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"Haninozuka-san, I hate to ask you again but would you once more describe the spells that were used on your person?" A rather short, stout man in full auror regalia (that displayed his authority in the Japanese Ministry of Magic) stood with a Quick-Quotes Quill and parchment floating next to him.

"My daughter's friend has explained things to you three times! Why do you need to torture him further with the knowledge that my daughter - his friend! -and my boyfriend - one of his teachers - are missing and in danger?!" Ranka snapped and nearly growled as he rested a supportive and well manicured hand on Hani's shoulder, doing what best he could do to comfort the distraught teen. After Harry had left the blond in the hall, Hani had run to the Superintendent's office to explain what happened, it wasn't long after that when Mori, Charlie-san, and the Weasley twins showed up and were followed by Ranka-chi and Kyouya only ten minutes later.

Superintendent Suou had called the Auror's department, and in the interim explained to a frantic Ranka that apparently his only child had been kidnapped by one of the teachers while his boyfriend had gone after her. It felt like a decade before this windbag incarnate of the demons of bureaucracy appeared and time seemed to drag along even more. The auror had taken one look around the large office and declared it an improper place to hold an investigation, even if the crimes had occurred in the same building. It had taken some quick talking from Kyouya and Yuzuru Suou, as well as threatening from Mori and the twins to make the man agree to only moving to a classroom close to where Harry had encountered Hani.

"Sir…madam," the auror did little to hide his distaste for Ranka's lifestyle, "these questions are asked to all witnesses and potential suspects."

"Potential suspects?!" Ranka was ready to throw himself at the dimwit and was only restrained by Kyouya who was thankful that Hani was restraining his cousin.

"Mr…" Charlie trailed off, trying to figure out how to best deal with the situation.

"Yuudai. Yuudai, Maro." The auror huffed and motioned for his quill to stop writing.

"Yuudai-san." Charlie straightened, while he was short compared to his younger brothers, he was still taller than the man in front of him. "My brother is missing, as is a young muggle girl. You're wasting time here questioning a young boy when it's obvious to anyone who has not even had a year of auror training that this boy has been exposed to the imperius curse."

The auror did not even have time to reply before another auror burst through the large oak doors, barely taking the time to look about before he spoke.

"We've got a lock on Potter-san's signature," the young man gasped as he tried to catch his breath. "We also have word of the creation of an illegal portkey that has recently been activated."

"Fred, George," Charlie turned to his younger brothers who had surprisingly remained quiet a majority of their wait, "go with the aurors and get him back."

"You can't do that!" Yuudai yelled but was quickly silenced by a sharp glare from Charlie.

"I don't want to hear another word from you," Charlie growled, doing a fair impersonation of a Ukrainian Ironbelly. "Otherwise I'm going straight to the papers. I'm sure the world would love to hear about how you interfered with the rescue of the Boy-Who-Lived."

"You can't do that!" the man protested again, panicking as he backed away from Charlie.

"Ranka-chi," Kyouya spoke up from the other side of the room as he snapped his phone shut. "That was the Superintendent; they have Haruhi in his office. While it doesn't sound like she is badly injured I've been told they are requesting a doctor to check her over."

Ranka hadn't bothered to stick around after hearing where his daughter was located.

"Mobilis!" Harry used the spell to throw a large boulder at Pansy Parkinson who barely managed to throw a shield up in front of herself, glaring at Harry defiantly but unable to hold back the wince that came from hearing the rock impact with the tree it ricocheted against.

"You'll have to do better than that Potty," Pansy snarled, her pug-like face misshapen as she sneered at the panting man across the clearing from her.

"Is this about Malfoy refusing to marry you? You really can't blame the ferret; I mean why would he marry a former Death Eater that has been ridden more than the Hogwarts Express? It really wouldn't be good for his image," Harry grinned and quickly cast his own shield before him as Pansy fired off curse after curse, both verbal and non as she practically howled in a blind rage.

