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kaboom: used to represent a sudden and loud sound, as of an explosion

Luna had spent the last ten years of her life going through her mother's old notes.

"So many incomplete potions and spells…" she muttered to herself, just as she did almost every day. It had become a sort of obsession. Her husband constantly says she might as well have married her cauldron, but she just laughs in response.

They both know that this is important to her.

That particular day, Luna thought she was actually making progress on a potion that, ideally, when frozen would become a diamond. It was incredibly intricate and she pondered leaving this one for another day and moving on in the half completed notebook. There were many other ideas much less complex, but Luna wasn't one to quit.

Adding two sprigs of holly berries and stirring slowly, she turned back to her mother's notes. Scrawled at the bottom in loopy cursive writing was a postscript: 'Xenophilius says that these potions will be the death of me. Sometimes I think he's right! Tried adding plumpert root, didn't work. Need to increase boiling time by approximately 5 minutes after adding holly.'

Her breath caught in her throat and tears threatened to spill over her lower lashes. The fatalistic words were slightly ironic and incredibly saddening, but Luna took a deep breath and consulted her other texts. She lowered the heat beneath the cauldron, allowing it to simmer the extra amount of time indicated in her mother's note.

The silence of the house was destroyed as crashing footsteps echoed through the level above her basement lab. She knew what was coming, but she couldn't brace herself in time.

"Momma!" two voices cried at they thundered down the stairs. Her smile nearly made her cheeks hurt as they barreled into her, each one wrapping themselves around one of her legs.

"Momma! Tomorrow is my birthday!" the little boy announced.

"I know," she replied, gently straightening his honey blonde hair. "How old will you be?"

"Eight!" he announced proudly, puffing out his chest with a superior gleam in his smoky eyes.

"Did you and your sister have fun at the park, Scorpius?"

"Yeah!" The little boy started bouncing slightly, and she had to grab the edge of the table to keep from falling over. "Didn't we, Maia?"

"We did, Momma!" the little girl squeaked. Luna was sometimes worried that she was a bit timid, but she was a radiant child with a keen intelligence and just preferred to observe most of the time. "The Potters and the Weasleys were there!"

"We're they?" she asked with amusement.

"Yeah, that was a load of fun," a voice grumbled from the stair well.

She turned as Draco Malfoy huffed down the steps, obviously out of breath. "Are you getting too old to chase them down, dear?"

He sneered at her, but the smile pulling at the corner of his mouth was evident. "Let's see you keep up when they run the whole way home."

After straightening himself up, he approached her and grinned. Suddenly he swooped down and gave her a heart-stopping kiss, both of his hands cupping her cheeks. She sighed slightly, allowing her eyes to drift shut.

"Ewwww!" two voices squealed from below them.

"Stop snogging in front of us!" Scorpius demanded. "We're only kids, you know!"

Draco looked down and Luna could see the love in his eyes. She clearly remembered when those eyes had been stormy and cold. It had been such a harrowing road that sometimes she had to stop and assure herself that this was all real, and that they were both really this happy. "You're right," he replied, scooping Maia into his arms. Her long pale locks went flying around as he pulled her into a fireman's hold. "Two kids that need a bath after rolling around in the dirt!"

Luna laughed, but suddenly she felt an unnecessary amount of heat radiating from the cauldron behind her. "Quickly!" she cried, pushing her husband and children to the far end of the lab. Just as she got them behind a corner and muttered a quick "Protego", her cauldron exploded with a resounding boom. Flecks of clear, sparkling liquid splattered against the walls and the ceiling, the iron cauldron looking like a flower in bloom where it had welded itself to the floor.

She sighed. "Well, it looks like I'll be making another trip to Diagon Alley this week."

Draco let out a booming laugh as he sat Maia back onto the floor. "That's your seventh cauldron this month! You might as well have one delivered every Saturday!"

The kids were standing as close to the shield spell as they could, pointing to the shimmering liquid dripping from the ceiling.

"Do you suppose if I froze the room, it would all turn into diamond?" Luna asked dreamily, leaning back against Draco's chest.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips to her neck, causing her to shiver. "Every day with you is an adventure, you know that?"

Luna smiled and counted her good fortune once again.