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Haley stared down at the scene, with sad blue eyes, she hoped for her lover's safety and for the little boy that she always left chocolate for, however life itself seemed slim for her. Eventually she was dragged back inside and this time she didn't fight it, what good was fighting for a life you weren't going to live.


Mars was amazed by the sudden lack of spirit in the girl, as he held the gun to her he only felt her tense, no struggle, nothing, no cry for help. Inwardly there was a smile; he had won against the girl. His green brown eyes showed triumph as he dragged her back inside.


Tally looked at the two kids standing there in front of him, the youngest holding two dvd boxes. Tommy and Jenifer, however who was the other girl?


"Her name's Haley," an officer told Tally, "apparently she's part of a band and went to meet the Smith's at the house"

Just then Tally felt the phone in his pocket going off. He signaled the officer's he would be back and walked away to answer the phone, he had the DVD case in his hand.


"Do you have it?"

"Let me talk to my family first." Tally growled softly into the phone. There was a silence then a noise in the background and he could hear his wife and daughter. Tally heard the noise die off and sighed, "yes I have it. But here's how the deal's going down, you are going to let my family go and when they call me I will hand the CD's over to whoever you want."

There was laughing on the other line "Tally, I'm the one in control here, you will come to us, prove that you have the right CD's and then you can just walk out with your family."

Tally sighed, "Ok, there's another girl in there however, I'll get it to you after we've gotten her out." And hung up the phone.


Mars looked at Haley and stroked her hair before he began to siphon fuel from the engine, the cops had pulled a fast one and gotten the other two out but they wouldn't do anything as long as he had her. She looked away refusing to make eye contact, she may have felt hopeless but that didn't mean she didn't have some pride and dignity left.

Mars finished and decided to try something, he untied Haley and waited, she just sat there not looking at him.


Haley looked down at the ground as Mars did whatever he was doing, she was done fighting, she had given up completely, she knew Jenifer and Tommy had gotten away and that was all that mattered, she would die soon enough she knew. She didn't notice when Mars untied the rope she was thinking off all the ways they might kill her.


Mars nudged Haley with his foot and she slowly met his gaze, her eyes where dead, as though she had already died. So much for being a wild horse, he had trained her faster than he had expected.

"Go to the kitchen and wait for me." Mars said and she got up slowly and walked away rope dragging behind her, her steps where slow, without aim it seemed. He knew she wasn't going to fight him anymore, she was done, finished. Now he had to deal with the others, they didn't know that the other two had escaped.


Kevin had had enough of Denise's antics and foolish behavior, he was getting the girls and the little boy out of there, he didn't want to go down with his brother and a guy his brother had just met. He walked into Tommy's room and looked around, the little boy was nowhere to be found. He shut the door but not before taking a last look inside the room, where had the kid gone? As he finished shutting the door he saw Mars in the mirror on the back of the door and jumped. That was not what he had expected to see.

He stood there plastered to the wall while Mar's eyes seemed to look into his soul. "So, I'm thinking about going." He said to Mars, licking his lips nervously.

Mars nodded, not something Kevin had expected. "Ok," Mars said softly. "If you got to go, then go."

Kevin brushed past Mars and headed for the stairs. Suddenly he felt himself being forced forward and pushed over the railing. He should have known, Mars wasn't letting him go, he was setting up to make the kill.

He hit the floor with a sickening thud, he could hear his heart racing inside his body. All he could see was Mars looking down at him.


Mars couldn't believe how simple it had been to kill Kevin, he looked over the railing watching seizures take over the boy, soon he would die. Denise heard the thud, ran over and fell onto his knee's looking over his brother, "Shit. Shit. Shit." He lifted his brother's head onto his lap. This was too easy.

"They shot him, They shot him." Mars could see how it looked that way, the thud itself had been loud enough to sound like a gunshot.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Denise cried over his brother, now all Mars had to do was wait for the right moment to kill the other. Denise saw the blood on his hand and looked at it before shouting "Shit!"

"MARS THEY SHOT KEVIN!" Denise shouted looking up at Mar's vantage point, but not seeing him. "MARS!"

"Denise" Mars said calmly.

"Mars please do something." Denise pleaded softly, "please, please." He was cradling his dying brother's head in his arm's.

