Summary- Set in New Moon, Bella gets pregnant with Edward's children. Now 63 years later, they meet again. Bella forgives them and so do most of her children. But one of them can't stand the Cullens. But once she sees Jacob, will she rip apart the family that Bella has been begging for to be with him?


"I'm going to win!" I called over my shoulder to my brothers. I could tell they were going as fast as possible for them, I laughed- I was only going half as fast as I could go, and they knew it.

"Please Liz, stop!" Masen yelled behind me. I sighed and skidded to a stop, after a few seconds they stopped next to me.

"What?" I asked, annoyed.

"Why's Mom calling a family meeting?" Masen asked. Mom called us on our cell phones a minute ago, telling us to come home now.

"How should I know? Her shield is up," I told them.

"Come on, we all know you can get through her shield," Masen said. That was true, I could.

"Look, I don't really care why. Can we just get there?" I took off before they could answer or restrain me. It took all three of them to, and that's if I didn't use my powers. I reached the house and busted in. Mom was pacing up and down in the family room, so caught up in her thoughts she didn't notice me.

How to tell them? Oh, god Elizabeth is going to freak…. My mom's thoughts were crazy. I ran over to her.

"Mom what's wrong?" I asked. She stopped pacing and looked deep inside my eyes.

"Oh, nothing," she said after a second. "Where are your brothers?" She asked. Then right on cue they ran through the door.

"Here,"Anthony said while plopping down on the couch. "What's up?" he asked.

"We're moving," Mom said. That wasn't news, we moved often.

"Where?" EJ asked.

You can do this Bella, just tell them. Come on you can do this. Mom said to herself.

"Forks," Mom said. I froze. Everyone's eyes flashed to my face. They were waiting for me to snap.


"FORKS?!!?" I yelled at her. My brothers came closer to me, ready to restrain me. My hands were getting hotter, showing that I was about to blow.

"Liz, calm down." Mom's velvet, cool voice said in my ear. I closed my eyes and worked on breathing. In and out, in and out. It took a few minutes but finally I opened my eyes, calm enough not to kill someone.

"Mom I know what happened there. I knew how much pain you were in. Do you really want to go back to that?" I asked her.

"That was 63 years ago, and I was human back then. I can handle this," she told me. "And if you don't like that were moving, then you could always leave us… again." That hit a nerve- she knew I felt terrible about leaving her. I ran to her and engulfed her in a huge hug.

"Mom I'm not going leave you," I whispered into her ear.

"I know. I'm sorry, that was a low blow for you. It's just that I love Forks. A lot of things have happened there to me. Some good, some bad, but mostly great things. Like you guys- great things." She explained to me. I smiled at her.

"Okay Mom, I'll go. I will never leave you again. Ever." Not like him. Not like that jerk. Not like… my farther.

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