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Summary: Ashley has the time of her life with an unkown blonde while on vacation. But, when things get complicated and a strange encounter occurs, Ashley will have to fight for what she wants.

"We are now landing in Honolulu, Hawaii. We hope you enjoy your stay and fly with us again," the pilot said on the intercom.

My eyes fluttered open as I felt the wheels of the plane bounce off the ground.

"Ash can you believe it? We're finally here in paradise!" Aiden said with an excited voice as he started shaking me.

The plane came to a stop and the people around us stood up to grab their bags from the top compartment. The back part of my chair was suddenly pushed forward and my face almost hit the chair infront of me. Aiden noticed my sudden anger but stopped me from verbally attacking the person behind me.

"You don't wanna get into a fight on a plane Ash. Ecspecially cause some huge guy could be sitting right behind you."

"Yeah I know. But did you see my face almost smash into this?!" I said as I slapped my hand on the chair infront of me. "It would have hurt like he--"

Before I knew it, a duffel bag from above landed right on my head. I immediately stood up and turned around to see a blonde bending down holding her leg in the middle of the aisle. Next to her was a little boy with brown hair staring at me scratching his head.

"Ow! Taylor! Please don't kick me when I'm doing things ok honey." the blonde exclaimed, completely unaware of the fact I was standing there.

"I'm sawy. I was practicing so I can be like that guy!" he said pointing to the soccer player on the magazine.

"It's ok. Kicking is for outside only got it." The little boy nodded while still pointing to the soccer player.

The blonde turned towards me, brushed her hair with her hands and gave me an apologetic look. The moment I saw her ocean blue eyes I was a goner. I couldn't possibly stay mad at her or her little boy. "I'm so sorry about that. I hope it didn't hurt you when it fell."

I didn't even realize she was talking to me until Aiden had to nudge me. "Oh uh uhm no it's no problem. "

I gave her the duffle that fell on me and I couldn't peel my eyes off of her. She was gorgeous. Her figure is stunning and her eyes are breath taking. My thoughts were soon interrupted when she spoke again.

"Again, I'm really sorry about that." she said as she grabbed the little boy's hand.

"Don't worry about it. I'm still alive right?" I said with a chuckle.

She tilted her head and gave me another smile. And with that, she was walking away from me down the aisle with whom I assume is her son.


"Aiden where are our bags?" I asked once i saw the same green suitcase go around the baggage carousel for the 5th time.

"It's right there Ash," he said pointing to the suitcases

"Finally! God we've been here forever."

"Chill Ash. This is the vacation we've been waiting for. We're gonna party, get drunk, and meet some beautiful ladies, so let's go," he said as we rolled our bags out to the road.

Aiden was right, this vacation is my time to relax. Recording has been so hectic recently I almost wanted to leave the company for good. And trust me, when I say I wanted to leave, I mean it. Ethan, my manager, has been getting on my nerves too because he wants to change my songs, but I refuse to. God dammit he's such a fucking asshole sometimes.

"Sorry Aiden, I just need some time to relax. By the way, where are we staying again?"

"The Hilton. I got us a suite cause I know you can be such a 'diva' and would refuse to stay in a regular room." he said using air quotes.

"Hey! Being in a small room with you is the problem," I said sarcasticly.

"Whatever. Let's go."

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