He quickly turned away from her however as he heard the crunching of leaves behind him and had to quickly duck as Rookwood apparently chose to try to kill him with a more traditional approach. The wicked looking dagger sang as it sliced through the air, swinging towards Harry once more; this time however Harry wasn't so lucky and pain burned up his right side, causing him to fall to his knees.

He rolled away from Rookwood, scrambling to his feet and trying to blink his blurry eyes back into focus as well as ignore the feeling of blood flowing like rivers down his thigh. His hand trembled as he tried to tighten his grip on the smooth polished wood of his wand, trying to prepare himself for the next wave of attack that he knew he had no chance of protecting himself from. Harry really couldn't see himself getting out of this situation anymore; his magic had taken a good hit so far, topping that with his injuries, the after affects of the Crucio from earlier… the weight of everything was starting to take its toll on him.

"You're ours now Potter. There's no way you could apparate from here without splinching yourself completely," Rookwood chuckled as he tossed a simple jelly-legs hex that brought Harry crashing to the ground.

"I hope you didn't intend on seeing that worthless Muggle lover of yours ever again," Pansy cooed and Harry could only close his eyes as the pain truly began.

He couldn't keep track of all the spells he was hit with, some he couldn't even name, but he could definitely tell their dark intent. He could tell which spells were from Pansy and which were from Rookwood, apparently being a former Unspeakable lead to a large vocabulary of different curses. All he knew was that his body was beaten, cut to ribbons, and felt as though he was being burned by the hottest flame in creation… one small inch at a time. The whole time this was going on his mind was being torn apart by one of them, and he was forced to see both Ranka and Haruhi going through the exact same torture. He knew the images were not real, but still he could not help but hope and pray the two would be alright and forgive him for the pain he put them through.

In all his worrying Harry didn't even notice the lack of new sources of pain until he heard two familiar and nearly identical voices calling his name and begging him to open his eyes.

"Harry! Harry! You have to wake up!" a voice shouted right next to his ear and Harry tried to turn away with a groan.

"G'orge?" Harry murmured softly, coughing as the dryness of his throat was met with the coppery taste of blood.

"I always knew I was your favorite," George chuckled through his tears and ignored Fred's punching his shoulder. "I'm so glad you're alive Harry. Imagine what telling mum would be like!"

"Potter-san," an unfamiliar voice interrupted and a kind looking older woman leaned over him. "My name is Healer Campbell. I'm doing my best to treat the worst of your injuries so we can get you to the hospital safely. You need to stay awake for me okay?"

"R'kwood," Harry tilted his head slowly through the pain and tried to look about.

"The Aurors got him Harry; him and Parkinson have been taken into custody. Now lay still, don't strain yourself," Fred admonished, kneeling next to the healer as she worked.

"It should be safe enough to move him. He's stable for the moment but that could change at any time. We need to get him to the hospital now," Campbell stood up quickly and looked Harry over once more. "Potter-san! You need to stay awake for us."

"S'rry," that was all that was muttered before heavy eyelids closed over emerald eyes and their panic set in.

When the portkey stopped and the world ceased to spin around her in an uncontrollable way, Haruhi fell to her knees panting. Her eyes glazed over, dazed beyond belief, but she still tried to figure out where Harry had sent her. A hand lightly touched her shoulder and a sob of relief nearly escaped her as she took in the older version of Tamaki standing before her.

"Haruhi-san," Yuzuru knelt down next to her so he could meet her at eye level. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Haruhi, the girl that was always so sensible and seemed to fear nothing but thunderstorms was practically frozen in place. Yuzuru could only watch as tears gathered in her eyes, remaining even as she tried to blink them away.

"Your father should be here in a few minutes dear. Would you like some warm tea while we wait?" Haruhi barely nodded her head before the superintendent's secretary walked out of the room to prepare the drinks, and only let out a small exclamation of surprise when Yuzuru picked her up from her place on the floor before carefully setting her down on a chaise lounge.

Once the delicate cup of tea was in her hand, Haruhi could only watch silently as the superintendent and the secretary moved in a familiar dance that only they seemed to know. Both moved across the office and around one another with ease, making phone calls and doing what they could while they waited for her father to arrive.

