So, before you read this, I just wanted to point out a few things. Even though this is probably the third time I've rewritten this thing, this is still my first attempt at writing anything beyond school papers, so, take for what it's worth :D. I know that the idea of giving any of the brothers kids is probably the cheesiest thing you can think about, but I think this is actually a pretty acceptable story line and it's been stuck in my head in the "what if" section, so I had to write this down. I'm a chick, so I love... love, I guess :D And I've been babysitting, so I love the idea of them having kids. (This is the part where most of you will click on the rewind button :D). And, finally, I don't know if it's too noticeable, but English is not my first language, but, since I'm studying it, you can hit me as hard as you can. I'm going to post a better summary, since, there isn't that much space on the actual place.

Summary: 18 years ago, everybody thought the last Winchesters were killed . But they didn't know that Dean left something behind. Mary Jefferson was raised by a hunter called Ronald Jefferson and thinks he's her father. But when he's killed, Mary gives up her dreams and tries to find the responsible. Along the way she finds the truth about herself and her family.

Enjoy it! :D

10 years earlier

It wasn't like it was unexpected. There wasn't one moment in Mary's short life when Ronald hadn't feared something like that could happen. The only instructions or advices he had ever received concerning Mary were how he had to keep her safe, away from harm's way or anything supernatural. That was all that mattered. But now Mary was gone. It had been three days since the last time he saw her. He left her with his neighbours to go on a hunt. Such a stupid mistake. When he went to get her the next morning, there was nobody there. He searched everywhere, but all he found were the bodies of his friend's wife and son, he was Mary's age. His friend wasn't there and he knew why. Demons had found them and they took their prize. In the following days, he tried everything, he looked for demonic omens, but came out with nothing, he searched the area, he even took the risk of going to the police with a fake ID, but there was nothing. It was like the demons and Mary had just vanished from the face of the earth.

After three days of search, Ronald had only a couple of options left. The sanest, had to be asking for his friend Bobby's help. The last time he was with him had been 8 years earlier on the night he became Mary's guardian, as both Bobby and Dean Winchester had put it. After a lot of reluctance from Dean's part it was established that, from then on, there was no Mary Winchester. Even if Dean could escape all the demons that were after him, nobody outside that group could know she was his daughter, especially in the circumstances she had been born. If one side didn't get her, the other one would. Ronald remembered how hard it was for Dean to let go of Mary. That moment destroyed the legend that man was on his mind. There was nothing heroic about it. It was only a man being forced to give up the only meaningful thing in his life to keep it safe.

The only reason why Ronald had taken so long to finally ask Bobby for help was fear. He knew he had failed everyone, especially Dean, and he knew that, as soon as Bobby found out he had lost Mary, Dean would find out too and he wasn't ready to face him. How do you tell a father that the daughter he had given away to keep her out of danger had disappeared? That everything had been in vain? But Ronald was running out of options, and there was no time to play the blame game. Dean could do whatever he wanted after Mary was safe with them again.

It took a while for Ronald to get together before knocking on Bobby's door. He was going to be the first to lecture him on how reckless he had been and how lucky Mary was if she was still alive. But Bobby's reaction was different from what he was expecting. He was just worried, and starting an argument with Ronald wasn't certainly a priority.

"Hi, Bobby."

"It's been a while, Ronald."

"I know, I'm sorry. We just keep meeting at the worst possible times."

"Damn straight."

Bobby was strangely calm. Ronald was expecting more screaming, more blaming. It wasn't until Ronald was sitting and refusing anything to drink that the questionnaire started.

"So, do you wanna tell me what happened?"- Bob asked while drinking what surely wasn't his first bottle of whisky that night.

"Uh… I left Mary with my neighbours…"

"You left Mary alone with strangers?" – Bob's apparent calm was starting to fail him.

"No, they're not strangers. I've known Jack for years. His son was Mary's age, they play all the time. And it wasn't the first time I did it."

