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"I COULD DO THIS STUFF TOO!" so anyways....

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Roxas' POV:

There's a loud beeping noise near my ear.

"Oh no.... 5 more minutes." I beg sleepily to the blare of the alarm clock. It keeps going.

"You win....." I tell it with a sleepy glare. I slam my hand down on the off button and stretch lazily in bed. I glare at the alarm again. 6 A.M.

"NO FUCKING WAY!" I growl. Someone set my alarm WAY too fuckin' early! Then I remember. It's MY turn for the groceries. Damn......

"No more cookies...." Sora mutters from one of the three couches I have in my room.

Oh yeah! Riku and Sora slept over. I think to myself. I pull off the covers off, and walk barefoot to the bathroom.

"Where's the toothpaste?" I mutter and open the medicine cabinet. A water balloon smacks into my chest and soaks me completely.

So THAT'S what Sora was giggling about last night. I mentally make a note to clobber him. I glance at the evil alarm clock. 6:05.

"Shower. Definitely." I look around for my Organization jacket. Riku's using it as a second blanket.

"Gimme that!" I yank it away from him. Riku shivers and turns around; facing the cushions. I look down at my blue pajamas. The blue Nobody symbol turned almost black with the cold water. I grimace. I pull off the top and look for some clothes to change into after my shower. Of course! My Twilight Town clothes are good! Where are they?

"Sora! Get off that!" Riku mutters in his sleep. I look at him confused.

"Get off of what?" I ask. He frowns.

"GET OFF THAT PAOPU OR I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU!" Riku shouts angrily. I laugh.

"Hey Riku. Sora's um.... kissing Kairi?" I whisper. Riku grimaces.

"GET A ROOM! I know I don't got a girlfriend ALREADY!" He says with a sad and a little angry expression.

"Wow. I didn't know you cared." I find my clothes and notice Sora's using my towel as a blanket.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I pull it away from him and he whimpers pathetically.

"Cold....." Sora mutters and turns around. I lick my finger and hold it to the air vent. Icy air blasts through and freezes the spit.

"....... Vexen's been messing around with the air conditioning again." I shrug and go into the shower.

After my nice hot shower, I carefully wipe the mirror out of habit.

"Ugh..... Need to um... OH YEAH! The groceries." I change quickly and put on my Organization Jacket over my normal clothes. I Corridor To Darkness to the kitchen.

"Oh the list..." I pick it up off the counter and scan the list quickly. Zexion comes in yawning and sits at the long table.

"Hey Zexion! What are you doing up so early?" I open the cupboard and pull out my favorite cereal.

"Is there any Cocoa Puffs?" he asked sleepily. I notice printing on his cheek.

"Nope. I gotta go get some later. Did you fall asleep on one of your books again?" I pour milk over the Frosted Flakes and stick the spoonful into my mouth.

"Yes....... I was up late reading one of the history books I have in the library." Zexion says and yawns again. His purple hair's all messed up and sticks up in the air like mine.

"Didn't Xemnas put a spell on the door to the libraries to KEEP you from going in at night?" I ask, not really caring. Just happy for the company. The castle was scary if you were by yourself.

"No...... I figured out how to break it." Zexion goes to the fridge and pulls out an apple. He lazily bites into it.

"Well... I'm going shopping so you wanna come?" I finish my cereal and put the bowl in the sink. Zexion nods.

"Sure. Why not? Just let me..." He motions toward his clothes. For the first time, I notice he's wearing the pajamas that Namine gave him.

"Huh. Books...." I say with a grin, and poke one of the purple books designs on the lavender pjs.

"Shuddap." He disappears and I'm left alone in the kitchen. That Never Was. hehehehe.

"This really sucks!" Axel complains as he slumps down noisily into one of the chairs.

"Why'd you wake up?" I ask surprised. He usually never woke up before noon! Was Axel sick?

"I wanted to buy a game....." Axel mutters sleepily.

"For the PS3?" Recently, Axel had gotten a job to get money for like a zillion game systems. So far, he got the Wii, the PlayStation 3, The PlayStation 2 for some reason, and two DS.

"Yeah........" He falls back asleep and starts drooling on his pajamas.

"You sir, are an idiot!" I say and look around. No one here.

"This is for last time!" I put Axel's hand in some warm water and wait.

"SWEET! It works!" I say and grab the list. After putting it in my pocket, I look for Zexion. After looking in the library, I decide to look in his room.

"No.... Leave the manga alone." Zexion says, fast asleep on the floor.

"........ I knew it." I walk to the gummy ship area.

"Let's see...." Sora's Highwind? The red ship gleams in the sunrise.

"Nah!" Riku's Excalibur? The black and red ship looks.... SCARY.

"NOPE!" He'd kill me anyway..... I look at ALL the ships but find reasons not to use them.

OH COME ON! Focus Roxas Focus! I scold myself. I notice Axel's Eternal Flame ship was open.

"Well, well, well!" I hop inside and, knowing Axel, take out the keys from behind the mirror.

"Here we go!" I start the ship and head off toward Twilight Town.

