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Pain. Pain was the only intelligible thing passing through the mind of the disgraced elf at that moment. He had been defeated by the Fallen One and had ordered him, let alone urged, to kill him. He, Prince Nuada Silverlance, had given his warning, but the beast had chosen to ignore him even then. 'How he will pay,' he thought. 'How they will all pay.'

But his plan of vengeance had failed. Failed because of the link that he treasured beyond anything that the world could give. The bond between him and his own sister.

Now he stood, amber blood flowing from his chest, gazing at his sister who bore the same wound, dagger in hand. As she collapsed, he saw the amphibious creature named Abraham make his way toward his sister. Stumbling himself, Nuada was surprised to find that the red demon now supported him. Looking him with eyes of broken resolution, he murmured, "The humans…they will tire of you. They have already turned against you. Leave them… Is it them…or us? Which holocaust shall be chosen?"

Glancing at his twin once again, Nuada found both her and Abraham sharing their last moments together. Standing with his own strength, he slowly walked toward his sister. Watching her as the life quickly faded from both of their ancient bodies, he remembered every happy time they had shared together as children. Nuada had no fear of death, but he had to confess that the unknown made him a touch nervous. "Nuala…my sister…" Beginning to feel his legs quickly turning to stone, he knew that his time in this world had come to an end.

The very second the two elves perished, Nuada suddenly heard a soft, feminine voice from the oblivion that surrounded him. 'Come brother… It's time to go...' Turning in the direction of his sister's voice, Nuada could see his entire family waiting for the two of them at the base of a great tree.

Relishing in the sudden feeling of freedom, the prince let an unguarded smile fly across his face. 'Yes sister… Let's go…together.'

And together they raced toward their father and mother, both waiting patiently for the two of them as always.