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Chapter 3

End of an Era

For the rest of the day Harry and Ginny stuck together for nearly every second of it. They mostly were set to work making repairs on various areas of the castle as well as dealing with a few of the remaining bodies which caused a few breakdowns that they managed to push through. And in between these tasks putting up with a fair few interviews for international newspapers and magazines which they faced head on always with an arm around the other or a firm grasp of their hand.

At 6:30 they went into the Great Hall to wait for dinner to be served. Ginny sat between Harry's legs, his arms around her waist. She laid her head back on his shoulder, lips brushing his neck. It had been a long day. Around them were volunteers who had come from everywhere in Europe. Some were still arriving from abroad to see the scene of the historic event and lend a much needed hand in righting the damage that had been done in countless areas.

Harry truly didn't understand. He'd been prepared for the tears, grief and cold depression that he had expected to grip the castle and had done his best to brace himself against it. But today he had felt something else, something he hadn't expected. Harry could feel it inside himself and he knew everyone else could feel it, too. It wasn't something you could fight, describe, talk about or even give a name to. The only thing that seemed to matter was it was there; he knew it, Ginny knew it, everyone did and that was enough. And it felt amazing.

After a good dinner prepared by the surviving house elves, Harry and Ginny snuck two of the schools best brooms out into the grounds. They mounted them quickly and sped off into the sky over the great Lake's still, glassy water. The pair of them raced each other, pushing the mediocre brooms to their limits, turning sharply this way and that.

Just as the sun was setting Ginny took off at a fast but leisurely pace through the top of the canopy of the forbidding Forest, sun glinting off her hair giving it the allusion of free flames trailing behind her. As Harry flew up beside her she took her hands from the broom handle and let them drag softly through the trees tops. Harry could see her love of flying radiating from her face as purely as if it had been writing there. He knew it mirrored his own. He adored losing himself to the instinct and metaphor it offered. He used to feel burden free while in the air enjoying the elements and for the first time he truly was. Most of all, he loved the reality of the cliché of the two lovers flying off into the sunset. Twilight, the end of a day which had felt to Harry like the end of an era.

When they finally set foot to ground again the sun had long since retired and had been replaced by another world of stars and planets far away. These were they're only means of light for finding there way back up to the castle for their wands remained forgotten stuck in Ginny's bra and Harry's pants. They had experienced a different sort of magic, tonight.

Ginny wore an exhilarated look of pleasure on her face she brushed back her tangled hair from her eyes.

"That was amazing!"

Harry simply nodded, smiling, not capable of putting into words what he had just experienced. Ginny threw her broom on the ground and walked over to hug him.

"We should do that every night."

Harry shook his head. "We'll get desensitized to it. Let's save flying like that" there was no other way to described it, "for special occasions."

Ginny smiled up at him, cocking her head to one side. "What's tonight's occasion?"

Harry brushed his fingers along her cheek bone. "The beginning of a new era. Our era. A happier one than the last."

"Kay." Ginny whispered as she leaned in to kiss lightly. "We better go in or they'll think we're not coming back again and come looking for us."

They walked into the entrance Hall which was fairly full of people considering the late hour and stouded their broomsticks in a random broom cupboard. Harry poked his head into the Great Hall and spotted Ron and Hermione engaged in a game of wizard chess with Neville and Luna sitting next to them. He and Ginny went over to them.

"Knight to E12- check!"

"How is that a check, Ron?"

"Well, if I told you it wouldn't be much of a game, would it?"

"Nor is it when you cheat!"

"Yeah, but I'm not cheating!"

"Then why'd you say check when my king's not in danger?"

"Suit yourself, then."

"I will. Rook to D10."

"Knight to C10, I win."

"You can't do that!"

"Of course I can; I just did."

"Well in muggle chess-"

"Does this look like muggle chess to you because I'm pretty sure you don't see the Knight spearing the King in muggle chess either-"

"Hey guys," Ginny cut in, smirking, "Having fun?"

"Your brother seems to have a thing for making up his own rules." Hermione said, half amused, half irritated.

"You're just mad because I beat you…again." Ron said smugly. Hermione looked as though she were about to protest so Neville quickly changed the subject.

"So, what were you to doing?" He asked.

"Flying I suspect." Luna offered, coming up from underneath the table. At their startled and confused expressions she added "The Tattle tail cricket underneath the table told me. He likes to eat the Weasley's Ever Lasting Chewing Gum stuck there. He particularly likes the lemon-rosemary piece Ron stuck there in our fifth year."

Everyone except for Luna looked at Ron who shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

"Well we're going up to bed now, so I suppose we'll see everyone in the morning." Said Harry. He and Ginny waved goodnight.

"Race you to the Common Room!" Ginny said sprinting past him.

"Oh you better run, girl!" Harry said rushing after her.

He chased after her as they weaved through the castle. Up the stairs, down some more, under the tapestries, through the doors and dodging suits of armor they went right up until the changing staircases. Harry finally caught up with Ginny who had been stopped to wait for the stairs to shift.

"Damn changing staircase!" she joked, "I would have creamed you!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Well I guess will never be sure."

Ginny rolled her eyes. The stairs were now positioned and waiting to escort them.

"Harry, will you carry me, I'm tired." Ginny asked putting on a whinny but seductive voice.

Harry sighed, bemused. "Let me get this straight- first of all, you go running off as fast as you can so I have to come chasing after you. Then, you insult me by telling me that you think you can run faster than me. And now you tell me you're tired from tormenting and antagonizing me so you want me to carry you the rest of the way up the stairs?" Harry shook his head in mock disbelief. "Unbelievable."

He walked over to her and slung her over his shoulder. "It's a good thing you're so damn gorgeous." Harry started trudging up the stairs.

"Hey, when I asked you to carry me I didn't mean pretend I'm a sack of potatoes hanging over your shoulder as you run up the stairs trying not to drop me on my head but don't strain yourself!"

Harry grinned as he put her back down as they made it to the Fat Lady's portrait.

He looked at Ginny "Um, I'm pretty sure neither of us knows the password."

The Fat Lady sighed "Oh just go on in." she said, swinging open, "It's not like it matters, anyway."


"Any time."



Harry laughed and walked into the Common Room hand in hand with Ginny.

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