Edward left Bella and she begins to realize that the one she was actually missing was a different Cullen, a short dark haired pixie-like Cullen. When Angela takes Bella to a Bon Jovi concert Bella hatches a plan to get Alice to return. Song fic based on Twilight and the song It's My Life by Bon Jovi

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"Come on, Bella you have to stop mopping sometime! I just won these concert tickets for Bon Jovi and you're going with me one way or another, even if I have to tie a rope to my bumper and drag you out!" I hear Angela yell up to me. How did I get into this mess? Oh, yes, I remember now I promised Charlie I would hang out with some of my friends or he'd send me to Florida. Sunny Florida where she could never be able to visit safely. Hold on, did I just say she? I mean I'm upset because Edward left… and took his family away.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you get down here right now."

How much Angela reminds me of Alice at times like this. A ghost of a smile crosses my face. Wow, was that a smile? I haven't smiled in months. "I'm coming Angela!"I head down the stairs and out the door to Angela's Buick Skylark without tripping once. We're taking her car instead of my truck because the concert is in Seattle and her car gets better miles per gallon. But I still miss my truck. Even though the drive to Seattle was over quick enough by the time we got to the concert and managed to park the cover band was finishing up and Bon Jovi was opening. The opening song was It's my life. As the song goes on a plan starts to form in my mind. Alice always said that the closer she was to someone the easier it was to see their future. Well, if that is true than I will just have to make her see me. I whisper, "I just love her so much."


A couple of months later in Denali, Alaska

'God, Edward, first you say that you love Bella and that we all had to leave for her safety and less than six months after dragging us all away, you start banging that slut, Tanya, nightly!' A loud growl comes from across the house. 'Don't even start or I swear to god I will tell Emmett about you blackmailing Rose into fucking you the other day when you two were on that last hunting trip. After all Rose is another one that you toss aside like yesterday's garbage.' Another low growl but this time it's in defeat. I swear if it wouldn't kill Bella I would go down to forks right now and tell her everything that has happened,' I think.

"No, please don't," Edward's voice comes softly across

'Whatever, Edward, like I said the only reason that I haven't is that it would kill my best friend.'

"I'm going hunting," I yell and run out the door into the Alaskan forest.

After taking down a couple caribou I sit down by a small stream and dry sobbed. 'Why did Bella have to fall for Edward I could have been the one for her? Wait, what am I saying? I love Jasper, don't I? Yes, of course I do. Then why did I spend all those times playing Barbie Bella? Because Bella's my best friend and her sense of style is horrible. And it had nothing to do with the fact that after each time I were so horny I had to go and jump Jasper's bones, right?' I tried to shut myself up. I can't like Bella that way. She only thinks of me as her best friend and maybe not even that now.

"Great now not only am I arguing with myself but I'm losing, too."So, is this me admitting that I love her? Yes, but it doesn't change anything. She probably hates me and then there's Jasper to consider. I guess it's a good thing we left after all or I could have torn this whole family apart and I still might not have Bella.

Sitting back I remember the last vision I had of Bella.

"Bella is holding hands with Angela both of them are wearing a matching set of little black dresses. Both of the girls are jamming out to the band when Bella whispers 'I just love her so much.'"

What the hell is going on? Is Bella over Edward and is she with Angela now? If I had been there could it have been me? All of a sudden another vision hits.

"Jasper walks up. 'Alice we need to talk about something.'

I look at Jasper 'What's the matter, Jazz?'

Jaspers sighs. 'Alice we are not working out any more. Ever since Bella came around your emotions towards me have been fading. You still love me but you're no longer in love with me.'

A shocked look came across my face. 'What do you mean, Jazz? I still love you.'

Jasper nods. 'Yes you do and that's what makes this so hard for me. But can you honestly say that if we weren't together you wouldn't be down in Forks right now with Bella? Look around. You're out here feeling sorry for yourself over the fact that Bella is back there heartbroken over Edward leaving her. Go to her that way you're both happy.'