"Healer Daiki! The patient is no longer responding to healing spells and the potions we're giving him are reacting and healing at a much slower rate than average."

"We need to get him up to the no-magic ward. Keep the stasis spells on him until we're just below the NM ward. We'll have to hurry, or we'll lose him."

After managing to hear those hurried words, the world seemed to be enveloped in a mountain of snow. Warm, comforting, silent snow that pushed him back into unconsciousness.

"Haruhi!!" Ranka's frantic voice could be heard easily through the empty halls of Ouran, even with a distance of over two football fields in length between them. The okama burst through the doors with such a force that one of the hinges snapped and the walls were indented with the doors' design. Ranka did not pay any attention to the damage however, and practically threw himself at his daughter.

"Otou…" Haruhi laid her head against his shoulder, hugging tightly. "I'm alright."

"Who did this Haruhi? Tell me and I'll kill them," Ranka snarled, never letting go of Haruhi as he ranted about just what he would do to those who dared to kidnap his daughter.

"They… Harry-san called them 'Parkinson' and 'Rookwood'. They took me to hurt him," Haruhi lightly wiped her eyes before clenching her fists in her lap. "He came right away for me just like they wanted. They hurt him! They hurt Harry-san!"

"How did you get away Haru-chan?" Hani asked wide-eyed, coming up to Haruhi's side and cuddling close to her. He had slipped into the room after Ranka, along with the others who had the misfortune of being exposed to Auror Yuudai.

"Harry-san... he shoved something into my hands. It felt like someone grabbed me through the middle and dragged me here at the speed of light."

"A port-key. Wizards use them as a mode of transportation." The superintendent stepped in with a small smile. "I've heard about them from the few magically-inclined students that attend this school. My guess is that Potter-san's magic was at a low enough level that he didn't feel safe transporting you both."

"Or my brother's hero complex was acting up again and he decided to tackle them on his own," Charlie muttered quietly, looking as though he didn't realize he had spoken out loud.

Any further conversation was halted by a knock on the office doors, followed by the entry of an auror and Fred Weasley.

"We got him," Fred smiled tiredly, rubbing his eyes and keeping them shut until he realized Charlie had grabbed his shoulders and was quickly looking him over.

"… Blood?" Charlie questioned, motioning to Fred's soiled clothes.

"It's not mine," Charlie knew Fred wouldn't elaborate further, not in front of current company.

"Harry… how is he Weasley-san?" Ranka asked and most were surprised to hear just how nervous and hesitant Ranka was about asking just once simple question. Haruhi gripped her father's hands in an attempt to give and receive comfort.

"Harry's in surgery right now. He was pretty messed up to be honest. We haven't heard much as of yet besides that they think he'll be out for awhile."

"The Aurors have escorted him to Ootori East Medical Center. I and two other Aurors have been sent to escort anyone present who would like to go to the hospital. That is including you, Fujioka-san. ur healers would like to check you for any spell related injuries," the auror finally spoke up, having never left the doorway.

"You all should go. I'll keep in touch on our end incase anything should come up," Yuzuru waved them off with a small smile.

"Kyouya-sempai," Haruhi spoke up as they left the school to the waiting government vehicles. "How do you know about magic? It seems to be against everything you would stand for."

"Our hospitals and medical distribution company have been interested in magical medicines and cures for years. It has only been within the past five years though that we've cleared the red tape to be able to use such products and techniques in our hospitals. So far Ootori Corporation has hired over a dozen wizards with both Healer and PhD certification."

"…Oh, I see."

They had to wait for over two hours before Kyouya's intense interrogations of the nursing staff and Ranka's angry demands finally produced a doctor with relevant information on Harry's condition.

Doctor/Healer Rei Saito chuckled to herself as she walked out into the waiting room. She had been aware that the third son of Ootori-sama was present, but she had not been informed about the company that had come along with him.