"Why was it different this time?"

Ronald hesitated before answering the last question. Dean and Bobby had trusted him with Mary because he promised he would never hunt again. Admitting he had gone on a hunt would be the end of his parenting days.

"I left her there overnight. She disappeared during the night. I never did that before."

"Ronald, while it's only you and me, I would advise you to tell the truth. If you want to see Mary again, I'm really going to need to know exactly why you left her with people that know nothing about demons during an entire day."

"You called Dean, didn't you?"

"Of course I called Dean. His daughter is missing. If there's any reason to call him, that would be the biggest one."

"So, he's coming, isn't he?"

"What do you think?"

"He's gonna kill me."

"Yeah, he probably will. We're missing the point here. You went on a hunt, didn't you?"

Ronald looked at Bobby and, then down. It was almost like admitting he was a murderer.


"Damn it, Ronald."

"Bobby, I…"

"Don't tell me you had to. You swore you would never go on a hunt again!"

"I know. I couldn't help it. Hunting is all I know, it's my life. I can't just quit it!"

"Are you even listening to yourself? You think it's hard to quit hunting? Dean had to give up his daughter! In only three months he lost all the family he had left. And you couldn't quit a job? We trusted you."

"I know! For 8 years I tried my best to ignore everything that remotely sounded like a case, and I even pretended nobody's life was at risk because of that. But I couldn't keep on letting people die. I screwed up and I'm sorry."

Bobby was about to talk, when someone knocked on the door. He looked at Ronald in the eyes, before answering.

"It's not me you should be apologizing to."

When Bobby opened the door, the only thing Dean could see was Ronald. He didn't hesitate before moving towards him and give him a punch that threw him to the floor. Bobby tried to stop him.


"You son of a bitch! What did you do?"

Dean's reaction was exactly as Ronald had predicted, and he had all the right to be furious. He didn't try to fight back after the first punch. When he was getting up, Dean punched him to the floor again. That was it. When Ronald was ready to fight him, Bobby stood in the middle and tried to break them apart.

"Stop it! Both of you. Dean calm down!"

"How the hell do you want me to calm down, Bobby? I handed over my daughter to this bastard, because he promised he would stop hunting, he promised he would keep her safe. And now he practically handed over to the demons!"

"Say what you want, but I would never abandon my daughter out of fear!"

Everyone stood silent for a moment. Not even Ronald himself believed he had just said those words. He didn't mean them in any way, it wasn't like himself. Dean's anger just hit a new level. He freed himself from Bobby and walked towards Ronald with every intention of beating him to death. He grabbed him and was ready to throw another punch, but then he stopped himself.

"You know what? It's not worthy, you're not worthy. For your own sake, I hope you didn't mean any of that, because nothing hurts me more than having to let my daughter with an idiot like you, and you know why she can't be with me. But, mark my words, in the moment I'm certain she's safer with me than with you, I won't even think twice about taking getting her back. And prepare yourself, because that moment may be closer than you think."

Dean let him go. After a few more moments of silence, Bobby decided to get back to the main priority – getting Mary back.

"If you two are done, we better start to get some serious leads on where Mary might be. Ronald, were there any demonic signs before Mary disappeared?

"I didn't notice anything, but I checked all the signs in the last week and there were a few. Wherever she is, she's with demons."

"I thought one of the prerequisites of this guardian job was to look out for those things."

Ronald tried his best to ignore Dean's presence, but he couldn't help to fight back with some of the comments.

"Because you would do a better job…"

"Yeah, that's all part of being a good father."

"Guys, stop! We all want Mary back, let's focus on this. Ronald, so there wasn't anything out of the ordinary before she was gone. No signs, strangers moving in…"

"There was one thing…" – Ronald almost slapped himself, why hadn't he thought of that before? – "Last week, when Mary got back from school, she said she talked to a man and he said he knew me. It could have been a demon."

