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I Dare You

"Chuny, are you sure you heard right? Neela asked as she tapped away her finger on the mahogany squared wooden table the two sat around whilst awaiting for Sam and Abby, who stood at the bar ordering the drinks.

"Oh yes," she replied. "They were definitely talking about the ER ladies. You know all guys do it. They just can't help themselves. Rating women, scoring women,' she sighed. "Well that's men for you. Maybe we should do it ourselves. Rate and compare them." Chuny said and then laughed aloud.

"Not a bad idea," Sam said as she walked over to the table with a tray of drinks.

"Oh please, come on girls, you know we do not need to reiterate their behaviour and I'm pretty sure I left school quite a while ago," Neela stated as she reached her arm out to get her drink as Sam handed it over to her.

"Come on Neela. You need to loosen up a little. It's just a bit of fun. Obviously the alcohol from our walk earlier on has worn off. Looks like the well mannered Neela is back. Oh no!" Abby said as her face frowned sarcastically, hoping to annoy Neela so that she would relax and have fun.

"But, I mean, course I can relax, it's just erm." Neela paused as she realised she may need to loosen up a little.

Sam interrupted, "Well what? Speak up Dr. Rasgotra? What happened to the girls' night out and let's get drunk and have fun?"

With a puzzled look on her face and with her eye brows narrowed she opened her mouth. "We can still have fun but rating guys? And the ones we work with at that? It's quite degrading, don't you think?"

"Not really, oh come on Neela. It's like Cruise or Pitt? Jack or Sawyer?" Chuny explained rather than questioned. "I mean for me its Depp every time. Edward Scissorhands, OH YES Johnny!" Chuny growled in a dirty voice as Sam and Abby burst out with laughter.

"Oh sure Johnny," Neela agreed easily and nodded her head reassuringly with a smile not realising that she was gradually being conversed into the conversation of rating the opposite sex. "Well he had me in Donni Brasco. I fell in love then," she said with a look of reminiscence in her eyes over a film she watched many years ago. Her thoughts now drifted to Ray Barnett and the regular movie nights they would have in their apartment, although it should have been called, 'horror movie nights in,' as that was his preselected genre of film for them. Since living with Ray, Neela rarely watched any films that she usually would have tended to of her own accord. She would just easily give into his justifiable reasons to watch The Omen, The Exorcist, and The Shining along with the numerous other horror films. Suddenly it dawned upon her that none of these films had any of the so called 'Hollywood A-list hunks' and she realised that up until now she never noticed it either. Maybe it was because 'I live with one,' she thought. 'You're kidding right? Get these thoughts out of your head right away, it's RAY!!!! My roommate. King of one night stands. I cannot think the guy is a hunk!'

"Hey Neela!" Abby said and clicked her fingers. "Snap out of the Johnny Depp dream will you!"

Neela shook her head. "Sorry, I was just thinking."

With her face looking at Sam, Abby hummed out aloud, "Mmmhh, you know what Sam? Let's not rate the guys. It will require Neela to think.' She now turned her head to face Neela, "You, Neela Rasgotra think too much. And you know what I think. I think you need to become more of a doer." Abby suggested.

"You're right there Abby. And I think you need to drink more instead." Sam yelled as the music in the background was now blaring away. "In fact Neela I dare you to down that drink in one go."

"Oh come on. That's easily done." Neela said as she raised her glass towards her mouth. She carefully gulped the whole drink with one attempt, ensuring that she did not spill a drop before slamming the glass on the table. "See, easily done. Has it comes to dares now?"

"Why not Neela? I think that sound like a plan." Sam paused a moment. "Besides, whilst you lot were doing your college and school years I was busy at home with Alex and I missed the whole rating guys and dare games. And we don't want you to think. So dares it is. You know, get you to do more!" she said with a cheeky grin on her face whilst taking a couple of swigs of her drink.

"Hopefully our darling Neela will relax and won't be too frigid." Abby added.