She had figured Kyouya Ootori would be just like his father and brothers before him, stern and far too absorbed in business that could be considered healthy by any means. Taking in the young man's appearance she seemed to be correct, but was thrown off when she saw a cross-dressing adult male sitting next to him. The man who seemed to be more comfortable in a skirt than she had ever been was practically being pinned to his chair by a small blond boy who was surely older than he appeared, if his high school uniform was anything to go by. The boy was happily munching away at a lollipop while talking to the young woman next to him who was wearing a dirty male uniform of Ouran Academy. A few seats down from them sat a cluster of European red-haired males who were huddled around a 'Mirror-call' (the closest thing the magical world had to a cell phone so far) and trying to calm an older sounding English woman who was most likely their mother.

"Ootori-sama?" the doctor called out, instantly gaining the attention of the young man she had correctly identified as Ootori's son.

"Saito-sensei. How is Potter-san?"

"Potter-san is in one of the recovery rooms at this time," Saito replied with a smile as she couldn't help but notice the mass sigh of relief. "Within half an hour we should be able to move him into ICU-NM, where we suspect he will be for a couple days. Currently we have to be very cautious with his medicines and potions. We're to the point that we're very hesitant about giving him anymore based on what is currently in his system. It'll be about two months before he recovers completely; hopefully with minimal scarring."

"What is the extent of his injuries?" the long haired male asked after sitting down the blond boy and smoothing out his skirt.

"Are you sure you want to hear it? The list is pretty extensive." Saito looked hesitant but still flipped open the folder when she received firm nods and agreement from a majority of those present.

"Potter-san arrived at the hospital with a broken left leg, and shattered right arm. Three of his ribs were cracked, one actually broken. Unfortunately that particular one punctured his lung, though that has been treated already and we should hopefully be able to remove the breathing tube within the hour. The worst injury was an organ twisting curse that has already been dealt with. Even though that curse has been canceled, the organs are heavily bruised and Potter-san will have to be careful for a long while about what activities he's involved in… he will be in great pain when he wakes up, but we've already given him all the painkillers that we feel are safe at the moment. Other than that we have severe bruising and large lacerations and gashes over 60% of his body that we unfortunately could only stitch up and treat with a light potion based topical cream at this time."

"He's lucky to be alive," Hani looked horrified as he came to that realization.

"I'll be honest with you Ootori-sama. If Potter-san had arrived to us more than twenty minutes later than he did… He wouldn't be with us right now." Saito closed the file with a soft sigh.

"Can we see him?" Ranka asked, ready to force himself past her and into Harry's room.

"Let us get him out of recovery and into one of the more comfortable rooms first. Only three people today though. That's pushing hospital policy as it is." Saito was about to start walking away before she looked to the group once more. "I have to warn you. Try not to be shocked by his condition. I've seen many patients in this condition who are ashamed to have family members see them in this weakened and damaged state. If you go in there and you show any disgust or fear, you're only going to be detrimental to his recovery."

"Pot-… can… me?"

'Huh?' Harry slowly blinked, taking a moment to wonder at how difficult that simple motion seemed to be as he winced at a bright light that nearly blinded him before some kind hearted angel pulled the source away from him. Even as he blinked a few more times, it took him a few moments to realize he could only see out of one eye; the other eye and a good portion of his face seemed to be covered in heavy medical gauze.

"I don't know why doctors do that. You would think they would be smart enough to know that doesn't help with patient comfort," a soft soothing woman's voice came from his right and Harry turned carefully and tried to hide a wince as he finally managed to look at a small Japanese woman standing next to his bed. "Good to see you're awake Potter-san. I take it you can hear me now?"

"Where… where am I?" That was all Harry managed to get out before he started rasping and coughing, his throat so dry that he had to wonder just which desert he must have swallowed.

"You're currently at Ootori East Medical Center, floor seven to be exact. This is the Intensive Care Unit-Non Magical floor. After maxing ourselves out on what spells and potions we could use for you, there was no choice but to turn to Muggle medical care," the nurse responded with an easy smile, she seemed to have a bubbly personality that made Harry question the existence of a love child of Tamaki Suou and Mitsukuni Haninozuka who was at least four years their senior.

