A/N: I have discovered Holmes recently and read a few fanfictions. After reading one in particular an idea for a one- shot entered my mind and here it is.

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I rarely, if ever, allow people to see what I am thinking and feeling. The only time I have done this was when Watson got grazed by Evens' bullet two days ago.

When Watson fell, it was then I realized how much Watson's friendship meant to me. Before this had happened, it had never occurred to me that one day, Watson might not be by my side helping me with some of my cases.

When Watson had married, there was the the occasional case where he would get invovled and help me solve it. There were many more in which I did not have his the pleasure of his reliable presence and had to solve them myself.

I knew that if I had stumbled upon a knot so tight that not even I could untie it, I could rely upon Watson to unknowingly give me a new approach to the problem.

Now that Watson almost got shot, the thought terrifies me that one day, when I need him most, he won't be there to help me. I knew that if that ruffian had killed Watson, he too wouldn't have left that house alive.

It is not good to keep looking back and imagine what could have happened as opposed to what actually did happen.

I picked up my violin, that was on a nearby table, and started to play. The melancholy tune echoed the turn my thoughts had taken and helped to quiet them, at least for a few minutes.

It is not good thinking about the "what- ifs", I told myself firmly.

I completely blocked and erased my thoughts and feelings about what could have been and focused on the present.

The End

A/N: This is my first SH fanfic and I would be interested in seeing how you liked it. *wink* I hope you enjoyed. :D