"I am." Mar's said softly and lifting the gun shot Denise, instant kill, Denise went limp instantly and Kevin's eyes saw his brother sitting above him, dead, at least before he died. That was the last thing Kevin would ever see, the death of his older brother.

Mars watched it all, the death surrounding him, something he had caused.


"There where gun shots!" Shouted an officer hidden by the house, they couldn't see in but Tally had a strange feeling that Marshall was up to something, he had pulled the stunt with the girl, and he didn't seem to be attached to the brothers. But what had he done? Was Tally to late again, would he be able to save his family and the girl?

He dialed the phone and waited as it rang, no answer, Denise should have picked up.

Panicked Tally tried again five more times and on the sixth, the final time someone picked up.

"Hello? Denise?" Tally asked, he could hear breathing in the speaker.

"Denise is a bit incapacitated at the moment. Would you like me to leave him a message?" A voice asked softly, almost dementedly.


There was silence.

"Are the children ok?" Tally hoped they hadn't realized two were missing.

"Why don't you ask them?" The voice replied and hung up.

"FUCK!" Tally shouted and everyone looked at him. "They know the kids are gone."

Was he going to have another problem like so many years ago, or would he be able to save this one girl, this one small girl that seemed so insignificant in all of this, would he save her and in turn have his family killed? Or would he not be able to save any of them?

Tally had no idea, but for now he had to try to save them all, the girl and his family, he couldn't let that argument be the last thing his daughter heard from him. They had to deal with so much after the first kid had gotten shot now he had to make it up to them, he couldn't do it they were dead.

Tally also had a feeling that the brothers where dead, and not coming back, Mars had cut his loose ends, he didn't know if the girl was alive…would Marshall risk killing his last bargaining chip?


Mars began to rig the house, Haley had saw all of the carnage he had caused and sat there, blood on her face that had spattered onto her when Mars had shot Denise. Her blue eyes retracted and she seemed stunned, not moving, hardly breathing, and blinking. She had seen fights, but never anything like this.


Josh and Jasmine got to the crime scene, the Smith's house by several dirty tricks, running through yards, jumping fences things like that, however they couldn't get past the blockade. They had abandoned the car as soon as they realized that there was a road block in their way. However the cops refused to let them through, despite their protests they were ushered away and left to watch the helicopter's circling over the large building that was too far to get too.


Mars finished his job and waited, for about half an hour, ignoring the ringing phone, as soon as the cops tried to come through the house would burst into flames and they would have make their mistake.


Tally growled, it had been half an hour, and no one had answered his numerous phone calls. He tried one last time to hear a gunshot coming from the house followed by another. That was it. He couldn't do anything else, "tell the swat to head in." He ordered. The officer nodded next to him and radioed them to tell them the latest command.


Mars heard breaking glass followed by a scream and the sound of fire springing instantly, he was going to burn this place to the foundations. He grabbed Haley by the arm and dragged her to a hole in the garage door he had caused; it was small but large enough for him to slip out followed by Haley. It was hidden by some of the shrubs that went around the house. They made their way to the wall and scaled it, however as soon as Marshall got to the top there was a loud crack and he jumped down just in time to avoid the bullet aimed for him.

Haley however was not as fortunate.

The bullet had come from behind, from the window in the Mansion, she was knocked forward as it ripped through her shoulder and fell off the wall. There was a loud cry of pain, like a high pitched yelp of someone stepping on a dog's tail. Red sprayed from her body and she landed face down Marshall walked over and looked down, watching her.

She slowly rolled onto her back and held her shoulder, tear's of pain streaming from her face before her eyes closed and the whimpering that had been coming from her ceased. She was still breathing but apparently that had been too much for her small body to handle. Marshall picked her up and took off with her. She was his girl and she was staying with him.


"Swat accidently shot the girl." The officer told Tally who looked at him suddenly. "They made a break for it, we don't know if the girl is in on the hostage situation but they tried to get over the wall and he got out of the way she didn't get a chance. They're on the run right now."

"Get a barricade up stat!" Tally shouted, "Get everyone on alert and get the K-9 team released." He had earlier ordered them incase this situation had aroused, however Marshall taking the girl with him was not something he had expected. Had she been part of this unplanned situation…no, the boys had picked this house at random and the earlier reports of seeing them had only reported three boys in a red truck, not only that but they had came to the same fast food restaurant that the Smith's had been at. But what was Marshall playing at?

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