"Oh… well, how long until I can get out of here?" Harry still had a bit of difficulty turning his head, but he eyed the door that was blocked by the small nurse.

"Well…" the nurse tapped her chin lightly before she smiled sweetly, so sweetly that surely something worse was hidden underneath. "I think that's up for Healer Saito to decide. I'm going to go let her know you're awake now. Don't move okay?"

Like he was going anywhere, even though Harry wanted nothing more than to get up and out of the hospital, he knew he most likely wouldn't get three feet from the bed before collapsing. He could feel the familiar pin pricks and stinging feeling in his muscles as slivers of bone grew back millimeter by agonizing millimeter. He felt like he had been run over by a herd of hippogriffs, and then was given to Fluffy as a chew toy… or maybe that's how he wished he felt like.

"You know, your dislike for hospitals is now internationally known," A different female voice startled Harry out of his thoughts as he studied the woman standing in the doorway to his room in a standard issue white coat that singled her out as a doctor. "I received your medical file from your former healer a Pomfrey-san I believe. She was very adamant that I place every single spell I knew on you and your room to prevent your escape."

"I'm sure she was exaggerating. I've always been a model patient," Harry managed to breathe out after he accepted a drink of water from the doctor.

"I'm sure. I'm Healer Saito by the way. How are you feeling?"

"You've seen what I must look like… what do you think?"

"… I'll be honest with you Potter-san, right now it would be difficult to give you any more pain medicine at this time. But if things start to become too difficult, just call for your nurse and I'll see what I can do. Now, I want to run through a few things with you before we let some of your family in here. They've been very… patient in waiting for you to wake up."

"Haruhi… Rookwood," Harry groaned out sharply as he suddenly tried to force himself up onto his elbows, only to be pushed back onto the thin hospital mattress.

"Easy now, you're too injured to get up as of yet. Fujioka Haruhi has been treated for her minor injuries, and she as well as her father have made it very clear they would like to see you. As for those who were holding you two hostage, from what I know of they have been dealt with by the Aurors."

"So she's okay?" Harry sighed in relief as he sank his head into the pillow, ignoring the doctor as she carefully poked and prodded at him with her wand.

"She seems to be just fine, and in amazing spirits considering what has happened. As far as I can tell she's just been worried about you. Now, are you up for guests?"

"No!" Harry panicked, raising the hand unaffected by the skele-gro to his face and lightly touching the gauze. "They can't see me like this."

"I highly doubt your loved ones will be unable to understand your condition Potter-san," Saito tried to smile encouragingly as she gently guided his hand back down.

"But… I'm the cause of her getting kidnapped. It's all my fault… they won't forgive me. They'll hate me," Harry breathed out, trying to blink back the onslaught of threatening tears.

"Potter-san, I can honestly say I've never entertained the idea of getting into a fist fight with an okama; from what I saw back in that waiting room though, your lover was ready to do anything to get to your side. Those are not the actions of someone who hates you."

"Not unless they wanted to kill me…" Harry muttered, hearing the doctor faintly snort in amusement.

"Well if you're able to joke, I think you're able to put up with a few people. I believe your older brother is coming in first." Saito then left the room, leaving the door half open behind her. Harry only stared at it for a moment before carefully squirming on the bed, turning his face away from the door and whoever would enter first.

"Harry." He could hear Charlie's breath of relief as he stepped through the door and pulled out the chair closest to the bed. "You had us all worried. I'm glad you're alright."

"…Yeah," Harry finally spoke after a long moment, still facing away from Charlie and the door. "Pretty soon I'll be well enough to make the trip back home."

"Don't get too over anxious. We'll need to set up a schedule for who's going to stay with you in the beginning. I mean I still have time off from the reserve, but Fred and George will need to head back to England soon. Although it's easy to see that Ranka and Haruhi will both be keeping a close eye on you."

