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Pre-Story note: I did a little research on ages for this fanfiction, so I wanted to give a little background. Ouran was originally published in August of 2003; with our main character Haruhi being 15 years old. I have made the artistic decision (since I couldn't find it) that Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka was 19 years of age when he and Kotoko had her. That would make Ranka 34 years of age when this story takes place (since I'm basing it on the 2003 plot line). Our dear Harry Potter was born on July 31st, 1980…so in doing the math this would make him 23. So kudos to Ranka for landing himself a younger man!

Also, as author I also have made the artistic decision to incorporate technology from our 2009 era into their 2003 era. So if I want… say Ranka to have an iPod Nano, then he'll have one. Nyah!

In a small apartment in a lower-middle class neighborhood, in a small bathroom with a broken door handle and a faucet that tended to leak at night, stood a tall virile man. He wasn't young, almost to what most considered to be middle-aged, but he was quite youthful in appearance. His face was clean shaven, there wasn't a wrinkle to be found on his soft skin, and his long auburn hair seemed to only enhance this appearance. Quickly he grabbed a black elastic hair-tie and deftly tied the long strands into a low ponytail. Glancing over his appearance he made sure all the buttons of his white shirt were done correctly, tie straight (a clip on, he could never do it right without Haruhi), and appearance all around acceptable to his high standards. Moving away from the bathroom he approached the front door, slipping into his polished black shoes and grabbing the keys to his motorcycle he made his way towards the stairs. It wouldn't do to be late after all, today was parent-teacher conferences at the prestigious Ouran Academy.

'This really isn't what I thought conferences would be like.' A soft sigh escaped our former Boy-Who-Lived as he looked out on the large 'solar'. Around the room stood dozens of people; teachers, ambassadors, businessmen, the crème de la crème (as well as the catering crew waiting upon them). Harry 'Potter-Sensei' ached to run a hand through his wild dark locks, but held back with the knowledge that it would just make his wild hair even worse.

Harry had only achieved his teaching license almost three years earlier, having rushed through school as fast as he possibly could. He was desperate to finish and get the hell out of Europe. After defeating the Dark Lord Voldemort at age 17 he wanted nothing but to escape the pressures of the Wizarding World. It had taken a lot of work to get the grades he needed, staying up hours on end to gain the necessary knowledge required to do so. All his hard work had paid off though, with his resume of high scores and capability (as well as a word of recommendation from the Lord Draco Malfoy) he found himself as the newest English teacher at the elite Ouran Academy.

Things had been rough at the beginning; the flirtations of his fangirl-like students, his appearance being of someone much younger than his current age (thank GOD that seemed to clear up after his first year), and his ignorance of the wealthy side of the Muggle world had taken its toll. Slowly though, Harry had built up his confidence in teaching, he was a stern but fair teacher, well known for being friendly to those who would actually do the work required and not goof off.

Now Harry Potter stood at a respectable 5'10" (or 178 cm), and a lithe 125 lbs (56.7 kilograms). His hair length had not changed much since his days at Hogwarts, still a few inches off his shoulders in a wild mess of curls and straight hair…but the cut was much improved, taking away the ragged look for something much more elegant.

'Rich people are so weird.' Harry gave a weak smile to a waiter as he received a glass of sparkling grape juice that was being offered as an alternative to wine. While Harry seemed to have a high tolerance for alcohol after his exploits with the Weasley twins and a bottle of Firewhiskey, he wasn't going to take any chances.

Bright emerald eyes swept over the room again, giving brief pauses on students he considered his own. It was hard looking at them at times, remembering what life was like being a student himself. But this group of children seemed so much more carefree, sure they had difficult futures of running the Muggle World, but at least they didn't have the fear that war bred.

"Well Potter-san, we're dividing up now to begin the actual talks. Hopefully, you won't have too much trouble." A high-pitched 'nails on a chalkboard in harmony with a cat yowling' voice came from behind him. Holding back a wince he turned to look at Minato-sensei. An insipid woman, who was in the best light, could be described as a harpy. Harry had nearly perfected the art of dodging this woman in the few years he had been at Ouran, but apparently he still needed some work.

"Yes, well then Minato-san. I guess I need to hurry, I wouldn't want to keep the families waiting." Without waiting for a response, and holding in the desperate need to run he calmly strode out of the hall, making his way towards classroom 1-A where he would start his conferences. 'By the time the next few days are over… I'm going to need a vacation.'

