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A meteorite can change a whole world. But a human can disrupt the natural flow of a perfect life. And yet in an imperfect life it just seems to change the air unless your caught right in the middle of it.

I opened my eyes slowly glancing at the ceiling, turning the long neck of my bass guitar in my hands, around and around. Some had to work for a living some where just plain rich. I was in between, the middle class, so far all I needed to do was play a few gigs and I could earn money to let me survive for a few weeks. However though I may not be rich some of my friends where.

I had known Jenifer for years, we were the best of friends, we had known each other for years. Yet we had become more than just friends, we in the truth where lovers, girlfriends.

Though I was bisexual Jenifer was a complete dike, it was funny because she didn't look like the lesbian she truthfully was. Actually today she had to help me with a gig tonight.

Little did I know of the situation that would be at the house, but they didn't know what a disaster they would have on their hands soon enough.

I tied my short hair into a ponytail not even two inches long that held at the back of my neck. My fringe covered one of my eyes and was pulled out of the other eye lazily flopping where it fell. My blue ice eyes where surrounded by black eyeliner and my lips seemed pale, yet my skin was paler. I was a short girl standing at 5.1ft and weighing only 118lbs.

It was kind of stupid, guys would look at me but I had no idea. Personally I found myself to be short and unattractive. But guys denied that. I never believed them though, the only one I really believed when they said that was Jenifer.

I pulled on a tight black shirt, a white skull with flaming wings was imprinted upon the chest. It was a short shirt only going down to my belly button. My pants where black jeans and I wore a studded belt to hold them up, it was hard to find pants that where my size that weren't meant for a person wider than me.

I decided to forget the earrings but put a black collar around my neck that read Haley on a small dog tag that came off of it like a dogs id tags. In the shape of a bone to, people found it rather funny.

Last but not least I tucked my two blades into my pockets, both three inches and both where flip knives. I was small, I needed some protection. And condoms didn't count for this type.

I smiled as I laid the bass into the case and tossed it over my shoulder. I had to meet up with Jenifer tonight, actually in a few minutes so we could go to the Plaza. I lived about twenty minutes away from her huge house. I could easily get a ride from my older brother.

"YO JOSH!" I shouted and the blond head that I associated with my brother popped in my room glancing at me he rolled his eyes. "shut up, at least I'm bisexual." I said pointedly at him.

"Gay is better honey." I rolled my eyes, it was true Josh was gay. However where I was 18 he was 21.

"Can I get a ride to Jenifer's, then you can go see 'Jasmine' "the nickname for his old roommate, who I knew as Fez, at least before he found his true inner name.

Josh gave me a cold glance at how I said his fuck buddies name and I grinned at him.

"Watch it Haley." He said simply, before adding "sure, lets go."

I smiled with triumph and walked out the house door and walked to the car. "Can I drive?" I asked.

"When I actually feel like dying sure." Josh said getting into the drivers seat.

I stuck out my tongue at him, while getting into the side passengers seat. "You know I'm not that bad." I said.

Josh just shrugged and put the car into gear. "Hold on kitties" he said "this is going to be a nasty ride."

He stepped on the gas and pulled into the street like the maniac he was, it was guys like him that gave gay guys a bad name.

"Jesus fucking christ you trying to fucking kill me?" I shouted at him only to get his maniac look and he just continued taking sharp turns all the way to Jenifer's. A red truck was parked near her house but I ignored it, someone most likely had a burn out. Its not like anyone would actually try to cause trouble for the Smith family.

Oh how wrong I turned out to be.

I got out of the car and flipped Josh off as he smiled at me and drove off back to town so he could see 'Jasmine'. God I hated that name reminded me of Aladdin, one of my little kid favorites. For some reason I always got a weird feeling when he was helpless dying, it thrilled me in a way. But hey, that was just a little emo for you.

Short emo, that's how I always reminded someone of who I was. "You now you met a short emo, brown hair…" That's usually as much as I had to say before they remembered me.

The gates where rough for anyone to get through, but there was a hidden ladder that Jenifer and I had installed years ago. I reached under what appeared to be some ivy but felt the cold metal of the ladder behind it.

