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"Get drunk?" Abby asked with a bewildered look on her face as she turned to look at Neela.

It was a cold and snowy Friday night in the city of Chicago. Not unusual for a Chicago winter. Abby and Neela steadily paced themselves from Jumbo Mart towards the ER of County General, each holding several steaming hot coffees for both themselves and their colleagues.

"I think we should have a girl's night out tonight," Neela suggested with an enthusiastic tone to her voice. She shifted her eyes towards Abby; attempting to find a positive reaction to her unusual and insane idea. At least for her it was anyway.

"Mmmmhhhh," Abby mumbled as she was contemplating the idea of a last minute girl's night out. "It's not a bad idea, though I'm feeling rather tired. We still got a few hours till the end of the shift and its Friday."

"Precisely Abby, it's FRIDAY! You know, day off tomorrow. No repercussions. Not at work anyway." Neela laughed with a mischievous smile. "I mean, I know you're unable to drink but there is always Red Bull and it gives you wings too."

Abby laughed out loud, "I don't even think that you need a drink. You sure that's coffee in your cup? I think you've been hanging around with that roommate too much, you know. He is definitely rubbing off on you." Abby said with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Dr. Lockhart, I don't appreciate it when people answer a question with a question. Just give me an answer. Yes or no? Pleeeeasssse."

Abby looked into the night sky which was filled with blankets of white clouds and pondered the thought for a moment before she slowly opened her mouth, "Okay Neela. Anything to get you off my back and I think it may be amusing to watch you get drunk just after one drink. Your size and not to mention the end of our killer 12 hour shift." This will be fun, Abby thought with images of a drunken Neela.

"Look at the two minions strolling in as if they're really important." Morris said as he leaned over the admit desk.

"Shut up Morris!" Neela and Abby shouted out instantaneously.

They stood still whilst a patient was wheeled past with Haleh walking aside it. "Two words Morris. HR!" Haleh shouted and smiled at the two resident doctors.

"You know the Morris loves you. You got my coffee there?" Morris asked.

"There," Abby said glaring Morris in the eyes as she slammed the coffee in front of him on the desk.

"Oh come on Abby. Give your old man some sugar, love." Morris chuckled. "Do you get that? Sugar for coffee."

"This is an ER Morris. And you're a doctor whose suppose to save the lives of patients. Not a stand up comedy club where everyone has to suffer from your lame jokes." Pratt stated a matter of fact. "Besides, you'd quite clearly fail at having the audience in stitches." Pratt replied with a funny grin on his face.

"Hey give me five," Morris continued to chuckle with his hand raised in the air.

Pratt stood there staring at Archie and shaking his head side to side. "Seriously Morris, grow up."

"Gerrofff ME!!!!" a very agitated middle aged man screamed as Sam wheeled him in through the sliding doors of the ER.

Pratt, Archie, Abby and Neela all stared at one another, all with the exact same thought. Not my patient.

"Don't give me that look Archie Morris." Abby said whilst raising her eyebrow.

Ray steadily paced himself towards the admit desk with a smile as he flipped two files onto the desk. "Another two down and out." He put a strong hand towards Pratt and they both shook hands and laughed.

"Clear em up Ray. See ladies this is who you need to learn and follow from. Everyone in and out. In and out!"

Neela rolled her eyes with a look of annoyance displayed for everyone to see. "Yeah – that's Ray for you. In and out. Not just with the patients but everyone in general." She blurted out not disguising her frustration at all through her voice or with the look on her face.

"Hey roomie, where is the love?" He smiled, "Forgive me. I cleaned up. Added bonus, I got you your favourite, Special K from Jumbo Mart," he spoke in his charming voice but with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Firstly don't call me Roomie when Neela will do just fine. Secondly you've not even apologized and," she paused and then continued. "Your lovely visitor managed to finish my Special K, still famished after you. Too right you should have replaced it."

"Oh sorry Neela! But you know friends don't do apologies to one another. Good friends anyway. Please Neela, forgive me. I really am sorry," he pleaded innocently and pouted his bottom lip.

"He did replace the Special K Neela." Abby added to his apology.

She softly smiled. "I suppose. Fine. You're forgiven but nex..."

"You're not paid to stand around and debate," Weaver moaned whilst interrupting Neela. She slammed a file onto the desk in front of Frank. "We work in an ER. A busy one at that, I want to see 10 out in an hour, you hear that!"

"I said the same thing Kerry," Morris paused as Dr Weaver glared into his eyes with a stern look. "Dr. Weaver, it's the three musketeers over there."

"I thought it was the three amigos?" Abby said sarcastically as she picked a file and walked away from the desk.

"Look, the lovers tiff is over you two, get on and clear the board." Pratt mumbled.

Neela walked off taking a file that was handed to her by Pratt. Dr Weaver looked around the ER and was heading for the automatic doors after she finally finished her shift. "Give Clemente a call Frank and make sure he is on his way for the evening shift!" she yelled as she headed out.

"Lovers tiff?" Ray asked with a puzzled look on his face with his arms stretched and each hand tugging into his white lab coat.