"I know how to relax," she defended herself with an astonished tone to her voice. "I'm not frigid, I'm just…"

"British!" Abby interrupted and smiled as Neela looked on a little confused.

"Dares it is!" Sam squealed enthusiastically. "And relive a little of my lost youth."

Neela thought that it would only be right that Sam should carry out the next dare as she was the one who so eagerly suggested the idea. "Well, as you're so excited Sam, we can start off with you."

With a cheeky smile she replied, "Fine, I dare, you dare. You have one for me and then I'll dare you after." Sam now curious about her dare opened her mouth and with a confident voice asked, "So, what did you have in mind?"

"I got it." Neela blurted out merrily. "I dare you to get the next round of drinks without any of us having to pay for them."

"You mean get some guy to buy us a round of drinks?" Sam asked confirming the dare whilst Neela nodded her head up and down. "I think I can manage that. Better get ready to put the charm on and maybe flaunt these in someone's face," she said with laughter as well as shaking her breasts.

Neela, Abby and Chuny all watched as Sam seductively walked over to the bar, standing herself next to middle aged man. She tapped her hands impatiently at the bar which appeared to gain the strangers' attention as he had started to make a conversation with her as she played away with a strand of her hair and smiled on at him.

Ten minutes passed along and Sam managed to successfully complete her dare as the guy ordered and paid for a round of drinks. She walked over with four drinks in her hand. "See that, wasn't too bad. May have to meet him for a coffee tomorrow but doubt that will happen. Already told him I'm a busy nurse working in the ER. And if he does turn up at work, no harm in a coffee hey?"

"Coffee sounds fine besides he's quite a looker Sam!" Abby said with a smile and raising her eyes.

"So, you next Neela," Abby smiled.

Neela had consumed several drinks and the alcohol was definitely working its way into her bloodstream and system as she lively agreed. "Okay then! Give it to me."

Sam looked around the dimly lit bar as she cupped her chin with her hand whilst her index finger was placed on her lips. In an instant her hazel brown eyes lit up with excitement as she found a dare for Neela to carry out. "Ooohh, I've got one and it's a good one." She giggled away like a school girl.

"You know, I don't like the look in her eyes," Neela spoke with a worried voice and her eyes squinted slightly.

"Oh Neela, relax will you!" Abby advised. "It can't be that bad and you're last one was hardly a dare to down a drink in one go." She glanced over to Sam. "Cough up, what is it then?"

"Neela," she paused, "I dare you to grab the ass of the next guy that walks through the doors of this bar."

Neela sighed, "I think that I can manage that," she said slightly relieved but raised her drink above her head. "After I drink this." Just then, the main entrance doors of the bar flung open. "Remember, you said the next GUY!!" She reminded the others as a tall, young lady with walked through the doors and made her way to the bar.

"Mmmhh that is what I said." Sam said with a little disappointment in her voice and then stuck her tongue out.

"You should have said next PERSON!" Abby smirked.

With their eyes, all four ladies still sitting around the table focused their attention at the doors, awaiting the next male that would walk through them. A cold draught swept towards them as the door pushed open and the bitter wind flew inside. Right there, at the entrance, stood a man along with three other gentlemen lagging behind. Neela stared on with a frown on her face and was left astonished with her mouth wide open as she heard the loud laughter from her surrounded work colleagues. Standing still, his eyes peered around the venue as his head steadied and he glanced to look at the bar, he smiled and nodded his head, acknowledging the young lady who walked in previously before him.

Neela swallowed hard as it dawned on her that she must carry out her dare. Indeed she would have to pinch the buttocks of the next man that had walked through the doors of the bar. Her mind was screaming; WHY?????? Why RAY BARNETT? Of all the MEN in CHICAGO, it just had to be Ray who would have to walk through those doors. "Ray's ass. GREAT!" she muttered. "I think I may need some tequila." She whispered and inhaled deeply, realising that her dare would not be as straightforward as she initially anticipated.

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