Slowly I climbed up and jumped down from the wall, now it was easy, to get into Tommy's room where I always slipped in I just needed to climb the rope Jenifer had tossed from the window.

Tommy never was angry to see me, usually I brought him a treat, today it was a chocolate bar. I climbed the rope hand over hand as it cut into my palms I cursed at not bring a pair of gloves.

Soon enough I slid inside the window and pulled up the rope, he had turned his camera so it didn't show the window on the security camera.

Quietly I pulled out my bass and plugged it into the amp that I had stored under Tommy's bed. Tossing the candy bar upon his pillow I stuck my headphones into the jack on the amp so as not to let Jenifer know I was here early. I needed to tune my bass before we went.

Little did I know of what was going on.


Jennifer and Tommy tried repeatedly to smash the bong and right as they did she heard something, voices coming towards them. "ok alright fight with me now." She said fearfully to Tommy and they began to argue with each other.

"STOP SCREAMING YOU LITTLE GERBIAL" Jenifer shouted as Tommy started to scream for help. "Knock it off."

Denise raised his hands and muttered "Jesus christ" he couldn't believe his brother had fucked up this badly. Any amateur would have known better than to tie them together. Mars with a scowl on his face walked over and pulled out his knife. "Are you kidding me? Keep, cut 'em yah cut 'em" He grabbed Tommy "he weighs thirty pounds" tossing Tommy to Kevin "are you kidding me."

Tommy cried out for Jenifer as he was man handled and given to the other boy, and Jenifer called to him.

"tie him up, tie him up in his own room." Mars tossed Kevin the tape "do it right, please do it right." Denise complained at his younger brother before turning to Mars, "you get the girl." He turned left the room.

Mars knelt down and looked at Jenifer, "what about my brother?" She asked.

"Don't worry about him" Mars said softly after avoiding her gaze, he touched her hand, "are you cold?"

She pulled her hand back giving him a frightened but disgusted look. "no" she didn't look at his gaze either.

Finally they met eyes and he said, "I'm Marshall" his voice like rough silk. "What's your name"

"Jenifer," she said softly, glancing away from him but she kept looking back into his eyes.

"Please" he said taking her hands and helping her up. At that time they heard a loud thud and distortion of a bass, along with some banging.


I had been so concentrated on my tuning that I didn't hear anything going on, the argument, the stomping, not even the door behind me opening. Light spilled in and I ignored it. Suddenly a rough hand grabbed my shoulder and squeezed hard. I cried out in pain pulling back, my headphones pulled out of the amp and I swung the bass at the offender. It hit someone , two people and knocked them backwards.

I dropped my bass and pulled out my one of my knives quickly pulling it open and glaring at my attackers. Tommy was laying on the floor with the two men and two more people rushed in. I froze as a gun was pointed at my head.


Marshall, quickly dragged Jenifer behind him as he rushed into the room to see a girl holding a knife, a bass guitar lay damaged upon the floor as did all three boys. He pulled one of the two guns from his pants and aimed it at her. She froze and stared at him with a snarl upon her face but didn't drop her weapon.

Denise got up from the ground and aimed his gun at her.

"Denise, don't hurt her." Kevin complained keeping a grip upon the little boy. Not noticing the cut that was deep into his hand or the blood dripping from it.

"Jenifer…." The girl whispered and Denise glanced at her, "you know this girl, huh? Rich bitch?"


Another man pointed a gun at me and I shrank backwards but then I noticed one of the people in the room, she looked so scared. "Jenifer…" I whispered softly, lovingly. This was not right, the happy beautiful girl I loved now trembled in fear wither it was for us or of them it was hard to tell.

Then the man spoke harshly to her, the one Denise as one of the men had addressed her. "you know this girl, huh? Rich bitch?"

I snarled at him and moved forward trying to cut him with my blade only to be grabbed brutally by the third man, the one that had come in with Jenifer. He had me by my waist and had switched his gun for a knife which he now held to my throat.

I froze but still had the snarling expression, "get that away from my throat or I'll cut off your fucking balls." I growled.