Dean. "He big fwiendy giant." He turned and waved with a big happy grin. "WOVES YOU DADDY SAMMY!"

"LOVE YOU TOO, BABY!" yelled Sam with a proud expression as everyone around him went 'Awwwww' at the pair.

"Woo. That's a relief," sighed Jack, coming out of hiding. He looked down at Dean with a smile as he placed his arm around the little shoulders again. "But if he does get hungry, you'll protect me, right?"

Dean giggled again with a nod. "'Kay. But he onwy scawy when he sing. He gotted dwunk one time and he singed and scareded my doggy Zeppin and maked him wun away and go hide. And I say I's fone powice if not stop." Dean looked up at Jack with one wide eye. "It weally scawy. Even more dan Undaker."

Jack threw his head back and laughed, along with most of the audience as Sam blushed slightly in embarrassment at being reminded of his drunken singing.

When the laughter died down, Jack turned back to Dean. "Okay. Do you remember what to do? Yeah? Now, it's showtime."

Dean grinned and threw his arms in the air, and in his best Beetlejuice impression, yelled, "IT SHOWTIME!" making Jack laugh again.

The little boy became serious as he stepped forward and stood in a fighting stance like his big dude had taught him. He waved his sword at Mac, who tried to block his attack, but the little boy had been taught by the best. During the 'fight', Dean added some of the moves he used during his spoon fight with his Dean knight, impressing the two pirates with his skills.

The little boy also added several fight moves he had been taught, including several kicks and punches and his favourite- the spinning kick, which he did without falling for the first time. "YAY! I'S DID IT!" Dean cheered, not stopping his 'attack' for a single second to celebrate.

Sam, Dave and Bobby watched with expressions full of love and pride as Dean impressed everyone with his display.

The 'swords' flew until Dean managed to pull off a skilled manoeuvre, making Mac drop his weapon and raise his hands in surrender.

As Dean finally came to a stop with another successful spinning kick, Jack and Mac were open-mouthed in awe at the impressive display. "Wow. That was the greatest fight I have ever seen. Where did you learn to fight like that?"

Dean grinned. "My big dude, Dean knight. He teached me fighting and he mostest awsum in de wowd."

"Well, I think everyone will agree when I say my little matie is the second most awesome in the world. RIGHT, EVERYBODY?"

Dean took a bow and giggled shyly when the audience and everyone on stage whistled, cheered and gave him a huge round of applause. "Fank you."

When everyone quietened down, Jack turned to smile down at the impressive little pirate. "You may be the tiniest pirate I've ever seen, but you're also the toughest. And you can handle yourself in a fight, but just in case you get out-manoeuvred or out-numbered, I want you to point your finger and say, 'Look'..."

Dean pointed his finger and repeated, "Wook."

"It's Blackbeard's."

"It Bwackbeard."



"Fantastic. Now flee."

Dean grinned and turned to run across the stage to the sound of the audience cheering, "HOORAH!"

"Did you hear that Dean? That was for you. Well deserved. You couldn't have done better." Jack looked over and saw Dean posing and pouting adorably. "Hey, that looks like fun," he said, as he walked over and posed with him while the audience took pictures of the two pouting pirates.

After several seconds, the two pirates walked back to center stage to join the others, so the girl pirate could have her turn. "And last but not least, our pretty mermaid, Sarah."

Sarah stepped forward with a shy smile and took her place, her weapon ready.

When she was finished, Jack clapped his hands once to get their attention. "Okay, all four of you little pirates come over here." When they stepped forward, Jack turned to the audience. "There they are, there's my future crew. Raise your swords up high. And look right into their eyes and I want you to snarl. Come on. Intimidate them, show them who you are."

Dean scowled and growled at the audience, holding his sword high in the air.

"Excellent. Now let's give them a round of applause everyone."

Dean grinned and bowed as the audience applauded and cheered. He saw his family clapping and smiling proudly and he waved at them, and started bouncing happily when they waved back.

When the applause died down, Mac took the swords as Jack asked the kids to join him and turned to ask for other little youngsters to join his crew. The four little pirates were joined on stage by a dozen more as Mac carried a sack across the stage, handing out scrolls to the young recruits.

