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Author's Notes: This story picks up immediately after the last sentance before the epiloge in DH. The story may be very slightly AU at times, but not much. Props to the Weasel King for inspiration on the title, your song rocks my socks!

Chapter 1


"That wand's more trouble than it's worth," said Harry. "And quite honestly, I've had enough trouble to last a lifetime."

The three of them stood in Dumbledore's office, drowning in the silence that followed Harry's words. Hermione had tears streaming down her cheeks. Ron wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her forehead and buried his face in her hair as if to hide from the rest of the night's happenings.

Harry couldn't watch them. Couldn't bare to witness anymore pain, anymore suffering. If the battle was won wasn't he supposed to feel better, not as if he was still fighting? But he was. Fighting the urge to run and hide, to curl up and cry in self pity, fighting to stay strong.

But Harry knew who he wanted, who he needed. Who he wouldn't be ashamed to cry in front of. The person, who, he knew in his heart, needed him just as much as he needed her. Like a drug. Ginny.

For once, Ron seemed to know exactly what he was thinking.

"Go find her, mate. She needs you right now, too."

Harry nodded, not trusting himself to keep his voice even. He walked out the door and down the ruined stairs. When he was half way to the Great Hall he met up with Luna.

"Harry!" She hugged him and kissed his cheek. Harry was relieved; if he had to run into anyone (other than Ginny of course) he'd want it to be her. Luna was the most compassionate person Harry thought he'd ever met.

"Hi Luna, er, thanks for, um, helping me get away earlier. I needed that." Harry said in a small voice.

"Don't mention it. I know you needed to get away for a bit." She laid a hand on his shoulder. They looked at each other for a second.

Harry finally broke the silence. "Luna…..do you happen to know where Ginny is?"

She smiled. "I'm pretty sure I saw her go out outside into the grounds"

She turned to leave, but looked back now wearing a worried expression. "She's hurting, Harry." Then Luna kissed him once more and left.

Though she was gone, Luna's words lingered with him, raking into his heart. The agony swelled inside of him making Harry angry and dizzy. He leaned against the cold, rough wall of stone and closed his eyes.

When Harry had regained control he half ran out of the school into the grounds. He scanned the area waiting for his eyes to adjust to the light of the breaking dawn. It was silent. Not even the birds sang their early morning songs nor did the trees rustle their leaves in the chilled breeze. It felt to Harry as if the entire earth had sunk into mourning. And then he saw her.

She sat on the far side of the lake, hugging her knees into her chest, looking up at the castle with her red hair dancing out behind her.

He couldn't control it; his eyes welled up with tears blurring his vision and sliding down his face. Harry ran towards her around the lake. When he was just ten meters away from her she looked up at him and leaped gracefully to her feet.

"Harry!" Ginny ran straight into his open arms. He kissed her lips gently.

"I love you, Ginny." He whispered in her ear before kissing her again.

"I love you too, Harry." She whispered back when their lips broke apart.

The tears poured down harder than ever from Ginny's already red eyes. She took short and uneven breaths, soaking his shirt in tears. Harry had never seen her break down like this before but some how he'd been expecting exactly this. He felt extremely satisfied with the pain her pain caused him. It killed him to know that the pain she was in was more than partially his fault.

"I missed you like hell." Ginny whispered, looking up into his agonized eyes.

"I missed you, too." Was all he could manage to get out.

She stood on the tips of her toes to press her lips to his. "Promise me you'll never leave again."

"Don't worry, Gin. No one hates me for it more than I hate myself" His words seemed to shock her as if the idea of anyone hating him was ridiculous and impossible.

"Harry, how can you think that? I love you more than I ever loved anyone or anything. More than I knew was possible. You're my undeserved miracle that you're even here. You're all I'll ever want, all I'll ever need. I love you to pieces."

Harry smiled weakly. "That's more than I deserve."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Hardly." But then she looked up at him. Her expression now serious.

"Harry?" Ginny asked tentatively.

He was having a hard time concentrating on what she was saying. All he could think about was her fingers weaving their way through his hair, across his cheekbone, his collarbone. They crawled across the back of his neck sending shivers down his spine and drawing goose bumps to his skin.

"Hmmm." He eventually answered.

"Harry, it would make my heart feel a million times lighter to know that you know that you did everything you possibly could and that was expected of you plus more. Harry, please understand that nothing that happened tonight or any other night is your fault. It's your right, your success that you and I, everyone up at the castle and around the world is alive. And you have so many friends- Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Hagrid and about a million others who love you so much. Just not as much as me. Never forget that."

Harry was once again reduced to tears. He couldn't believe how much truth was in her words. They had truly done it. Even if faith and love had been their only companions they had been all they'd needed because it was over and he had his most powerful source of both love and faith in his arms now.

"I won't, you're right." He whispered. Ginny nodded.

"Thank you."

Wordlessly, Ginny pressed up on her toes again and kissed him tenderly. She yawned, taking a hand from around his neck to cover her mouth. Ginny's yawn seemed to remind Harry of how tired he was.

"Want to take a nap with me?"

"Hell yes!"

Harry grinned before picking her up and carrying her into a thicket of trees. He knew that he couldn't deal with the company of anyone other than the girl in his arms so he wouldn't risk going back up to the castle.

Harry put Ginny down beside an old birch tree. He laid down on his back in the grass reaching up his arms to welcome her in. She carefully bent down stretching out on her stomach on top of him. Moaning quietly as she rested her head on his neck just below his chin.

"I love you, Gin."

"I love you more."

"No way."

"Un huh!" Harry smiled to himself.

"You must love me an awful lot, then." He said, stroking her cheek playfully.

"Yup." Harry could hear the smile in her voice.

They laid there in comfortable silence for awhile with the occasional loving touches, moans and kisses.

"This feels nice." Harry whispered.

"It feels so right."

"It's not."

She sighed. "I know."

Harry could tell she knew what he meant.

"But it will be soon." He whispered.

Harry could feel her head nod under his chin. She turned her head and pressed her lips soothingly to his collar bone then trailing them all the way up his neck to have the same affair with his Adam's apple. Finally, Ginny turned her head back to the side as they both drifted to sleep with the comforting sound of the other's heart beat.

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