"No… I don't mean that." Harry breathed out, trying to fight off the tightening in his chest. "I'll be going back home, to England I mean."

"What? But, Harry, why? Not that we would mind you being back in England. I know mom would love it and all… Are you really thinking this over Harry?"

"It would be best. Everyone at home knows magic and how to defend themselves from the likes of Death Eaters… I only endanger everyone here. They won't want me around anymore now that they've seen what happens to those around me."

"That's not true Harry-san," Harry was pretty sure he was going to get whiplash as he jerked around to see Haruhi and Ranka standing in the doorway. Haruhi giving a small sad smile and Harry winced at the furious expression on Ranka's face.

"I'm going to go Harry. I really only peeked in to make sure you're okay. I'll pass things on to the others." Charlie stood up from his chair and quietly slipped past the two Fujioka. The hospital room was completely quiet if you didn't count the noises coming from the monitor as Charlie's footsteps faded away.

"I meant what I said Harry-san," Haruhi grabbed his uninjured hand and gave a reassuring squeeze. "You saved my life, and even before those people became a threat. Harry-san I know you originally got to know me because of chichi, but we've had a lot of fun together and I really don't want you to leave. Plus you're the best sensei I've ever had. Think about it, okay?"

"Okay Haruhi," Harry sighed and gave her hand a small squeeze in return. "The doctors said you're okay though?"

"Yeah, they said I'll be good as new in just a day or two. Magic really helps things along, huh?"

"Guess so," He gave a small forced smile before letting go of her hand. "Mind if I talk to your dad just one on one?"

"Not at all, I'll see you a little later Harry-san." Haruhi patted his hand before standing up and walking to her father and giving him a hug. "I'll even bring by that book I was wanting to show you."

"That's great Haruhi. See you later."

"Bye Harry,"

The minutes ticked by on the standard issue wall clock in an agonizingly slow pace. Minutes seemed to occur between seconds, and when the minute hand finally ticked to the next it seemed as though an hour had passed. Harry fidgeted on the bed, embarrassed and cursing over the fact that he couldn't even sit up to properly talk to his boyfriend… ex-boyfriend? He wasn't so sure anymore, and to be honest he was too terrified to find out the truth.

"So… you're leaving?" Ranka finally spoke, clutching his purse in his hands as he moved to stand at the end of the bed, not taking the seat that Charlie had been using before.

"I would think it's for the best," Harry murmured quietly, closing his eyes as he spoke. "I put you and Haruhi in so much danger-"

"Well that's a fine way to make it up to me then!" Ranka snapped at him suddenly, causing Harry to wince at the sharp tone. "Your way of apologizing is to fucking abandon us?"


"Don't you dare 'Ranka' me, Harry Potter!" The man threw his purse against the far wall, ignoring it as he came to lean over Harry, just inches from his face. "You're going to make this whole thing up to me by getting better and staying with me. Got it? Or do I have to tie you up in our bedroom until you realize how stupid you're being?"

Harry could only lay there stunned as Ranka ranted on and on, not really focusing on his lover's words as he watched him motion dramatically and flail about while never leaving his position above him.

"… You're not mad at me?" Harry finally whispered, absorbing for the first time just how much Ranka wanted him to stay.

"Oh, I'm pissed at you," Ranka huffed, pressing his lips to Harry's cheek. "You're arrogant and the most pigheaded person I've ever met. But, that doesn't stop me from wanting you with me."

Harry's lips twitched with a small smile before he closed his eyes again and tried to gather himself once more.

"You forgive me?"

"Well… it may take a little work for me to forgive you completely. I think I have a French maid's costume at work that could possibly fit you with a little alteration."

"Does that mean I have to call you master?" Harry bit back a laugh, coughing instead.

"I think I prefer Mistress for the moment, but we'll see what happens later on. I'm not letting you go Harry; you're just going to have to accept that."

"I'll try my best. I love you Ranka."

"About damn time you figured that out love."

"Yes, Mistress," Harry snickered at Ranka's delighted grin as they met in a soft kiss.

"See? I told you it's going to be fun.

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