Dean stood in the corner, silent, it couldn't be true… Bobby seemed exited about this.

"Yeah, it could. Did she mention anything strange?"

"No, she only said that a nice man had talked to her… wait, he told her they would be together someday, when it was all over."

"We've got to find this guy, does the school have cameras?"

"Yes, it does. I'm friends with the principal, I can call him and we get the images right now."

"It's not worth it."

Bobby and Ronald looked at Dean. Ronald couldn't control his anger.

"What do you mean, it's not worth it? We could see where it went."

"I spoke to Mary last week. It was me."

Now it was Ronald's turn to raise his hand. He had spent the last three days blaming himself for losing Mary and turning everything upside down trying to find her. He let Dean catch him in a weak moment and punish him for something he hadn't even started. Bobby stopped him and tried to make some reason out of the situation.

"Why did you talk to her, Dean? Demons have been following your trail non-stop for the past 8 years and you led them to your daughter?"

"I had to, Bobby. On the first times, I would check on her at least every month, but I hadn't seen her in over a year and she was so grown. It was stupid, but I've realized that my daughter, the best thing that happened in my life and all I'm leaving behind in this world, is growing up and she doesn't know who I am. I just wanted to speak to her, let her know I exist. It only took two minutes. I never thought they would find out."

Bobby didn't say anything. He knew how torn Dean was ever since he lost Sam and Mary. He was the one who had that idea, and he couldn't say he didn't regret it. After all, the demons got what they wanted in the end. He couldn't help but feel that everything had been useless, and even worse, a big mistake. As for Ronald, part of him was glad he wasn't the one causing this, and he surely wasn't going to waste some good opportunities to throw that on Dean's face, specially after the newly improved face he gave him.

"Well, great job. Do you have any idea of what you've done? I've been blaming myself every waking hour. I only called Bobby now because I was afraid of how you were going to react, how you would feel about me because I had lost your daughter, because I didn't do enough. But all this time, it was all your fault. You started the whole thing."

"That's a good one, Ronald. In all this time have you stopped just for a second to think and realize that, for once, this isn't about you? All you can think about is how we're gonna look at you after this, how you are so perfect, such a good father that anything that happens to Mary can't possibly be your fault. Well, I let me tell you one thing, we are going to find Mary, she's going to be fine and live her life fully, and I'm going to be with her. So when you see her, you can say goodbye, because I'll make sure she stays the hell away from you."

Ronald froze. That was his biggest fear. The reason why he had avoided both of them during all that time. He was the one who was raising Mary. In her eyes, he was her father, and he loved her like a daughter, the only problem was that she wasn't. He lived terrified of the day Dean would regret everything and take her away and, as much as he hated it, that day had arrived. He moved away from Dean and started walking all over the room, until, he noticed something. For years, he had heard of a knife that could kill demons. He had done his fair share of research about it. And there it was, inside Dean's jacket pocket. He knew Bobby couldn't help him, he could try his best, but there were no more answers there. It was time for his very last option. It was something he never thought he would come to, but he had to give it a shot. And, with the knife, it could actually work, and even if it didn't, he didn't have many reasons to live beyond Mary. While Dean was looking away, he managed to get the knife. Since he was all set, all he could do was leave. Dean and Bobby didn't need to see how far he was falling.

"Bobby, thanks for everything, but I can't stand being here anymore. There's one too many people here."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to take a walk, I'll see if I can find anything at all. I'll comeback if I do. Bye, Bobby."


Dean didn't have a good feeling about it.

"Hey, Ronald. Try not to do anything incredibly stupid, ok?"

