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Owen: We're back with more Total Drama Island!

iWanna Be Famous, an iCarly and Total Drama Island Crossover Fanfic

Chapter 7: iAm So Not Doing This

Team and Contestant Recap:

The Screaming Bass








The Killer Gophers










Owen: Guys, everyone, wake up! It's time for another challenge!

Guys, everyone: Finally! No challenges for over a week, why?

Owen: PerXD stopped to think a bit more and still couldn't. So he decided to let you create the challenges! Not very original, really?

Today we'll have a challenging challenge. Each one is writing a challenge on paper and someone on the other team is doing it. The Killer Gophers have 9 members and Screaming Bass have 7, so two people from the Bass are writing two challenges and two people in the the Gophers are not writing any. The rules are the following: Each one is writing a challenge (or more, or less) in a paper, plus him/her's name. Someone in the other team is picking the paper, and has to do the challenge. If any additional material is required for the challenge, the writer has to provide it! If someone writes "hold a light up bomb until it explodes", the writer will have to provide a bomb, which surely won't be easy. They have one minute to provide the material. Completely impossible things, such as "bring something from another dimension", are not allowed. Complete the challenge, and your team wins a point. Don't, and the other team does. Write something impossible or don't provide the material, team loses point!

Everyone wrote down a challenge except Cookie and Spencer.

Owen: The Screaming Bass are taking their papers first. First, Suzie!

She took a card and read:

"Guess what I'm thinking right now"

Suzie: Easy. You're thinking "She'll never discover what I'm thinking right now!"

Nevel: Wrong! I'm thinking about "She won't ever discover what is in my mind this moment!"

Owen: Err, since your question is almost impossible to answer, I'll have to classify it as out of the rules. Suzie wins a point for her team! Next, Gibby!

He took a card.

"Let me hug you for five minutes"

Gibby: What's hard about it?

He let Jeremy hug him for five minutes without a problem. So it's a point for the Screaming Bass.

Next one, Carly.

"Say how I could code iCarly's website and everything in just about an hour"

Sam: That will surely be easy. Thank you for giving away another point, Fredward!

Carly: How could I know?

Sam: What?

Carly: it's completely impossible for someone to design that super cool website in an hour! How could he do it?

Owen: Guess everyone knows where the point will go to. Next one, Ned!

"Eat giant sushi in a bite"

Owen: Okay. Drake, where is the giant sushi?

Drake: How can I know?

Owen: Didn't you hear the rules?

Drake: No, I was busy listening to music in my mind.

Owen: If the challenge requires any additional material, you're supposed to provide it in at least one minute. 37 seconds left!

Drake: Where can I find giant sushi in 37 seconds?

Owen: 32!

Chef: Actually I have some fish from last challenge.

Drake: Give it to me!

Chef: No, this thing is about one week old. It will be tomorrow's dinner.

Owen: TIME UP! It's a point to the Screaming Bass!

Ned: Oh yeah! A point and I didn't even speak!

Rest of The Gophers: Good job not listening to the rules, Drake!

Mandy: Guys, Carly already did her challenge, except she was supposed to do mine...

Owen: Really? Then Josh, go and get Mandy's challenge!

Josh: I'm so not doing this challenge. Mandy probably made an alliance with Carly!

Carly: She didn't!

Mandy: I didn't!

"Say you love me and do something to demonstrate it"

Josh: I don't love you!

Owen: That makes an instant loss! Point to the Gophers! Now it's Meagan's time!

"Beat Josh's record in his favorite video game"

Mindy: And don't think I'm crazy to not to have the equipment handy! I have the game, a TV and electricity!

Owen: Where did you get that from?

Mindy: I brought it in my backpack.

Owen: Well, nobody said it's against the rules, so Meagan's going to play!

She tried to play, but she first had to follow a tutorial kind of a lot of times. Josh's record was in a mission where you have to get to the goal within a time limit, and Meagan didn't even know how to make the paraglide she was controlling to turn. So it's a point to the Killer Gophers!

Owen: 3 to the Bass, 3 to the Gophers and still a lot of challenges! Next and last from the Bass team, Izzy! With Sam's challenge, the only left.

"Eat what I ate last morning"

Izzy: How am I supposed to know what did she eat?

Sam: Do you really think I'm going to say? It's in the kitchen.

Izzy: There's only one thing to do then!

Izzy rushed into the kitchen and started eating everything she gave a bite on each thing she found in the kitchen.

Sam: I can't believe it! She actually won!

Izzy: What did I just eat?

Sam: Frog with lizard.

Izzy: Oh man that's a lot even for my standards.

Sam: Not for mine.

Owen: Now we're changing teams! The first one from the Killer Gophers to take the challenge is Sam!


Sam: Ski?

Gibby: Yes.

Sam: Ski? Really?

Gibby: Yep.

Sam: You must be kidding. Okay, give me what I need.

Gibby: No.

Sam: That's against the rules! Point to my team!

Owen: Actually it's only against the rules if the challenge's completely impossible without the equipment. It isn't. People can ski naked, let alone with clothes, like you are.