"How long have the two of you been living together now?"

"I don't know, maybe a year or something," he answered with a quirky voice.

"Mmmhh, yep. Definitely sound like an old married couple. Men cleaning and apologizing. Leaving the toilet seat up. You were so in the dog house for a moment."

Ray finally understood Gregg and laughed as he reflected on the attitude he received from Neela.

"Well that sexy senorita was definitely worth it last night. Even if I won't see her again." Ray grinned and glanced over at Morris and Pratt.

"Oooh I don't know Ray, I wouldn't mind having a bit of who you're living with. Especially with that feisty little attitude," Pratt mumbled with a laugh.

"Mmmmhh a bit of Asian persuasion," Morris butted in.

"Drop it Morris, where do you get these ridiculous lines from dude? It really doesn't suit you."

"You and Neela? Gregg?" Ray asked with a puzzled look on his face. Although Ray and Neela had been living together for a while, he only ever considered her as his roommate who constantly complained and nagged him. Recently he was beginning to see her as a loyal friend who he could rely upon and trust, particularly after spending more time alone with her in their apartment.

"When she first started, put it this way," Greg paused for a moment, "I definitely flirted! Oh come on Ray, you never check out the lovely ladies we work with in the ER but you have no problem sweet talking them and bribing them to follow out your errands. Erm, I'm pretty sure you were hitting on Weaver when you first started."

Ray laughed out aloud as he remembered his first day at County as an intern and being quite suave with the nurses. All the women that mattered and would be helpful and Weaver was the boss, there was nothing wrong with sweet talking people now and again. He remembered doing it with Neela to swap shifts at Christmas too.

"Well she's hot. Plus she has got that whole dominatrix thing going. Love a woman with authority." Ray stated.

"Hey dude, I'm totally with you on Weaver. Def give her eight and a half. Older woman, authority and definitely assertive." Morris added.

"How about Abby?" Pratt asked. "Actually Weaver or Abby?"

"Difficult choice there my man." Morris replied in an excited voice. "I mean Abby, soothing voice, know what she wants but still seems lost and you wanna take care of her."

"Take care of her Morris? That woman can give as good as she can get and that certainly is sexy. Dr Lockhart." Gregg said in assurance.

"I can't believe we are doing this guys. Rating women when we have boards to clear up." Ray said with his eyes lit up at finding the conversation quite humorous. "So, Sam or Abby? Blonde or brunette? Who would be your choice?"

"Sam," Morris answered instantly.

"Abby, it's got to be Abby." Gregg replied.

"You know you guys are going to get into shit if the girls hear you." Frank interrupted. "Kovac will be on his way to check the board."

"Frank, don't spoil the fun. Not like we talk like this all the time. In fact I'm sure Luka could answer Ray's question right now too." Gregg exclaimed as he saw Luka walking closer and began to laugh.

"Oh yeah. Ray?" Luka questioned with a smile on his face, clearly not aware of the conversation between Ray, Archie and Gregg. "What did you need to ask?"

Ray choked and was startled. He felt as if he could have killed Gregg right there but he also found the funny side as Luka had once dated both the women he suggested. "Oh it can wait. I better go and see a patient in curtain two." Ray quickly replied and swiftly walked away from the admit desk.

"Come on guys, get a move on. One of you needs to go and give Abby a hand with her patient." Luka informed as he carefully viewed the board and the patients that were in the ER.


The ER shift was now coming to an end and all the on call staff gathered around the admit desk waiting to be debriefed by Gregg and Luka Kovac, so that they could do a handover to Victor Clemente.

"I'll see you in the morning Vic. Enjoy the graveyard and don't fuck anything up for us. We don't want to be clearing any of the mess left by any of your lot tonight." Gregg said.

"Oh come on man, you have little faith. I believe in my team, wish you would. Hey Eve?"

Greg now paced himself towards the lounge and walked over to his locker. He slung his door open and slung his coat in as he heard the door swing open. Morris and Ray walked in laughing.

"What are you two grinning at? As if the cat got the cream." Gregg asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"You should have seen my patient. She was so hot and not to mention totally available. For Ray, anyway. She left him her number before she went. Totally up for it. Five foot nine, slim, blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. So HOT!"

"Definitely a ten Pratt!" Ray said with a glee in his eyes. She was not his type as he never really dated blondes, brunettes – yes, but it never mattered too much as it gave him an ego boost.

"What do you say we head over for a few drinks before we head home and hit the sack?" Gregg asked feeling the need to unwind before returning back to his apartment.

"Sure," Morris agreed.

"Sure, I was going to meet Brett. I'll just tell him to head over to Ikes." Ray replied as he took out his phone and dialled to call Brett.

If you've read this – thank you for taking your time to read this. I have more to write for this fiction – my mind is full of so many ideas. My next chapter will surround itself in Ikes. I'm going to see if I can make it funny. We all know the girls will be there and who do they bump into? I wonder – lol.

I would also like to express a BIG THANKS to DockRock06. You're a star for reading this and always getting back to me – thank you.