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I've been giving up on most of my psychologically wounding, dark and mind-boggling stories and writing out the plot summaries these days. I have no idea where these plot bunnies come from, but in the end, they all stop hopping around and fall over to the side, stiff and limp and not hopping, and here I am left to mourn by writing excruciating long and detailed sections about my story which is now RIP!

Furthermore, from what I have written, Homecoming belongs to the science-fiction and supernatural genre that spanned up from the Varia to the Future Arc. It was an alternate take on the canon of KHR - ie, things that happen in the manga also happen in this story, but based in a prison setting and entirely different circumstances, such as differences as to how Tsuna will meet his family and defeat enemies.

Anyway, here is the plot summary and explanations of characters/events starting with the First Riot. I'll just get it over with and let you get on with your lives.

First riot (the Varia)

From where I left off in Chapter 15, I was building up towards the first riot - Timoteo has been kidnapped by a group of men from his hotel room. When Reborn goes to investigate, he is deliberately led astray by a man named Zakuro who is actually one of Byakuran's outside men, along with Bluebell and Kikyou. They are the ones who kidnapped Timoteo indirectly. Back in the reformatory, and Byakuran lies to Xanxus that the successor to the Reformatory is the Correctional Officer Tsuna thus enraging Xanxus that Timoteo has put a weakling in charge. Byakuran also tells him he has successfully managed to kidnap Timoteo and has hidden him into a Gola Mosca robot, which is then to be shipped to the Reformatory. Their plan is to let Timoteo destroy his own reformatory unwittingly.

Meanwhile, Tsuna continues to investigate with Mukuro's help from their bargain while meeting a new inmate, a 15 year old Lambo who is only here for temporary to await trial results and will transfer to a juvenile reformatory (poor Lambo xDD). Tsuna also begins training with Giotto's I-Gloves which becomes the X-Gloves and finds out Genkishi was the cause of Scarlet's death from clues left behind by eccentric prisoner Irie Shouichi who is obsessed with Cell Blocks U, V and W, the off-limit cells. They find out that Genkishi was a victim of the Plague and thought to be terminal, but came back healthy and well. Although they are unsure how this came to be, they also find out Genkishi had also been smuggling rings in ever since he became the Commanding Officer of L Block during Byakuran's stay. Scarlet found out what Genkishi was doing and was murdered before he could tell, but it was made to look like a suicide. Genkishi is then taken into solitary confinement but the harm is already done.

Every prisoner is rounded up for confrontation and a search is conducted but the confusion stirs up a riot since all the prisoners are out of their cells and they all now have rings distributed by the Varia and Genkishi. The riot is further reinforced when Genkishi attempts to escape but is apprehended by the Warden (analogous to manga/anime chapter where Hibari vs Genkishi except Hibari defeats Genkishi in his TYL form, no swapping with TYB). With the first step of rioting already in play, Xanxus sics out the Gola Mosca with Timoteo trapped inside which destroys D Block (again I have yet no idea how this would happen exactly). A fight breaks out – Yamamoto vs Squalo, Ryohei vs Lussuria, Lambo vs Levi-A-Than, Gokudera vs Bel.

Giotto is supposed to die protecting Tsuna who was being targeted by Mosca. Tsuna then manages to defeat Mosca with the X-Gloves and Timoteo is finally discovered to have been trapped within the robot all along.

D-Block is destroyed so the prisoners are split up into different blocks. Xanxus is put into The Hole again. Tsuna is arrested for what he has unwittingly done to the Governor despite the fact that he only wanted to stop the Gola Mosca, and he is put into jail while Reborn contemplates lifting the ban off ringbox use. Mukuro, Gokudera, Lambo and Tsuna are put into a Block together with Yamamoto and Ryohei supervising a separate block. Tsuna is overcome with disbelief that he is in jail himself and becomes depressed, but the incarceration helps Gokudera and Tsuna become closer, and they form a temporary alliance group to watch each other's backs while the situation of the reformatory worsens – Tsuna, Lambo, Mukuro, Gokudera, along with Yamamoto and Ryohei.