After a REALLLY long ride, I finally make it.

"HI. Welcome to Shop Mart. Any assistance?" Hayner asks bored at the entrance to the grocery store.

"You work here?!" I laugh. Hayner glares at me.

"Look pal! I need the money!" Hayner says with a scowl.

"Sure. Sure. No problem Hayner." I say with a sad expression.

"HUH?! How do you know my name?! I don't have my tag yet and...." He glances down at his shirt.

"Um.... I gotta go." I tell him sadly and keep walking.

This sucks! I can't believe they STILL don't remember me.... My gloomy appearance makes someone go over and hug me.


"It's okay! How about we go for some ice cream later? Maybe that'll make you feel better." Ollete says as she lets go.

"Um... Sure Ollete. Whatever you want." I run down the aisle to start looking for stuff.

"Let's see.... 100 cans of soup?!" I glance at the shelves.

Doesn't say what kind..... I just grab ALL the cans and shove them into the cart.

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS FUCKING HEAVY!!!" I gasp as I try to push the cart down the aisle. An old woman glares at me.

"Watch your mouth!" She scolds me.

Watch YOURS and mind your business. I glare back and try pushing the cart again, without success.

"Bull....." I just teleport around the store and get everything.

"Umm.... 2 million munny." The girl says and stares wide eyed at the giant cart of things.

"I goddamn hate you Xemnas." I mutter as I give her a huge wad of money. She gives me a reciept and I teleport everything to Axel's ship.

Hm.... Who says I should go back yet? I reason to myself. I decide to take a walk. As I buy my ice cream pop, the gray sky churns above me.

"Looks like a REAL storm." the ice cream man says as he starts to close up. I nod.

"Yup." I start licking the sea salt ice cream before it starts to drip down my arm.

".... Do I know you?" I choke on the ice cream and nearly drop it.

"N-N-NO! I barely met you so who could you know me?!" I say nervously. The man glares at me for a second.

SHIT! How am I supposed to explain that everyone in this town got their memories erased of me by my girlfirend?! There's an awkward silence as he finishes putting the ice cream into the freezer.

"Guess I was wrong. But you DO look really familiar kid." He says with a grin. I grin back.

"You know.... Just one of those faces..." I say with a nervous twitch. I run off and somehow end up in the Usual Spot.

"Hey..... They still hang out here..." I say sadly. Closing my eyes, I remember that I wasn't ever really there. I smile and sit where I used to all the time. Memories of my old friends surge through my mind, making me remember what it was like before I knew what I was.


"Hey Roxas! Get your head outta the clouds and help out!" Hayner tells me and throws a pencil at me. I lazily open an eye.

"I'm comin', I'm comin'. Which problem were we on?" I ask as I sit at the small table covered in textbooks. Ollete rolls her eyes.

"We finished math already! We're on history." she says with mock scold in her voice. I just grin and grab my book. Starting to flip through the pages, a name keeps appearing on the pages as if burned into it with flames.

"Sora?" I say puzzled, staring at the burnt word.

"Who?" Pence asks as he returns with the sea salt ice cream.

"I dunno.... But it sounds familiar..." I say and close my eyes to think.

"Sora! You lazy bum!" A girl's voice says teasingly. I open my eyes again but I'm not in Twilight Town.

"Roxas?" An unfamiliar voice says and I turn to see a girl with black hair in front of me. She shakes her head solemnly.

"Who are you?" I ask. She's so familiar but.... I can't think of her name.

"That doesn't matter now, does it? Just be careful and recover the memories right." She says with a grin.

"Memories?" I step closer to her.

"Yup! Memories. HIS memories." She picks up a rock and starts to bounce it in her palm.

"Who? Who's memories? And why do I know you?" I asked confused.

"I don't think I'm the person to tell you that. Not sure myself but we're both part of that same person." She tugs at her short black hair.

"Roxas?! You okay?!" Hayner's loud voice rips me free from that tropical island and puts me back in the Usual Spot. I'm on the floor, clutching my head.

"I'm.... fine." I stand up again. I sit back down onto the crate with a soft THUD.


A soft noise pulls me out of my daydreams. I sit up rapidly and pull out my Keyblades.

"Who's there?!" I demand with ice in my voice. Ollete comes in with Hayner and Pence.

"You're that guy from the store!" Hayner says surprised. I stand up.

"Don't mind me. I was just leaving." I try to scoot past them but the three block the door. Olette grabs my Oblivion Keyblade and pulls it free.

"Hey.... This are what that Sora guy has!" Pence says and pulls Oathkeeper from my hand.

"Weird..... Why do you have them?" Hayner asks. I don't look at him and shrug.

"I just do." I summon back the blades and freeze suddenly.

"What is it?" Ollete asks with concern at my solemn face. I put them away and look under the crates. A pair of wet eyes look at me sadly.

"Poor little guys....." I wrap them up in my Organization Jacket and teleport out the door.

"HEY!" Hayner calls out but I ignore him to get them into the warmth of the gummy ship. One of them sneezes quietly and the other's fast asleep.

"Poor little guys......." I say again and pet them.


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