"Fank you," said Dean politely as he took his. He smiled as Mac winked at him as he passed by to continue his job.

"Now listen very carefully. Do you all want to pursue a life of adventure? Do you want to join my crew? If that's a yes, then let me hear you all say 'yo-ho'."


"Okay. The only thing left to do is say the official pirate oath," said Jack, walking to the back of the stage, facing the kids.

"Aye aye, Captain," said Mac. "Everyone hold onto your papers and turn to face the captain. Now signify your pledge to the captain by saying 'Aye' on the count of three. One two three..."


Dean bounced as he took another oath, saying 'AYE!' when the others did.

Later, another fun-filled day was coming to an end, so the three men took Dean to the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage. The adventure started at the Disney's contemporary resort where Sam and Dave each got their own bandanna, which made Dean giggle and ask Bobby to take some pictures of the three of them. While they were waiting, they also took part in a scavenger hunt, with the four of them working together, which was fun. At the end, they chose between a pirate tattoo, gold or a jewel. The four of them chose tattoos.

They met some more pirates, including Patch, who would be taking them on their adventure. They were able to get some snacks, including some much-needed coffee for the adults.

Dean was dancing to the pirate music being played, and was still busy eating one of his pretzels when they met Captain Hook and Smee, who wanted to meet the new recruits before they embarked on their voyage.

They signed autographs and posed for pictures with the little pirate, each giving him big hugs, which the little boy loved. They even danced with him, staying in tune with the music playing, making everyone around them laugh.

"I woves hugs," Dean told the two pirates, who immediately knelt on either side of him and engulfed him in their arms, making him giggle happily as more pictures were taken.

Eventually, Patch returned and went over the rules, making them all laugh at the 'no pooping on the poop deck' rule. As the group were led outside where a boat was waiting for them to climb aboard, Sam was carrying Dean, who was starting to get a little tired after such a busy day.

Patch stood beside the boat as everyone climbed aboard. "Welcome aboard. No pushing, no shoving, no impaling, no eye gouging, no back stabbing, no kicking, no screaming... Until we set sail. Haha."

As they got on the boat, Dean was snuggled up to Sam, so his two uncles sat together behind them.

"So there you have it. First things first, before we're ready to set sail, let's all turn and wave 'goodbye' to Captain Hook and Mr Smee."

Dean turned in his seat and waved at the two of them. "BYE BYE!" He yelled at the pirates, who were waving back.

"Okay, now put your right hand up in the air, and repeat after me. I promise... to keep all me hands and hooks on deck... And not to be dangling them overboard... All me treasure be in check... But most of all, I promise... a true pirate I shall be. I'll laugh... I'll sing... I'll be merry... A pirates life for me. YO-HO!"

As they sailed across the water, Dean was busy watching the beautiful scenery and lights around them and giggling at Patch, who kept making them all laugh as he interacted with his audience, told funny stories and sang them funny songs, making them all join in. Dean was clapping and bouncing as they all sang, even though he didn't know the words.

After the singing, they had a little competition between the port (Left) side and starboard (right) side to see who was the loudest and most Piratical. Port side had to yell 'YO-HO! YO-HO!' while starboard had to yell 'A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME!'

Since the little family was on the Port side, they had to yell "YO-HO! YO-HO!" as loud as they could every time Patch pointed at them. In the end, Patch declared their side the winner, making Dean cheer happily.

"Okay Port side, here's your sweet prize. I want you to hold up your starboard hand."

Dean looked up at Sam in confusion, holding out both hands. "What hand Sammy?"

"This one, kiddo," Sam told him, holding up Dean's right hand.

"Fank you."

"I want you to place your thumb on your nose. Turn to the starboard side and wiggle your fingers like this..." said Patch, demonstrating. "Na-na."

Dean giggled and did as they were instructed, sticking out his tongue as he did, while the other side pretended to scowl back.

The tiny Winchester was already having so much fun on the boat, the funny pirate keeping them all entertained, but when the fireworks started, lighting up the night sky to the sounds and music from classic Disney movies, he gasped, his entire face lighting up with joy.

"SAMMY WOOK!" Dean squealed in excitement, tugging on Sam's shirt. "WOOOOOW!"