Everyone climb up the mountain and Sam tried to see if she can slide down the hill on foot.

It wasn't hard after all.

Owen: Next one, Cookie!

"Pet an alligator"

Cookie: You must be kidding me. I give up.

Meagan: So I got the alligator for nothing?

Cookie, yes, I think so.

Meagan: At least we got a point! Oh yes!

Owen: Sure. Next one, Spencer!

"Kiss a gorilla"

Spencer: Carly? Are you really going to do this to me?

Carly: Well...

Rest of her team: Yes, she is, it's in the rules!

Spencer: But, Carly...

Carly: Don't say oh Carly to me. Just because you're my brother it doesn't mean you're free from the challenge! Don't worry; I won't let anything happen to you.

Spencer: Carly, you're grounded for one week after this ends!

Carly: And, if I win, I won't share anything with you!

Sam and Freddie: What about with us?

Carly: We'll see. But, Spencer, you will kiss a gorilla!

Spencer: Carly! You're grounded! One year from now, no exiting your bedroom! And I'll take out your TV!

Carly *faking: Spencer! I can't believe it! You won because I can't provide a gorilla! I...

Owen: I can, if you want!

Carly: No I don't! Spencer won and it's a point for their team!

Team: Carly, are you really giving up a point?

Carly: Don't worry, I'll get it back. Man, grounded for one year? Not taking the risk.

Owen: Next one, Drake!

"Swim the jellyfish river again"
-Meagan 2

Drake: Meagan 2?

Owen: Two people had to write two challenges because of missing team members.

Drake: Meagan? Are you really going to do this to me?

Meagan: Well...

Rest of her team: Yes, she is, it's in the rules!

Drake: But, Meagan...

Meagan: Don't say Meagan to me. Just because you're my brother it doesn't mean you're free from the challenge! And, unlike Carly, I'll love to see you swimming the jellyfish river again!

Drake: Meagan, you're grounded for one week after this ends!

Meagan: And, if I win, I won't share anything with you! I wouldn't anyway! You will swim the river!

Drake: Meagan! You're grounded! One year from now, no exiting your bedroom! And I'll take out your TV!

Owen: I've seen his somewhere before...

Meagan: You can't tell me what to do! I'm not Carly!

Chef: Actually, are you sure you're not Carly?


Meagan: Err...

Josh: She surely isn't!

Meagan: Shut up!

Drake swam across the jellyfish river and it was rather easy. Izzy took all the jellyfishes for herself and the river wasn't cold anymore. Point to the Gophers!

Now it was Freddie's time:

"Beat the record in my favorite videogame"

Freddie: What?

Owen: Him challenge is exactly the same as Mindy's!

Freddie: You cheater!

Josh: Wait! I didn't know my challenge was exactly the same as Mindy! I tell you!

Owen: How would you get you game then, if Mindy brought it?

Josh: She brought it because I asked her. I didn't know we would be on different teams.

Mindy: It's true! I swear! I didn't team up with him!

Freddie: Let's take the challenge then!

Meagan went to watch Freddie play. She saw Freddie beating Josh's record in a few seconds. Owen didn't know much about that game, but Freddie didn't stop playing. He went three levels further than he was supposed to. Everyone noticed, but they were too busy either watching Freddie playing, or talking about how stupid they though the game was.

Owen: Did you finish it already? Did he win?

Nevel: He won't a lot more than what he was supposed to.

Owen: What?

Nevel: He beat the record and advanced three... four levels further than what he was supposed to go.

Owen: Well, the rules didn't say you couldn't do better. 5 to the Bass, 6 to the Gophers! Oh yes! And four contestants left, Mindy, Mandy, Nevel and Jeremy!
Now, it's Nevel's time!

"Say something that rhymes with orange"

Nevel: You must be kidding me.

Ned: Say it!

Nevel: Uh... Lorange!

Ned: It doesn't exist!

Nevel: Okay then, orange!

Ned: Wrong!

Owen: Right! Orange rhymes with lorange, and both also rhyme with another orange!

Ned: But, the answer was supposed to be something that exists!

Owen: Oh, okay then. The Bass won the point.

Ned: Yes!

Owen: Next one, Jeremy.

He picked up a card.

"Say what are my favorite clothes"

Jeremy: How can I know?

Suzie: Hey! You didn't sneeze while talking?

Jeremy: I didn't! Atcham!

Suzie: Why do you sneeze in a different way every time?

Jeremy: I do? Atcham!

Suzie: There was already Atcham, Atchem, atchu, atchim...

Jeremy: Atchart! Who cares for the way I sneeze? Atchong!

Suzie: You're weird.

Jeremy: I just have a cold.

Suzie: For how long since?

Jeremy: It's chronically. Atchar! I take my medicine but its effect ends Atchart! After 5 minutes and it's very expensive for Atcherr! My mom to buy more than ten pills a day. Atchonga!

Suzie: How do you sleep?

Jeremy: I don't know. Normally after a...tchin! Very bad headache.

Owen: Hello, challenge here!