Sobbing, I look at Jasper. 'I can't, Jazz, she's already moved on. She's with Angela now.' Against my will all of a sudden I start to feel better. Jasper grins.

'Alice, do you really want to give up without a fight? Besides if she's with Angela at least you know she isn't against a relationship with a woman. Now go and be happy.'

Nodding slowly, I answer, "I will try."

The vision ends as Jasper walks out."Alice, we need to talk about something."Nodding, I let the conversation play out just like in my vision. I kiss Jasper afterwards.

"Thank you for everything Jazzy. Now I've got to be somewhere."

I take off back to the house. When I get there I can hear Edward and Tanya going at it. 'Well it sounds like he is too occupied to notice if I borrow his car,' I think, hopping into Edward's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. I take off down the road headed for Forks. A vision overtakes me. It is the first one I had seen since seeing Bella at the concert.

(BPOV an: Alice is watching this next part.)

"Jacob, are the motorcycles finally ready to ride?"

Jacob gives me a big floppy grin and nods, "Yeah, Bella, and I guarantee that they don't have a speed limit like that old truck of yours."

Snapping at Jacob, "You watch your mouth; I love that old truck."

Jacob holds his hands up "Easy, Bella, I didn't mean any harm."

Grinning, I tell Jacob, "You just remember that. Now we need to get out to that old airstrip so that we can ride these things without my dad finding out."Jacob nods and loads both motorcycles into the bed of my truck. We drive out to the airstrip with me smiling the entire way. 'I hope I can get Alice to see this.'

Once we arrive at the airstrip, Jacob unloads the motorcycles and goes about teaching me how to ride. After about 45 minutes Jacob decides that I should be able to try to drive my motorcycle. With a big grin on his face he says, "Okay, Bella, I have just one more surprise for you."

I growl at Jacob. "Jake, you know that I hate surprises."Jacob nods and hands me a box from out of the bed of the truck.

"I know but you need this." I open the box and inside I find a helmet and leather jacket, chaps and gloves. I hug Jacob and put on the riding gear. Jacob smiles at me after I am dressed "Damn, Bella, you look hot as hell as a biker chick. Now just remember do not get above second gear."

Firing the bike up I take off down the airstrip. The wind starts to whip through my hair and I remember the feel of Edward running with me and the way it would make me a little sick. 'Wow, this is a lot smoother than when Edward carried me. The grace to it reminds me of Alice. I bet this is what it would feel like if it had been Alice carrying me.' With that thought I shift the gears again to go faster. I began picturing the pixie-like vampire running through the forest with me holding on, my arms wrapped around her holding on to her breast so I don't slip. I imagine her nipples getting hard under my hands. My face pressed up against her neck causing her to let out a small moan from my breath blowing against her. My legs wrapped around her back. The friction of her running rubs my pussy up and down a slight moan escapes my lips. 'God I am getting so wet right now just thinking about her.'

"Are you watching me?!"I scream.

All of a sudden I hear Jacob behind me. "Bella, slow down!" Shaking my head I look around and see that I am doing over 55 mph and the runway is just about out. I slam on the brakes but it's too late. I hit the end of the runway and am thrown into the grass. Luckily, I wasn't hurt too bad just a few scrapes and cuts thanks to the gear Jacob had gotten for me. Laughing, I get up and dust myself off as Jacob comes up and checks me out.

"Jake, can I do it again?"

Jacob growls at me "Again? What do you mean again? You just crashed and what were you doing going that fast? I told you no more than second gear."

Pouting, I sigh. "I'm sorry, Jake, I wasn't paying attention but I was having so much fun. Besides all that I got is a couple scrapes. I've done worse shaving."

Jake sighs, "Can we at least wait for another day? It won't be long before your dad will be home."

Smiling, I kiss Jacob. "Thanks, you're the greatest."Jacob nods and loads the bikes back up into the truck.