Sam laughed, and looked down at the delighted little face as colours exploded across the sky. He lifted Dean's eye patch so he could see the fireworks better, knowing how much Dean loved them, and was met by a pair of big sparkling green eyes, shining with joy and excitement.

Not taking his eyes away from the fireworks, Dean climbed up onto Sam's knee and settled back against his chest. Sam lowered his head and kissed Dean's cheek, and wrapped him in his arms as the little boy swayed to the music.

Wanting to share the moment with the people they loved and be closer to their family, Bobby and Dave moved seats so they were sitting beside the two brothers.

Sam divided his attention between Dean's delighted face and the fireworks as they exploded into a number of different shapes and beautiful colours.

"WOOOOOOOW!" Dean yelled again in amazement. His eyes darted from one explosion to another as bursts of colour illuminated and decorated the night sky, like they were buckets of paint and the sky a giant canvas.

Dave made them laugh when he started singing along loudly to the song that was currently playing. Bobby raised his eyebrows, and stared at the younger man. "Ya do know yer a grown man, right?"

"Yeah," laughed Sam. "How old are you again?"

"Hey, you don't have to be a kid to love Disney," said Dave, swaying in his seat, bumping his shoulder against Bobby's as he danced. "Disney's awesome, ain't it Deanie?"

"YAAAAAAY! AWSUM!" cheered an excited little boy in agreement, his attention never leaving the dazzling display of lights dancing across the sky.

Bobby took his eyes away from the fireworks for a second and looked down at Dean. His entire face was lit up like a Christmas tree, his happiness shining brighter than the huge, colourful display that was going on.

"Aw. Look at the little man," said Bobby, smiling fondly, turning his camera to capture Dean's delight. The fireworks may be beautiful but it was nothing compared to that look of pure joy and happiness on the little freckled face.

"That smile can outshine even the sun," whispered Dave, grinning at Bobby. "I'm glad we came here."

"Me too," added Sam, looking down at Dean, before turning his gaze to the two men, tears shining in his eyes, a soft smile on his face. "Nothing is more beautiful than seeing Dean smile like that. That amazing smile and those big eyes sparkling like emeralds is literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Not even God's Angels can compare."

As the men watched him, Dean didn't seem to realise he was the centre of attention of the men he loved the most. His entire focus was on watching the awesome and beautiful fireworks that were even better than the ones he watched at Dave's and when his Dean knight was here.

Sam jerked in surprise when Dean suddenly shot up and turned in his arms, so he was standing on his lap, facing him. Dean threw his arms around Sam's neck and rested his cheek against his big brother's, his eyes never leaving the beautiful colours splashing across the sky. "I woves you."

Sam's heart filled with so much love and happiness, he was surprised his heart didn't explode like the fireworks they were watching. "I love you too, baby," he whispered, hugging the little boy tightly.

"I woves you Unca Bee-bee and I woves you Unca Davey," Dean said, holding out one hand to his uncles.

"We love you too," said the two older men in unison, taking the little hand in their own and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"More than anything in this entire world," Bobby added, stroking his thumb across the back of Dean's hand.

Bobby was actually reluctant for them to come to Disney world, didn't think it was a good idea. He'd heard a lot about the place, not all of it good, so he thought it was just an overrated bore-fest, like so many things were.

But right here, right now, seeing his beloved family so happy, Bobby wasn't afraid to admit that for once he was wrong.

That night in the Hotel room, Dean kept bouncing on the bed, rambling about all the exciting things he had done while being a Pirate to his beloved car, while Bobby held the phone in place. His face had been washed, but he was still in his costume and didn't want to get dressed in his pajamas just yet, wanting to remain a pirate for as long as he could.

"...I fighted wiv piwate and dey say I's de bestest 'cos Dean knight showed me fighting. Cappy Jack weally funny when he gotted scareded my Sammy 'cos he big giant. And... And I gotted two tattoos, wike undaker gotted. And I see'd Cappy Hook and Smeeeeee and when gotted off boat I see'd Petey Pan. Ooh ooh, we went on big boat wiv funny piwate, and watch woads fi'woks. Dey's weally bootful, Impa. But not more bootful dan you," said Dean, leaning forward to kiss the phone where his beloved car was displayed across the screen. "I woves you."