Suzie: Oh yes. What are my favorite clothes?

Jeremy: Depends on season.

Suzie: Season?

Owen: Err, we already broke the fourth wall a few chapters ago, let's keep it natural.

Jeremy: Atcharet! What is the other answer?

Suzie: It's actually right! It depends on the season of the year!

Owen: It's a point to the Gophers team!

Gophers team: Yes! Another one! We're in the lead!

Owen: You may be, but there are still two more challenges, for Mandy and Mindy!
Mandy, you're the next one. You're taking Izzy's challenge.

"Teach Spanish to a monkey"

Mandy: Easy like pie!

Everyone: Easy?

Mandy's confessionary -Actually I've already teach Spanish to my pet parrot, to my lizard and to my uncle's cow. Shouldn't be too hard to teach Spanish to a monkey. And, if I win this challenge, its victory to my team no matter if Mindy wins or loses her challenge!

Mandy: Give it to me!

"Now, monkey, repeat with me"





"If I want the monkey to learn Spanish, I'll have to think about what one would do"


"Man, it's hard to write monkey speech"


"I'll use monkey psychology! I'll scream into his face!"




But, weren't you supposed to teach to the monkey how to speak Spanish?

Mandy: That's what I did. Look:



Mandy: I just have to scream "SPANISH" into his face, that he'll repeat me.

Owen: Izzy, wasn't she supposed to teach the monkey how to speak the language?

Izzy: Yes, she was! Cheater!

Owen: Actually, you didn't say so. You said the monkey had to speak Spanish. You didn't say if it was the word or the language. So it's a point to the Killer Gophers!

Killer Gophers: YES! WE WON!

Owen: Not yet!

Killer Gophers: What?

Owen: Mindy hasn't taken her challenge.

Mindy: But even if I lose, my team will win!

Owen: Sorry, you have to take the challenge.

"Make the monkey teach Sam Spanish"
-Izzy 2

Mindy: That's impossible! The monkey doesn't speak Spanish!

Mandy: He does.

Owen: He can't teach Sam Spanish because she speaks the word Spanish, and the monkey can't teach a language to Sam.
So it's victory for the Screaming Bass!

Mindy: Do I care? We won the same way.

Owen: Actually, I have to take out your point from Mandy's monkey challenge.


Owen: Because Mandy didn't teach the monkey Spanish.

Mandy: You said I did!

Owen: You teach him the word Spanish. You were supposed to teach the language.

Mandy: You said that Izzy didn't tell me that, that way I could win.

Owen: True, but now I discovered she actually did tell.

Mandy: When?

Owen: In the other challenge paper. It was written before any challenges, so it's in the rules.

Mandy: It's not written in the other paper.

Owen: Implicit. In the first one, we can't tell if it's the word or language, but in the second paper we can clearly see it's the language.

Mandy: How?

Owen: Sam speaks the word Spanish, so it couldn't be it. It could only be the language. A bit complicated what we're talking about, I bet Drake didn't understand.

Drake: I didn't.

Owen: I hope the viewers do. So it looks like the last two points actually went to the Screaming Bass, making then the winner!

Screaming Bass, the winner: YEAH!

Owen: Killer Gophers, you're sending someone back home now!

Killer Gophers: Argh!

Jeremy: Atcharatramelam! Atchenicolam!

Owen: You know what? I'm giving immunity to Jeremy tonight.

Everyone: Why?

Owen: Because the way he acts may make everyone laugh, which I want to.

After everyone cast their votes, Owen went to the campfire ceremony.



Mandy, Mindy and Freddie were last.


Mindy and Freddie were the last ones. And the last marshmallow goes to...


Freddie: What? I can't be voted out!

Owen: Yes, you can.

Freddie: iCarly won't live without me!

Owen: Guess we'll have to find a way.

Right then, Jeremy was about to eat his marshmallow when he sneezed. So strong that the marshmallow ended up in Freddie's hand.

Freddie: Ought! It's hot! And it has... I won't say.

He got the marshmallow and threw it into the fire.

Freddie: Now, where is the boat?

Owen: Who said you're going?

Freddie: I'm not?

Owen: You were the last person to hold a marshmallow. It means you ARE staying.

Freddie: So close! And who's going?

Owen: I think everyone here knows. Everybody eat their marshmallows?

Everybody: Yes!

Owen: Germy, you're going.

Jeremy: Germy?

Owen: Sorry to lose you, guy. You gave us a lot of audience this episode.

The boat of losers goes away, taking a very sneesy guy with it.


Owen: Hey, Fred, guess what, we have a new service where fans will receive an e-mail each new episode.

Freddie: Now that's cool! Before the episode?

Owen: Actually as soon as it starts.

Freddie: Could be sooner. What if someone loses their episode?

Owen: He could just watch it again in our site.

Freddie: Cool! Just like iCarly.

Owen: You guys should have one for your series too.

Freddie: Maybe, who knows...?

=== === THE END === ===

Of this chapter.

Jeremy: Atchim!

Don't grab a cold next winter.