Author's Notes: To start, Two-Face is only half mine. Also, this is a story I wrote almost one year ago. It's the first thing I ever did for Batman. Not my favorite piece ever, but 'twas fun. Maybe I'll twitch his character and write more psycho!Harvey at some point. This version fuses the movie with comic and animated characterization. Please let me know what you think—it may help me figure out how to write this guy in the future.

Lock and Key

Nobody really knew what had happened to Harvey Dent. Where he was, how he'd gotten there, who'd died in the process... A tragic explosion at one of the hospitals, they said. Delays in evacuation. Blah blah blah blah blah. Excuses, every worthless one of them.

Of course, Harvey Dent didn't know where Harvey Dent was either. Things were a little fuzzy on his end. Unfocused. Maybe even sleepy. Yes, that was it. Harvey Dent was feeling sleepy. Out cold, in fact.

Two-Face knew though. Two-Face was wide-awake.

Those bastards had given him skin grafts. Try to hide what was actually there, would they? Well? Was he pretty now? How about his smile? Oh, they always loved it when he smiled. And the usual talk about weather, recent news, social life, this, that…it was a mystery to him why the past three doctors had decided to resign. Why, even the new girl looked nervous! Come on. Come and see the infamous undead Harvey Dent! I believe in Harvey Dent, what about you Dr. Adams? Dr. Adams?

Oh, they thought they'd tried it all. Grief counseling every second day, chit-chat, mind games, medications strong enough to zonk a horse—but Apollo was out of house now, and they could leave all the messages they liked but there was no telling when he'd pick up again. Dionysus, on the other hand…

Well, they were learning not to mix with him. One bozo'd gotten frustrated and tried to guilt him back. Positive asshole. Brought up everything from the murders to Her death. Which was also murder. Well. The man wasn't quite up to himself anymore. Could barely walk straight without crouching. Suffered a mild concussion too, as one nurse so kindly explained. Fractured three ribs.

He'd been asking for fresh air more often though, and that seemed to be working. Try it. Try it for Harvey's sake; you never know what might happen…

Of course, nobody could ever really know what had happened to Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent was dead.

For now.