Dean giggled when the scene shifted to show a happy, smiling little girl sitting in the driver's seat.

"Look who's decided to wake up and join us," said Cathy, lowering the blanket she had wrapped her sleeping daughter in so she didn't get cold in the car. "She's usually a grumpy little miss when she wakes up, but I think she heard her big brother and wants to join in."

"HIYA WITTLE SISTER!" Dean yelled, waving both hands at her. "IT BIG BWUVER DEAN!"

"DE-DE-DE-DE!" Angel chanted in her own excitement, waving her own arms frantically. "WUB DE-DE-DE-DE-DE!"

"What say?" asked a confused Dean.

"She said she loves you," said Cathy's voice over the phone.

Dean gasped in delight. "Woves you awell Angel." He leaned forward again and kissed the screen where the little face was.

Angel giggled and made grabby hands at the phone, until Cathy moved it closer, so she could press her own lips against the screen, leaving a long line of drool across the phone.

"YUCKY!" giggled Dean as Cathy quickly wiped the drool with a baby wipe. "You's wike my Impa?"

"I-I-IPPY!" cheered Angel, clapping her little hands and waving her legs.

Dean giggled again, and continued talking to his beloved car and the little girl he loved like a little sister.

Sam was carrying four cups of hot chocolate towards the beds when Dean burst into giggles at something on Sam's laptop. He smiled and quickened his pace, making sure not to spill anything. "What are you watching, kiddo?"

"B-B-Beetwejuice," Dean managed between giggles.

Sam's smile widened. "What's the crazy ghost doing now?"

"Beetwejuice be doggy," said Dean with another giggle as Zeppelin tilted his head and watched the crazy antics of the 'Ghost with the most' as he caused mayhem as a dog, after he was stuck in that form due to a collar placed on him when he was in the Neitherworld.

Sam laughed, and placed the drinks on the bedside table, before sitting on the bed with the rest of his family. "I remember this one."

Dean grinned happily at his big brother as he snuggled up to his family, so they could watch one of his favourite cartoons together. "I weally woves Beetwejuice, Sammy. He mostest funny." He looked up at Sam, shaking his head. "But not more dan my Dean knight."

"There's nobody funnier than Dean the knight, kiddo," said Sam, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Yeah," agreed Dave with a nod. "He can keep you entertained for hours on long car drives, or if you get bored. And he has awesome taste in music."

"Er... Doesn't he have the exact same taste in music as you?" asked Sam.

"Exactly. Since we love the same bands, we never argued over music in the car." Dave shook his head with a sigh. "Don't you just hate it when that happens?"

"Beetwejuice say dat," said Dean, his full attention still on the episode playing.

"Heavy metal and Rock music. You know I love it," said Dave with a wink and a grin.

"He say dat awell," Dean giggled, watching as his favourite ghost started playing pranks on the trainer at Obedience School. "YAAAAAAAY!"

Sam laughed and shook his head fondly. He loved watching cartoons with his little brother, and spent more time watching the little boy than he did watching the show.

When the episode finished, Dean tried putting another episode on. Sam had downloaded all the episodes for him and had put them in a folder with a file containing a playlist of big Dean's favourite music that Sam had made for his big brother. Instead of another episode, music suddenly started playing through the speakers.


As soon as he heard the beginning notes of one of his favourites, Dave jumped from the bed. "WOOOOOO! I love this song," he said and started dancing around the room, playing air-guitar. "On the day I was born, The nurses all gathered 'round. And they gazed in wide wonder, At the joy they had found. The head nurse spoke up, said leave this one alone. She could tell right away, That I was bad to the bone..."

Dean giggled and climbed off the bed, and joined in, his legs bouncing, his little arms flailing wildly. Zeppelin joined them, and started doing his own version of dancing.

"...I'm bad to the bone," sang Dave, nodding his head to the beat, playing his invisible instrument. "What are we Deanie?"

"BAD TO DE BONE!" Dean sang with a giggle, dancing and jumping like he was in a rave.

"Damn straight. Wooooooo. B-B-B-Bad. B-B-B-Bad. B-B-B-Bad. Bad to the bone..."

Sam and Bobby watched with smiles as the two of them threw a random concert around their room.