Ronald rolled his eyes before closing the door behind him. On his perspective, it was a mistake to go through all the trouble he was about to get into just to let Mary stay with Dean. He tried to get him out of his mind and focus on getting her. When he was far enough from Bobby's house, he picked the knife to take a good look at it. It was real, he could kill all the demons that got on his way. He had to think carefully about his plan, nothing could go wrong. Since the demons were hiding, he had to summon them, and the only way he knew how, was to go to a crossroad and try to make a deal. It was risky and stupid, but he couldn't think of another option. With the knife, he could make the demon give him Mary, before they tried to offer him anything. She was important to them, but they wouldn't want to be destroyed just because of her. That much he knew. As he buried the box in the middle of the crossroad, he tried to forget that before all of that happened, he was somewhat of a decent man. The demon didn't appear right at midnight. For a few moments, he was afraid nobody was going to show up, that it was an even worse plan than he had imagined. After screaming for a while for a demon, it showed up. It was possessing a woman in her thirties that looked too much like his dead wife. The thought that the demon knew something about him, made him nervous, when she started to walk towards him, he regretted for a second going forward with the plan, but he tried to stay as calm and cold as he could, even when he could feel her breathing right next to him.

"Look what we've got here today. Saint Ronald Jefferson himself. You know, of all the adorable desperate parents, you were the last one I was expecting to see."

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"Yes. I hear you're missing a little girl."

"Where is she?"

The demon laughed.

"What are you laughing about?"

"I'm sorry. I just think it's funny how you think I'm going to spill everything for you, just because you're acting all tough and heroic."

"So, you're not gonna talk?"

"Not unless you give me an offer I can't refuse."

That demon was more stubborn than Ronald had anticipated. He didn't want to negotiate with it, he just wanted his daughter back. Before it could go any further, he grabbed the demon and threatened her with the knife.

"Seriously, Ronald? You think you can kill me with a knife? This is just starting to get pathetic."

"I though one of your rules was not to underestimate your enemies. It's not just a knife."

"I can't believe it. You've got a hold of the demon killing knife? I'm impressed."

"Are you going to start talking now?"

"Oh, you really are adorable. If you want to kill me, go ahead, see what that does to little Mary."

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Ronald. Did you really think you were going to get anything from me just because you brought a magic knife? Why don't you put that thing down, so we can negotiate? That's the whole point of summoning demons at crossroads, right?"

Ronald reluctantly let the demon go. If selling his sold was the only way to get Mary back, he was going to do it.

"That's better, so, what do you offer, Ronald?"

"What do you want?"

"Well, for starters, your soul. That's the basic payment."

"It's yours. Now let Mary go."

"Hold the horses, Ronald, I'm not done yet."

"I can't give you anything else."

"Yes you can, Ronald. I want to know where Dean Winchester is."

"I don't know."

"Really? Then where did you get the knife? Santa Claus gave you surprise?"

Ronald didn't know what to do now. As much as he hated Dean at that point, he couldn't do this to Mary. He couldn't be the one responsible for getting her father killed. If she ever found out, she would never forgive him.

"Why do you need to know, anyway? You've found him once, can't you do it again?"

"Yes, we've followed him this far, but now his angel pals have messed our tracks. Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard for you, right? If you don't tell me, you don't get Mary, you'll go away and Dean and his buddies will find her before you do, and you'll never see her again. If you tell me, you not only get to stay with her, we'll even take care of Dean for you. And on top of that, as a reward, I will give you 10 whole years for you to enjoy with Mary. Win, win."

He was about to do what even himself thought he would never do. But it was a good offer. If they got Dean out of the way, he would never have to live in fear of losing Mary, like he had done so far. He breathed deeply.

"Fine. You got it."

The two kissed and sealed the deal. Now he had to live with it, for the little that was left of his life. He told the demon where Dean and Bobby were. The demon also fulfilled her part, and told Ronald that Mary would be waiting for him in the car, she also assured him she wouldn't remember a thing.

When Ronald got to his car, Mary was sleeping in the back seat. He wanted to hug her bad, but he didn't want to wake her up. By the time that happened he wanted to be as far away from that place and their old house as possible. He didn't think about Dean or Bobby anymore. Now it was only the two of them. When the time came, he hoped Mary would understand why he did it.

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