Author's Note

Pairings in this story include:

Ari and Marlene

Linda and Epros

Stan and Rosalyn

Slight One-Sided Kisling and Rosalyn

If you are offended by any of these pairings, PLEASE refrain from reading it. I just have to ask you that.

A lot of inspiration of the character names in this story derives from Latin and Greek words. For example, I believe Addonexus is Latin for "Bringer of Death".

I do not own Okage: Shadow King. If I did, we'd have a sequel by now, maybe even a whole series.

Thanks for reading, now I hope you enjoy it. I will do my absolute best to keep any OCs from being a Mary Sue, please inform me if they become one so I can fix it right away. All OCs will not be in a relationship with other characters.