I got the idea for this story last night while I was watching P.S. I Love You, and I really wanted to turn it into a story. It rotates from present time to various flashbacks. I think almost every chapter will contain a flashback.


"The entire nation is struck with grief with news of the death of beloved film star Edward Cullen in a private plane accident this morning….." I could hear the newscaster's voice plain as day, but all I felt was numbness. How dare these people be struck with grief? I am his fiancée. I am the one who should be struck with grief. They didn't know him; most of them hadn't even spoken to him or even seen him in person. He was mine.

"Turn it off." A quiet, melodic voice said, and the TV went black. "Bella, honey…please talk to me." It was my best friend Alice, and her arms were suddenly wrapped around me.

"He said that he would never, ever leave me. He promised!" I croaked. "He can't be gone." I felt another, stronger pair of arms around me and I collapsed into them. It was Emmet, my other best friend.

"Bella, we're here with you." He said gruffly in my ear, stroking my hair. "We're not going to leave you."

"But he did." I sobbed, burying my face into his muscular arm. "Edward left me. Why did he leave me?"

"He didn't want to leave, sweetie. He was taken away from us, and I'm sorry, but there is no way to bring him back." Alice whispered, and I felt more tears on my face. She was crying too.

Edward was Alice's older brother, and we had been dating for three years. And just four days ago, Edward had proposed to me. We were supposed to get married, have a family, have a life…but that was all gone now, and I would never get it back.

Flashback- The Engagement:

"Dance with me." Edward whispered in my ear, holding out his hand to me. I blushed, but accepted his hand. I couldn't refuse him.

"You know I'm a terrible dancer." I scolded as Edward escorted me to the dance floor, not letting his hand move from mine.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" Edward whispered, and I closed my eyes at the sensation of his warm breath on my ear. "It's all in the leading, my beautiful girl."

His girl. I would never get sick of him calling me that.

We were at a fundraiser, and the press was everywhere, trying to get an interview with Edward. But he ignored most of them and devoted his time to me. Of course, he had to make a speech, and that was the only time he had left my side all night.

"Edward! What is your main motivation for the cause?" A reporter interrupted us, shoving a tape recorder in Edward's face. I patiently waited while he answered the question, but when he turned back to me, his expression was distant.

"Let's go." He said softly, pulling me to the exit and glancing over his shoulder.

"What?" I asked in surprise, stumbling after him in my stilettos. "Edward, we can't leave yet!" He whirled around to face me and captured my lips in his.

"Bella, nobody will care. I already made my contribution and my speech, plus my official statement. I'm yours for the rest of the night." I couldn't help the huge grin that spread across my face when he called himself mine. "So, are we leaving?" He asked, pausing at the door.

"Yes." I nodded without another second of hesitation and Edward chuckled, wrapping his arm around me and walking out the door.

"Damn paparazzi." He growled, pulling me closer; trying to shield me from the bright flashes and screaming fans.

I was a painfully normal girl from a tiny town in Washington, and had met Edward through his sister Alice. At first, he had completely dazzled me. But once I looked past his movie star, pretty boy shell, I found my Edward. The sensitive, loving, romantic man that held my heart. Even after all these years, the attention Edward received from paparazzi and fans still startled me, and I didn't think I would ever get used to it.

"Edward! What can you tell us about your newest project?"

"Are you two considering marriage?"

"Is it true your girlfriend is pregnant?"

"No comment." Edward replied to all the questions. But when the marriage question came up, I saw the way his eyes lit up and felt the way he squeezed me tighter against him.

We finally made it through the intimidating wall of paparazzi and to the car without incident, and Edward helped me in.

"Whew." I huffed, collapsing against the seat and throwing my tiny clutch on the floor of the limo.

"I know." Edward murmured, running his hands through my hair. "I'm sorry." He added.

"It's not your fault, Edward." I sighed. "The price of fame."

"The price of fame." He repeated, scrunching his eyebrows together. "Is it worth it?"

"Edward!" I gasped, shocked. "You love your career."

"I do." He agreed. "But I love you more, and if Hollywood keeps putting this strain on our relationship, I know what I would choose." He pressed a kiss to my nose. "You. Always."

His sweet words were turning my heart to mush, but I didn't want him to feel entitled to tell me things like this. I knew that he loved me, and that's really all I need."You don't have to say that." I said quietly, and Edward snorted.

"You need to know that, Bella." He said seriously. "You need to realize you much I love you." Edward slowly reached into his pocket; and my heartbeat immediately kicked up. "I want you to marry me." He said quietly, pulling out a black jewelry box and cracking it open. "Bella, will you do me the incredible honor of becoming my beloved, treasured wife? My partner in everything? My reason for living?" I looked at him in shock, unable to wipe the huge, doofy grin off my face.

"Edward, are you sure about this?" I blabbed, stunned. "I mean, you yourself said the timing isn't right, and that we should wait until your career dies down a bit-"

"I'm absolutely positive about this. This is the right time. I want to marry you." Edward's eyes suddenly became dark. "You don't want to marry me?" My heart nearly broke at the hurt in his eyes, and I threw my arms around him.

"I want to marry you, Edward." I whispered in his ear, and he grinned. "Why don't you ask again, and I'll give you my honest answer."

"Will you marry me?" He asked me, with the biggest smile I had even seen adorning his perfect face.

"Yes." I said, holding back the onslaught of tears I felt stinging in my eyes. "I will marry you."


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