With a jolt the Hogwarts Express pulled up to the school. Lily wrapped her robes tighter around her as the night winds whipped her hair into her face. Lily, Alice, and Mary hurried off toward the castle gates together.

"Lils!" the friends spun around.

"What do you want Severus?" Lily asked coldly. Snape flinched slightly but hurried towards her.

"Please Lils! Can't we just be friends? I'm sorry-I really am! I promise you, I didn't mean to call you a mudblood!" Snape pleaded.

"Severus-we went over this last year and I meant everything I said to you. Now, if you talk to me again, I swear nothing will stop me from hexing you!" Lily hissed. She, Alice, and Mary stalked away.

"That ars!" Mary cried.

"Does he not understand you hate him?" added Alice.

"Apparently not. Now can we please stop talking about Snape? Lets hurry so we get to the Grand Hall." The other two followed Lily into the Great Hall.

After the Sorting Hat made his speech and all the first years were sorted into houses the hall began to chatter amongst them.

"Ahem." The hall looked up. Professor Dumbledore stood at the front, dressed in silver robes and his half moon spectacles.

"Welcome students old and new! On behalf of the Hogwarts staff, we hope you had an uneventful ride here. Mr. Filch would like to remind you that fanged Frisbees and punching boomerangs are banned from Hogwarts, as usual. Now, " he clapped his hands and a tremendous amount of food appeared on the tables.


Lily and her friends began helping themselves eagerly to the mounds of delicious food.

When everyone was done eating, Dumbledore began his real speech.

"Students, I know that here at Hogwarts some things that are happening outside these gates may not seem real to some of you. To some of you, they are all too real. I want to take the time to remind you all that these are DARK TIMES. We must be careful of who we choose to trust, because trusting the wrong person can lead to horrible endings. With that in mind, please do your very best to find the silver lining in these times. Remember, happiness and love can be found. So, I suggest you find it. Your Prefects will show you to your dorms. Have a good nights sleep." There was a moment of silence before the chatter started up.

"WOW! That was DEEP!" Sirius exclaimed. Lily rolled her eyes and got up with her friends at her heels.

"I liked that speech Dumbledore made." Alice said softly. The other two nodded in agreement. Lily quickly brushed her teeth and changed into a forest green tank top and cotton candy and white striped shorts. She pulled her hair into a side braid and climbed into bed, snuggling into the cozy sheets.

"Goodnight." Someone whispered, but Lily was already asleep.