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I don't really know what job Demyx would be good at, so I thought that maybe this could be a nice one.

Inspired by the icon I saw on some website once.

So whoever drew that picture, thank you for the hysterical laughter.

It was either this or he works at Aeropostale. … Oh, sweet baby Jesus, I would have cried if I made him work there.

Seaside Coffee Shack

Demyx stares idly at the large white tag on his used... spiffing new work uniform that was happily provided by the management of the Coffee Shack. He was used to people having problems with his name. Heck, the first week he was a Nobody he could barely say it properly! It was no problem that his new manager had a problem with saying his name, no problem that he himself had been given the nickname "Dem" in order to combat this not too serious issue.

It was the stupid freakin' name tag.

He stares at it some more, leaning against the wall in the back of the shop, wondering when the hell his name tag would get fixed. As a group of his fellow slaves... er, employees, walk past him, each one of the girls carrying full trays of crumpled up napkins and empty paper cups, they giggle softly to themselves, giving him amused smiles before continuing their walk. He sighs. His name was not "Demi" for KH's sake!

He would have shot himself in the head if his parents had named him Demi! He was hiding in a freakin' janitor's closet because of it!

Demyx, now known as "Demi" to the delight of his fellow slaves and the cluelessness of his idiot... not very nice boss, looks up at the tiled ceiling, wondering what the heck he was supposed to be doing. Just a few hours earlier, he had come in and been thrown in the dish pit (it definitely smelled like a pit) and been forced to wash dishes for three hours. He looks down at his fingernails, wincing as the smell of lemony antibacterial soap wafts up mockingly from his hands. Oh god, he hated lemon soap. That stuff stays with you for life, man, that stuff stayed for life once it got on you.

Or at least for fifteen minutes. It still sucked. The filthy mops surrounding him weren't helping.

Demyx sighs, wishing that he could get out his sitar. But no... Rick the Manager stole it! He whimpers softly to himself, ignoring the looks he was getting from the other slaves, especially the ones that were full of pity, which were mostly from the girls. … He didn't need their dang pity. He needed his baby. "Oh, Sitar-y..." He says softly to himself, his greenish-blue eyes welling up with miserable tears. From sheer misery, he couldn't remember his blue monstrosity's name. Oh, how he missed his sitar! Demyx hugs himself tightly, wilting against the wall and resisting the urge to smack his head against it. He was too proud for that. …. So far.

"Hey, new guy. If you're done crying, register three is open." One of the employees says in an annoyed voice, looking both disturbed and mildly pissed off that a guy that was like five years older than he was was sobbing his heart out at work. Over an instrument. Demyx sniffles and nods, staring at the teenager helplessly. Frank sighs, wincing at the puppy-dog look the blond was giving him. He knew that look way too well and quite frankly, it was sort of creepy coming from such an older (but very innocent) looking guy. "... Listen... I'll take over in a few minutes. Alright? Just... don't freak out the customers. … Just listen to them, take their order, take their munny, give them their change. Do you need me to write that down for you?" Frank asks softly, sighing in annoyance.

Demyx sniffles and shakes his head. "I think I got it..." He mumbles before wandering off, bumping into one of the walls as he went. As a loud clatter of falling mops and buckets sounds out behind him, Demyx mentally reviews over Frank's instructions. 'Listen, order, munny, change. Listen, order, munny, change. Order, munny, change, listen...? Make, break, shake...? Scurry, sniff, flinch-... Okaaaay... That one is definitely wrong... Uh...' Demyx stops as he reaches the register, sweat breaking out on his considerably paler skin immediately. Just what were his instructions again?

The bored looking teenager standing before him leans on the counter lazily, giving him a split-second look before flinching and staring at him in a bewildered double-take. The boy glances around in shock even as Demyx repeats the mantra that had been drilled into his head when he had arrived: "Hello, welcome to Coffee Shack! May I please take your order?" The kid stares at him in disbelief, blinking rapidly. "Am... Am I on TV or something?" He asks softly in a hoarse whisper, looking around suspiciously, staring closely at Demyx's face. Demyx simply shakes his head and backs away slowly, laughing nervously. He looks helplessly at one of the girls working the other two registers before bolting back into the back, skidding into the janitor's closet and slamming the door behind him.

There was no way in Hades he was going back out there again. Instead, he curls up on a pile of plastic paint sheets, closing his eyes and getting ready for a nice long nap.

"Man..." Demyx murmurs to himself quietly as he begins to drift off to sleep, "Working at a coffee shop sure was hard work..."

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