With the death of Timoteo and a Commanding officer, the reformatory is thrown into utter chaos. Hibari, Simora and Reborn try to get everything back to working order. During Tsuna's awaiting trial, he starts getting closer to Mukuro and even Byakuran. Also, Lal Mirch is visited by Nagi who warns her that she must not remove the Mammon chains off the rings for anyone or else they would be detected by outsiders, such as Zakuro.

Second riot (Funeral Wreaths vs Vongola and the Varia)

Xanxus riots again when he is finally let out, and finally finds out that the successor was not Tsuna, but in fact, Giotto. This time, he stirs up a fight against Byakuran who has prepared enough to reach his goals which turns out is to steal the Vongola rings from the reformatory for world domination because the Vongola rings were apparently considered easier to be taken in this world compared to other worlds.

It is finally revealed that Byakuran already has knowledge of parallel worlds, and is making his way towards Cell Block W.

Cell Block W is in fact, a gateway to another world. Here is where things get complicated - It is a position on earth that links the many parallel worlds together in one reality (ie, Homecoming world) although there are also other portals in other worlds too. This explains why people have heard many strange things or experienced odd occurrences in or near the cell block, such as seeing the 'ghosts' of those who are not alive or should not be here, or 'hearing voices', making it appear haunted. The energy at Cell Block W is the same energy in the Reformatory itself that makes the reformatory an inaccessible place (ie, have no proper address, telephones don't work etc).

Byakuran has been converting prisoners to his side to help him when the time requires it and has outside parties ready to assist him (the Funeral Wreaths). Also, he plans to escape to the KHR world once he has the rings. And if he escapes, then this world would be destroyed.

Thus, the world of Homecoming is revealed to be an alternate rendition of the KHR world we know, but Tsuna has not the chance to meet Yamamoto and Gokudera etc back at school when he was a teenager but rather as an adult, and in a reformatory nonetheless. However, events have led him to walk down the same path he will in KHR (ie, become the boss of Vongola, fight Gola Mosca, Xanxus etc).

With the prisoners he managed to convert to go onto his side (those that opposed him were killed which explains the 'suicides') as well as the circulation and smuggling of rings that were distributed by the Varia (and Genkishi), Byakuran escapes from his cell and a second riot breaks out. Irie is discovered to be an undercover Commanding Officer who was dispatched to get close to Byakuran when he successfully stops a Mosca from attacking staff.

An evacuation of staff commences – everyone is escorted to the Infirmary for a lock down but Tsuna opts to stay behind to fight and stop Byakuran. Hibari, Yamamoto, Ryohei also want to fight with him, wanting to protect the reformatory. Reborn then takes them down to The Hole only to realise that Lal Mirch has been captured by Genkishi disguised as Verde, having failed in attempting to force Lal Mirch to remove the Mammon chains from the rings. They save her just in time and Genkishi escapes back to Byakuran, but is then killed off seeing his work was 'over' and no being longer needed.

Reborn allocates everyone a guardian title and compliments Gokudera and Lambo's bravery during the previous raid and gives them the Vongola Storm and Thunder rings, knowing where their loyalties lie, although Lambo is slightly unwilling to become the Thunder Guardian. Mukuro is given the Mist ring by Reborn. He explains that different circumstances have brought them to work together – for Mukuro, it is a devotion towards Tsuna and Nagi. For Gokudera, it is a devotion to Yamamoto and vice versa. For Hibari, it is his devotion towards the Melone reformatory that brings him to take down a common enemy. For Tsuna, it is the realisation of know the feeling to take back what has been lost (sort of). However, as the lab is overrun. Nagi is stabbed fatally by a mental prisoner, discovered by Mukuro in time who saves her by 'merging' to become Chrome Dokuro.

But they have reinforcements from Xanxus, who decides to have his vengeance and joins forces with the New Generation Vongola to face off Byakuran who has now escaped to Cell Block W; while the other Guardians try to seal off the gateway which reacts to large amounts of flame energy, at the same time trying to fend off from Byakuran's funeral wreaths who attack from outside. All in all, the events are analogous to the manga, just based on a prison formatting.


There were 2 endings to the story (because I couldn't decide) -

Bad End: Byakuran manages to escape and successfully crosses over to an alternate world and becomes 'Ghost', leading to the destruction of Homecoming world (everyone dies basically). This is really the true canon ending of this story.

