Fade into scene

Michaela turned to her siblings and her parents. "Do it" Max whispered.

"If you want it, I can teach you honey" Jerry told her smiling.

"Their great to have" Alex said laughing. Justin turned to Alex staring at her.

Michaela turned to Theresa. "It's your decision, sweetheart" she told her. Letting out a sigh Michaela nodded and turned back to the wizard.

"What have you decided" he asked his voice heavy with accent.

"I don't want my powers" as she said that she heard her siblings gasp at the decision.

"Are you sure?" Jerry spoke out from behind her.

"Yeah, all my life I never had powers. I don't need them. I love the way my life is now"

"Are you sure" the wizard asked her one more time for clarity.

"I'm sure" she nodded.

"Very well, till next time I see you, take care" he snapped his fingers and vanished.

"That's it?" Alex asked confused.

"is that what you really want?" Justin asked admiring his sisters decision with the amount of trouble magic got him in to; he sometimes wished he could be a regular kid without it.

"I'm positive" she smiled. "That's bogus" Max turned his heels and went back to bed mumbling to himself.

"Now moms not the only one without magic" Justin pointed out.

"Mom has her family back" she spoke "she has all her kids" she pulled the three together into a hug "I'm happy either way".

Jerry joined the hug. "You're still my kids with or without magic" he added to what Theresa said.

"Go back to bed guys" Jerry noticed the time on his watch.

He watched Alex and Justin go back to bed, so as Michaela, making her way back to the guest bedroom.

"Wait" Jerry and Theresa chimed in at the same time. Michaela stopped in her tracked and turned around.

They both approached her. "I want you to know" Jerry said first "you will always be my baby girl" a small smile came over his face as he gently placed his hand on her cheek, taking it away.

"You were always my daughter" Theresa said as she reached around Michaela and pulled her into a hug.

"I hope you want to stay, and accept us as your parents" Michaela looked up at her mother's sleepy eyes and then at Jerry and reached over and pulled her father close.

"You will always be my parents, don't forget that" she mumbled as she hugged both her parents close.

Michaela pulled away looking at her parents. Theresa had tears running down her face.

"Don't worry mom, dad it'll be like I never left you'll see" she giggled as she walked back in the room leaving her parents in the middle of the living room.

"Our baby is back" Theresa spoke through her tears hugging Jerry.

"Our little girl is home" he responded voice cracking.

Fade to black

The end.

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