"...I'm here to tell ya honey, That I'm bad to the bone. HIT IT, DEANIE!"


"WOOOOOOO! B-B-B-B-Bad. B-B-B-Bad. B-B-B-Bad. Woo. Bad to the bone." As the song came to an end, Dave played his guitar solo, and took a bow when he finished.

Dean giggled and bowed, and Zeppelin took a big stretch with his head down low and his rear end up high in his own version of a bow.

As Bobby and Sam applauded their performance, the next song started, making Dave grin happily, before he immediately burst into song.

"People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say. They try to tell us we don't belong, that's alright, we're millions strong. This is my music, it makes me proud, these are my people and this is my crowd..." he sang, pointing first at Dean, and then the two men on the bed. "These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights. These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights..."

"Every nights a crazy night with these two crazy idjits around," Bobby said to Sam, who laughed and agreed.

"Yeah, but they're our crazy idjits," Sam responded, clapping along to the music. "Woo. Go kiddo."

Dean grinned and turned to shake his little butt in Sam's direction as he bounced, danced and sang with his second favourite uncle.

"...These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights. What are they, Deanie?"

"Cwazy, cwazy, cwazy, cwazy niiiiiiiiights."

"WOOOO! You got that right," agreed Dave, doing a short guitar solo. "And they try to tell us that we don't belong. But that's alright, we're millions strong. You are my people, you are my crowd," he sang, gesturing at his family. "This is our music, we love it louuuuuud. Yeah, and nobody's gonna change me, 'cause that's who I am. These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights. Oh yeah. These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights. Whoa-oh..."


Dave laughed as the song came to an end, but their performance wasn't over yet. "Living easy, living free. Season ticket on a one-way ride. Asking nothing, leave me be. Taking everything in my stride. Don't need reason, don't need rhyme. Ain't nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time. My friends are gonna be there too..."

The 'one-night only' performance of 'The awesome Deanie and Davey' lasted for about an hour. Dean was now snuggled up to Sam and Bobby, struggling to stay awake as he continued watching Beetlejuice.

"Dean, will you go to sleep? You're barely awake, kiddo."

"I not sweepy, Sammy," Dean mumbled, stubbornly shaking his head as his eyes slid shut. He jerked slightly with a gasp, and rubbed his eyes sleepily as he giggled at the antics of a ghostly teenage Beetlejuice as the crazy ghost told his best friend Lydia about his time at Ghouliard high school, and how he became prom king.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Of course you're not, kiddo."

Dean started glaring through his half-lidded eyes, but it wasn't very intimidating since he was half asleep. "Dey's nasty big meanies to Beetwejuice, Sammy," he mumbled through a yawn. "Why's dey meanies? Why he not say 'It showtime', Sammy?" he asked as the teenage Beetlejuice tried once again to get the hang of his powers by trying to find the right catchphrase.

"He hasn't found the right word yet," Sam told him, his fingers stroking through Dean's soft hair.

Dean scowled, and squeezed his teddies when everyone laughed at Beetlejuice when they discovered his date was a robot.

**"There comes a time babes, when you do things you've never done. When you say things you've never said. And so, for the first time ever, I said those magic words. 'IIIIIIIIIIIIT'S... SHOWTIIIIIIME!'"**

"YAAAAAAY! IT SHOWTIME!" cheered Dean, bouncing as Beetlejuice got revenge on the bullies. As he watched, he sleepily rubbed his eye with his fist, his head lolling slightly as he fought sleep. "It wike when Dean knight pwayed pwank on nasty boy when he nasty to me, in't it Sammy?"

"Yeah, kiddo. Pranks are a good way to get revenge without actually hurting someone. Why don't you try getting some sleep? You've had a long day."

"I not sweepy," Dean repeated, his eyelids fluttering sleepily as he relaxed against Sam.

As soon as the episode came to an end, and the credits started, Dean's eyes slid closed, his head fell forward, and his body went limp in Sam's arms as he finally gave in.

Sam rolled his eyes again, as he shifted his little brother so he would be more comfortable in his arms. "So much for not being tired," he whispered as Zeppelin settled by Dean's side, laying his head on Dean's stomach.