Good end: Byakuran is apprehended in time before escaping via Cell Block W, thus preventing the destruction of Homecoming world. The reformatory collapses anyway and most of the prisoners have been recaptured, whilst some have escaped, and some have perished. Tsuna, Mukuro, Gokudera and Lambo are relinquished of their sentences for their duties to the reformatory. Tsuna becomes the official 'boss' of the New generation of Vongola Guardians and decides to lead the new group of guardians to set off in hopes of finding Byakuran once more who has disappeared.

And there you have it! The plot bunny of Homecoming. Of course, what do I mean by homecoming? Who does this story refer to? The answer is - Tsuna and Byakuran - Tsuna goes to the reformatory where he meets his destiny coughCHEESEcough, and Byakuran, who wants to escape his current dimension and return 'home'.

Now onto the character and roles, if you are also interested:

Characters and roles:

Name: Tsuna

Correctional officer

A compassionate young man and son of Iemitsu who investigates underground activity. This is how Iemitsu met Timoteo and Reborn, and when he heard that they were looking for a replacement Officer, suggested his son, Tsuna. With that, Reborn was dispatched to him as his 'tutor' to test his capabilities. When Reborn could see that Tsuna possessed a certain quality within him, he decides to bring Tsuna to the Reformatory.

Homecoming Tsuna is acute to his surroundings, having picked up the energies from Cell Block W, as well as being able to 'communicate' or 'bond' with Rokudo Mukuro to a certain extent. However, he is vulnerable to be led astray from his goals and motives by manipulative forces such as Byakuran.

The first riot was caused by Xanxus; after defeating Timoteo who was discovered to be trapped in the Mosca suit by accident (analogous to canon Varia events), Homecoming Tsuna is arrested and becomes a prisoner, which devastates him. During his incarceration, he grows closer to fellow prisoners Gokudera and Lambo and gains their trust and approval, thus forming their own clique in the Reformatory. Tsuna also becomes close to Mukuro and eventually, Tsuna realises Byakuran is the one pulling the strings the entire time. They go against Byakuran during the final riot. In the good end, he is cleared of charges and becomes the unofficial 'Boss' of the Vongola.

Name: Giotto

Commanding Officer

The first founder of the 'Vongola' family, a family that consists of the Correctional Officers G., Alaude (er...did I spell that right?), Knuckle, Ugetsu, Knuckle, Demon Spade and Lampo. G. was the last Guardian to leave since they were best friends.

Giotto arrived at the Reformatory with his father at the early age of 18, starting as a Correctional Officer. He witnessed the construction of the rings, and was placed into a team of 'Guardians' as their 'Boss', but when his father was attacked by a crazed prisoner, Giotto used the sky ring for the sole purpose of revenge and went after the prisoner. This stirred the Ringbox policy/ban.

With the ringbox policy in play, many of the Guardians left to work elsewhere to establish their own families and lives, and only Giotto remained in the Reformatory, continuing service as Commanding Officer of D-Block, having taken over his father's position. He meets Yamamoto and Ryohei who become his subordinates, and develops a rivalry with Hibari. He also met Mukuro a long time ago, and they developed a mutual understanding. Timoteo soon decided to have Giotto become the Governor after his retirement, therefore Giotto sought out a replacement, which led to Reborn to find Tsuna.

Upon Tsuna's arrival, Giotto decides to train Tsuna to use his I-Gloves, which Tsuna learns to use to become the 'X-Gloves'. He shares a strong bond with him and tells one day that he had been dedicating his entire life to his work that he has often forgotten what it was like to settle down and have a family. Tsuna encourages him to start another one, and Giotto tells him that Tsuna is already part of his family.

However, when Xanxus sics the Mosca, Giotto gives his life to protect Tsuna.

Name: Reborn

Deputy Warden

An ageless character who has served by Timoteo's side for a long time as Deputy. It is believed that he is one of the founders of Melone Reformatory. He has two forms – one where he is in the form of a baby, and the other where he is in the form as a young adult (a form he took on in the past, and when he is outside the reformatory). He is very protective of the Reformatory and also an excellent judge of character. Despite his negative reinforcement, he is faithful in Tsuna's capabilities, and continues to be Tsuna's tutor. Apparently, he also tutored Dino at some point. He guides Tsuna to save the reformatory.