Parent-Teacher conferences tended to be a juggling act at any school, but at the Ouran Academy it seemed to be a circus (cirque du soleil, but still a circus). Based on the number of students, as well as accommodating the schedules of the parents and their students, the conferences stretched out into a three day event, giving enough time for teachers to personally meet with the parents who had the time to come and speak to them. Hours seemed to go by at a snail's pace… and Harry was pretty sure this snail was crippled. He spoke to a few parents, as well as a few representatives of the parents who were unable to make it, in some circumstances he just had to store away the paperwork he prepared for the parents to be faxed to them at a later time. He had worked his way all the way from the beginning of the alphabet and down to the last one he would be seeing this afternoon.

"Fujioka, Haruhi." Harry called out into the hall, only looking out there long enough to see if there was anyone actually present. He was surprised to see both an adult, who he would assume was Ms. Fujioka's father, and Ms. Fujioka herself. Most students had decided to pass their conference, but from what little Harry had been able to gather on information about his student, perhaps it shouldn't have been too surprising after all. Stepping away from the door to allow Haruhi through, he turned towards her father with an easy smile on his lips as well as an offered handshake. "Pleased to meet you Fujioka-san."

'My my…What do we have here?' Ryoji could hear his 'inner Ranka' coo as he took in the masculine form before him. He let his eyes trail over the gentle heart-shaped face; the elegant arch of an eyebrow, and the curve of the younger man's cheekbones. The shape of the face alone was beautiful, but those eyes…really there were no words. They were striking, a compelling gaze that left Ryoji feeling nearly exposed, as if the young man could see straight through his soul; all his strengths and weaknesses, wants, dreams of the past, present, and the future must have just lain exposed to the man before him. And yet…Ryoji couldn't find it within himself to mind.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Potter-Sensei. My daughter doesn't talk about school too often, but from what I've gathered she thinks highly of you." Ryoji could swear he nearly purred as he took the offered hand; feeling the smooth, silk-like texture of the man's hand, save but a few oddly placed small calluses. As he released the teacher's hand he curled his fingers in, giving a light almost unnoticed caress to the palm of the man's hand and noticed with pleasure the slight blush that tinted the younger man's cheeks.

"I tend to think highly of her as well Fujioka-san. Your daughter has a great deal of determination that I wish some of my students had even a tiny portion of. Come take a seat, I'll show you what I have available as far as grades go, and be more than willing to talk with you and Ms. Fujioka about the remainder of the year." Harry moved away from Ryoji, slowly making his way over to the teacher's desk with a smile. Really there wasn't a whole lot to talk about with Haruhi's work, sometimes she had a little difficulty with subtle English sarcasm as well as analogies, but those were only things that time could correct.

Only after 15 minutes of discussion the conference had ended, Haruhi had picked up her bag and left out into the hall. While classes were put on hold for conferences, most clubs had continued to meet and so Haruhi had to hurry off if she didn't want to be late for hosting.

"It was a pleasure meeting with you today Fujioka-san, I included a business card with Haruhi's grade sheets if you have any concerns and need to contact me. I'm afraid I don't tend to use the internet, but I have a phone number where I'm easily available." Harry smiled up towards the slightly older man. While the Wizarding World had yet to figure out how to make magic work with computers, they had managed to make it work with a common cell phone, much to Harry's relief.

"Would it also be alright to contact you for reasons outside of school related ones Potter-sensei?" Ryoji wrapped his fingers firmly around Harry's, stroking once again, leaning towards the younger man with a Cheshire-like smile.

"What do you mean Fujioka-san?" Harry really couldn't hold back from blushing this time, staring up at the older man trying to make sure he really did understand what he was hearing. He honestly was half tempted to make a sign that just announced his lack of ability to understand subtlety.

"What I mean Potter-sensei, Harry. If I called you later on this evening and perhaps invited you out for dinner, would you accept?" Ryoji lifted Harry's hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. He delighted out of the soft shiver this action earned, but yet he seemed puzzled; with the few men he had dated off an on throughout the years, Ryoji had taken an almost passive approach, leaving it up to the 'men' to make the first move. With the young man in front of him though… it was hard to describe, but Ryoji felt drawn to him in ways he couldn't really explain. Potter-san was truly a hypnotic creature, one that Ryoji wanted nothing more but to learn more about.


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