Bobby chuckled, and shook his head fondly as he shut down Sam's laptop. "Ya know he can't sleep when one of his favourites are on. Or if he is, he'll immediately wake up if he hears them on the tv. Like that time he fell asleep, and as soon as he heard 'Taker, he woke straight up, then fell back to sleep the second he finished."

Sam laughed, and looked down at Dean with a loving expression.

"I remember him doing that when ya were both kids. He'd fight sleep with everything he had to watch over ya, to make sure his little brother was safe."

"You know, when we were kids I never realised everything Dean did and gave up for me. He had to stop being a kid and took care of me when he was still a child himself. When I was hungry, he always made sure I had food... even if he had to give me his own. He always comforted me and reassured me when I was scared, or had a nightmare. He always made me laugh when I was sad. He took care of me when I was hurt, or I was sick, and always gave me hugs whenever I wanted one."

Sam started stroking Dean's cheek with his fingers. "He always made sure I had presents at Christmas and on my birthdays, and always made me feel special. He threatened and beat up the bullies. He always helped me with my homework even when he had his own, he read to me whenever I asked him to. He taught me to read and write, was always patient, never once got angry even when I got something wrong or asked a million questions. He always kept me company so I was never lonely, kept me entertained for hours so I was never bored. He always made time for me even when he was busy, and took me wherever I needed to be."

Sam's eyes filled with tears. "He taught me almost everything he knows. He doesn't realise it, but he's the smartest and the strongest person I've ever known and the greatest person I've ever met. He always comforted me and made me feel safe, warm, happy and loved. He made sure I was washed and clothed, always put my needs ahead of his own. He's always encouraged me to be who I am, and what I wanted to be, he's always been right there beside me and cheered me on and supported me in everything I've ever done. He's always protected me and always puts himself between me and anything or anyone that threatened to harm me, and he's always saved me when I was in danger. He's always been there for me literally throughout my whole life. And not once has he ever complained or asked for anything in return. He was not only my big brother... the best big brother in the world, he was also my mom and dad. He was and always has been my hero."

Sam sniffled and wiped his face. "I don't think I've ever told him that, I always took him for granted. But from now on I'm gonna tell him how much he means to me, how much I love him, and thank him for everything he's done for me all of my life. These past 15 months, I've had the honour of paying just a small part of that back by giving him the childhood he deserved... the one he should've had. And I've loved every second of it."

When Sam looked up, he saw the tears in both Bobby's and Dave's eyes.

"Wow. I wish my brother was like that," said Dave, looking down at the sleeping bundle in Sam's arms. "It sounds like you were the luckiest little brother in the world, having such an amazing and awesome big brother."

"Yeah," smiled Sam, looking down at Dean, who slept on, oblivious of what was going on around him. "I wouldn't change him for the world."

"We don't get to choose the families we're born into, but if you could, and I had a choice of big brothers and I could pick who I wanted, I'd choose Dean and Bobby. Then I'd have the best big brothers in the world... instead of the dick I ended up with."

"Like I said before, Family don't end with blood, and it doesn't start there either. Yer my little brother, no matter what," said Bobby, ruffling Dave's hair fondly.

"Thanks B," said Dave, his blue eyes shining.

"And I have my two boys, the best sons a man can ask for. I love the three of ya more than anything else in this entire world," he said, his eyes darting between the three of them, before landing on the sleeping dog. "Four if ya include Zeppelin."

As if in agreement, Zeppelin barked once and shifted closer to Dean, before nuzzling his face against Dean's and licking his cheek. His tail wagged for a few seconds, before going still.

The men laughed fondly. "We don't need to ask who Zeppelin loves the most," laughed Bobby. "Dean's always been my favourite too... No offence, Sam."

Sam's smile never faltered. "None taken. He's always been my favourite person too, the one I've loved more than any other. And that'll never change. He's been my protector, my teacher, my big brother, my mom, and my dad my entire life, and right now he's my little brother and my son. But it doesn't matter which one he is, he'll forever always be my hero, my best friend, my strength, my weakness, and my world."

Sam lowered his head and kissed Dean on the forehead. "He may not realise it, but he's everything to me."

As if he could feel all the love directed at him from the three men in the room as he lay fast asleep in Sam's arms, Dean smiled.

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