Name: Byakuran of the Millefiore/Ghost

An ageless character. Byakuran is a time traveller who claims that 'time passes for him'. Just like in the manga, he is an omniscient being in this story, since his knowledge of parallel worlds was awakened by an alternate Irie Shouichi, the first researcher to have accomplished time travelling. He manipulates Genkishi and many others.

In the Reformatory, his underlying goal is to find the whereabouts of the sealed Vongola rings, complete the Tri-Ni-Sette, and find the gateway to the other dimension, which he discovers to be Cell Block W. He lives prison life as a watchmaker, with a fondness for sweet things and flowers. Before he arrived at the prison, he was the boss of the Gesso but deliberately turned himself in to find the rings easier, having trying to annihilate the arcobaleno and other families. Years ago, he had met and healed Genkishi beforehand and had enlisted his help.

Byakuran has knowledge of his parallel lives. He noticed that many parallel worlds are almost identical, in which people will meet each other in different ways but will always have a connection to one another in many ways, as exhibited by Tsuna and Mukuro etc. He is in par with the parallel world of the KHR universe and realises Homecoming world is almost identical, but the rings are easier to retrieve because there are no Guardians protecting them, some of the Guardians are prisoners, and the mafia world is much more scattered.

In the good end, he is defeated but still escapes because of Tsuna's nature. In the bad end, he becomes Ghost and destroys Homecoming world.

Name: Rokudo Mukuro

A prisoner who arrived at the age of 15, Mukuro was first incarcerated in W-Block, but was relocated to L-Block after the plague, before finally moving to D-Block.

He has been imprisoned for 10 years, being a long resident of the Reformatory alongside Xanxus. He came from the Estraneo family, who experimented on him and gave him the eye with the power of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. With this power, he developed psychic ability but was able to see the past and present. However, he was driven mad and slaughtered his family, before attempting world domination. When he was convicted, he was further treated like a guinea pig and experimented by the scientists, occasionally being pulled out of his cells to be tested on. During his time active, he met Giotto, and may or may not have been the one who took control over the crazy prisoner who killed his father.

Relationship with Nagi/Chrome: He met Nagi during his recent stay at the lab, where his mind was active but the rest of his body was inactive. He occasionally 'went on walks' and quietly foresaw events that were to happen to the reformatory, including the riot(s) and Tsuna's arrival, who would inevitably cause his premature revival. He used Nagi, the assistant researcher, and managed to persuade her to believe in him by accurately predicting information about her. He told her that man who looked like Giotto would come to revive him. Nagi came to believe that was Tsuna when she met him. When Nagi was attacked, he also saved her and gave her illusions to make up for her damaged organs.

Fran is one of his associates, along with Ken and Chikusa, but they are distributed in various blocks. In the good end, he becomes the Mist Guardian and continues to help Tsuna.

Name: Hibari Kyouya


Hibari arrived at the Reformatory at the age of 18 by request. He came from a small section of Namimori, having established a reputation of being a feared leader of strong power and will. Basically, Reborn came to him one day and asked him if he would like to be in a place where he could discipline herbivores for the rest of his life. He said yes.

His mentor was Dino, who then took him to the Reformatory where he officially worked under Alaude, the former Warden. Hibari surpassed many and was entitled the Warden when Alaude left. Kusakabe Tetsuya was his hand-picked Deputy, and they formed an unofficial group called the 'Committee', a group of delinquent officers who often killed prisoners without consent. Timoteo also entrusted him with the cloud ring, understanding that despite Hibari's methodology when handling prisoners, understands that it is for the best for the reformatory. He is also a workaholic.

In the good end, Hibari also helps Tsuna but is more loyal to the reformatory.

Name: Lal Mirch

The current Commanding officer of The Hole; she has been forced to live underground because of a mysterious radiation in the sky and has never left her holding cell nor has she delegated or supervised her subordinates even though they demonstrate a fierce loyalty and respect for her, which is evident when they are all slaughtered trying to protect her during the final riot. The Hole is different compared to other Cell Blocks, because the Officers all seem to share and operate on a Hive-like mind.

