Ch. 9 BPOV: Charlie and I spent the rest of the weekend with him trying to explain the game of baseball to me. By Sunday afternoon we gave up and I caught up on homework and my reading.

Monday morning came and it was time for my first day of high school as a Forks High Spartan. I woke up early so I could have plenty of time to get ready and get to the school early. When I walked down the steps I was met by a surprising sight. Charlie was waiting by a rusty old pickup truck in the driveway.

"Dad, what this all about?" I said with a grin on my face. "This is a little something to brighten up your life. I want you to have your freedom while you're living here." He said looking down. I ran up and gave him a bear hug. "I love you Daddy." I whispered in his ear. He backed up and coughed nervously. "Well get on to school Bells. I got a case I gotta work on so I might not be home till late." He called climbing into the cruiser. "Ok, be safe!" I called back climbing into my new truck.

I only realized I didn't have the keys to my new ride until Charlie had pulled away. Heaving a sigh I got out of my new truck and started walking the 2 miles to school. Almost half way there I saw a sparkly silver Volvo pull up in front of me. I recognized Edward Cullen in the driver's seat. I continued walking until I heard this musical voice call my name. "Isabella!" the voice called. I turned to see Edward looking at me with those honey colored eyes, after a second I realized he was calling my name. "Yes?" I said. "Do you want a ride to school Isabella?" He asked. I thought for a sec "Uhhhh sure why not." I said walking up to the passenger side of his car.

I climbed in and looked around quietly. Edward must have noticed my scrutiny of his car and said "Do you like my car Isabella?" "Bella pleaseā€¦ Isabella makes me feel old." I corrected quickly. His laugh sounded so musical. "Doesn't Isabella mean beautiful in Italian?" He asked still laughing. "I think so I'm not sure." I replied. I was surprised how easy it was to talk to this beautiful man driving this car. We got to school way to soon for my tastes. "Thanks for the ride; you saved me a lot of walking." I said climbing out of the car. "No problem, I can take you home if you want me too!" He said as we walked towards the front office. "I would appreciate that very much!" I said with a sigh of relief.

"I have to go get my schedule and locker assignment from the front office, do you think you could point me in the right direction before I get outta your hair?" I asked looking around nervously. "I can do one better follow me." Edward said walking off. I followed him only because I had no idea where to go. "Here you go. You want me to wait for you to get your schedule and assignment?" He asked. "Sure thank you so much!" I said scurrying inside. I got my stuff and walked out of the office to see Edward still waiting for me. My heart just leapt. "I can't believe this god of a man is being so nice to me, the freak." I thought to myself. I handed Edward my schedule for him to look at and he said with a smile "Wow, we have all of our afternoon classes together! Do you want me to pint you in the right direction for first period?" "Please, that would be so much help!" I said a touch desperately. "Follow me." Edward said with a smile walking away. I could already tell today was going to be a great first day. No fear of going home because Phil and Renee aren't there! I stopped daydreaming and followed Edward's long gait.

EPOV: As soon as Bella sat in my car and her delicious scent filled the interior I had no idea how I was going to not kill her throughout the day. When I pulled into the school's parking lot I was so surprised to find that we talked comfortably the whole way there. "I have the restraint of a saint." I thought to myself.

The more time I spent with Bella I realized I could not get a thought from her. Not just her blocking her thoughts but there was nothing at all complete and utter silence. This confused me so much. I walked Bella to her first period class and made my way to my own class. I sat down and reached out for my siblings. I found Jasper in the class over sitting right next to Alice. I went on to find Emmet and Rosalie in the next hall as always sitting together. I pushed one thought into all of their heads at the same time.

"Calling a family meeting right after school at home." I got a unanimous "ok" from all of my siblings. I was strangely on edge until I walked into the lunch room to see my siblings in our usual spot. I walked to our table and joined them. I sat with them only until I smelt Bella walk into the room. She stood for a moment looking around the cafeteria for a familiar face. I waved her over to my family's table.

"Hey Bella you can sit with us today if you want." I offered as she stood near our table. "Thank you so much Edward, I still don't know anyone." Bella said sitting down next to me. "Bella, this is Alice and her boyfriend Jasper, and Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmet. Jasper and Rosalie are twins. We were all adopted by Carlisle and Esme who you met on Friday at dinner." I said introducing everyone at the table. The rest of the day went wonderful Bella and I sat together in all of our afternoon classes and I reveled in the silence her presence caused for my brain.

The final bell rang way to quickly for my tastes but I walked Bella out to my car and drove her home. I booked it home to find my siblings awaiting me around the dinner table. "All right Edward what is this all about?" Alice said. "It's about Bella. We need to keep her close, she is something special. I can't read her mind."

"Edward I had a vision about her earlier today. Phil and Renee have plans for her." Alice said opening her mind to me. I saw the vision and my resolve to keep Bella close hardened to rock. No way were Phil and Renee going to get their hands on beautiful Bella.

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