After Viper's death, she took over The Hole and is currently the only living individual who can remove the Mammon chains off the sealed Vongola rings. Since Timoteo got involved in the Gola Mosca accident, she is tasked with guarding them 24/7.

During the raid, The Hole is also one of the places overrun where the remaining officers are slaughtered/forced into The Hole(s). She is threatened and tortured to remove the chains but refuses, and is saved by Tsuna and Reborn in time. Lal is then reconstructed by Verde, who looks after her during the restoration of the Melone Reformatory.

Name: Yamamoto Takeshi

Correctional officer. Works under Giotto and along with Ryohei. He is Gokudera's friend and looks out for him. He becomes the Rain guardian and fights against Squalo during the first riot.

Name: Gokudera Hayato

Prisoner No.80592D.

He is to spend 17 years in Melone, having already served 7. His sentence was increased by 2 years, courtesy of Hibari. Up for parole in 3. He later becomes an ally of Tsuna during his incarceration, and becomes the unofficial holder of the Storm ring. During the first riot, he fights Bel.

Name: Ryohei Sasagawa

Correctional Officer. He is a good friend to Tsuna and becomes the Sun Guardian, facing off against Lussuria.

Name: Nagi/Chrome Dukuro

A young and naive research assistant who works under Verde, the Head Scientist of the Lab. She was allocated to observe Mukuro during one of his stays at the lab (where he was frozen) and after months of observation, she became obsessed with him. Mukuro decided to take advantage of this and use her; during one of his 'walks', he appeared to her and managed to persuade her of his power. Seeing how infatuated and utterly devout Nagi was, he then told her a Giotto-lookalike would come in the future and be able to free him from his prison but she would need to help. Nagi agreed, and when Tsuna arrived, they put the plan into action.

Mukuro's plan to escape failed, of course, and when Nagi goes to visit him, he is far from affectionate towards her, telling her that he had seen her death. It does come true - when the Riot takes place in the Reformatory, the Lab is overrun and Nagi is stabbed by a mental prisoner and left to die. However, Mukuro saves her by infusing her with some of his power and she becomes Chrome Dukuro.

Name: Lambo

Lambo didn't appear yet, but he was supposed to be a cowardly juvenile prisoner who was at the Reformatory awaiting transferral. He hung around with Tsuna and Gokudera during their incarceration, despite Gokudera's displeasure. Lambo becomes the reluctant Thunder Guardian because they couldn't find anyone else.

Name: Irie Shouichi

Irie was the first time traveller in an alternate dimension. In Homecoming world, he is an undercover Commanding Officer in charge of the Melone Reformatory's maintenance and operations, sent by Reborn to keep an eye on Byakuran. Although Byakuran knew already that Irie was a spy, he played along deliberately.

During the final riot, Irie returned to his normal position and duties as a Correctional Officer and re-arranged the Reformatory's 'Blocks', much like in the manga, to prevent the escape of prisoners. At the same time, it was at an expense as he also inconvenienced Tsuna and the others in their pursuit of Byakuran.

Name: Genkishi

He was an officer who met a parallel Byakuran during hospitalisation - he had fallen ill during the Great Plague of Cell Block W and had given up hope on life and was angry that his life was going to be taken away. Byakuran completely healed him and Genkishi made a full recovery. Genkishi was implanted with the fact that Byakuran was God, and he later found out that Byakuran had arrived at the Reformatory and didn't believe that Byakuran was a Mafioso. He pledged his allegiance to him to help Byakuran out – at first, he had wanted to help him escape, but ended up aiding him in his search for the rings.


Hmm, I'm not sure if I've missed anything. The major characters were of course Tsuna, Mukuro and Byakuran, I would say. I was hoping the story to be All27 but it was really difficult so it actually settled for 6927 or 10027 because Mukuro and Byakuran seemed so compatible with Tsuna in this fic. Anyway, I hope you're not too confused. If anything does come up, I'll put it up in my blog, which is accessible via my HOMEPAGE.

Soooo, I want to thank you all again for reading, and if you read all this too, then thank you for sparing the time, and once again, RIP Homecoming -sniff- (again, this is the first time I am posting a final note for a story that never got to be, so this is incredibly awkward)

- All the best, Fish and Chips