As the vision fades away I let out a growl. What is she thinking? Driving a motorcycle she is dangerous enough just walking. The last thing she needs is a vehicle that has no protection at all. Though I do have to agree with Jacob Bella is really hot in leather. I wonder if she would let me buy her some more leather outfits. That just means one thing. Clapping my hands I scream "Shopping trip!"Even if Bella is with Angela if nothing else I will try to go back to being her best friend. Stepping on the gas I watch the 'Now Entering Washington' sign blow past me. Only a couple of hours until I reach Forks.


Shuddering, I pulled back into my drive. I swear for some reason it just felt like the ground opened up and the devil jumped out and told me he plans on dragging me to hell. God, I know Jake means well but there are times when he just can't take a hint. It took me forever to leave him with Billy. Seeing that it is still a little while before Charlie get's home I decided to make a lasagna with salad and garlic bread for dinner. After finishing the preparations and putting it in the oven I go get my riding leathers out of my truck and put them in the back of my closet so Charlie doesn't find them. I then go downstairs and watch a little TV before Charlie gets home and turns it to sports.

All of the sudden I was being shaken awake by Charlie. "Bella, are you alright?" I nodded and looked at the time and realized that it was past time to pull dinner out of the oven. Rushing to the kitchen I pulled dinner out. Luckily it had not begun to burn yet. After serving dinner I sit down at the table to eat with Charlie. After a few minutes Charlie looks at me and says, "Billy has told me you been spending a lot of time with Jacob here lately."

I freeze. 'Did he find out about the bikes somehow?'

"Yeah, dad, is that a problem?"Charlie shakes his head.

"No there's no problem at all. I was just thinking how good it was you two were getting along and was wondering if he had asked you to the Valentines Dance yet."

With a sigh of relief, I answer, "God no, dad, you know I hate dances. Besides Jake is just a friend."

'Besides he isn't even the right sex or species. I wonder which would upset Charlie more the fact that I am a lesbian or the fact that it's a blood thirst vampire that I want to eat me.' A grin breaks across my face.

"Bells, just give it some thought would you?"

Sighing, I nod. "Sure, dad, but I warn you though I doubt it will change."

We finished up dinner in silence and began our nightly routines with Charlie going to watch some game on the TV and me cleaning up the kitchen. After finishing the kitchen I tell Charlie I am going up to my room to read. He nods and I make my way up the stairs and enter my room. Out of habit I looked out my window not expecting but hoping to see a pair of golden topaz eyes staring back at me. Just like always though there is nothing there. I pause and do a double take and look back. Sitting on a branch staring in is a pair of beautiful topaz eyes.


I make it back to Forks and drive straight to our house so I would have somewhere to park the car. I then run back to Bella's house and jump on the limb next to Bella's window just as Bella is looking away. I start to reach and knock on the window when Bella whips her head back and stares at me. "Alice, is that you? God please let that be you and I'm not just imagining this." Without another thought I throw open the window and jump inside. Giving Bella a big hug, I smile.

"It's really me, Bella. It really is your best friend, Alice."A smile crosses Bella's face but it doesn't go all the way to her eyes.

"Is it just you or is Edward back also?"I growl too low for human ears to hear at the thought that she wanted Edward back.

"No, Bella, it's just me." For some reason Bella's face lights up more and she hugs me tighter.

"It is really great to have you back. You're not leaving, are you?"I smile nervously and shake my head.

"No, Bella, I will be here as long as you want me to be."

'Even if you only want me to be a friend.'


'This is wonderful. Not only is Alice back but Edward isn't! I wonder if I've got a chance with Alice. It is strange, though I have never seen Alice nervous before. I wonder what's wrong.'

Alice looks and me and asks, "So, Bella, have you done anything since we left?"

I nodded. "I went out with Angela a time or two but nothing major."

The beautiful pixie looked at me. "So the two of you are not going out?"

Shaking my head, I answer, "God no we're just friends. Though, I did find someone that I like." I glanced shyly at Alice

"Well who is it then?"

Should I tell her that I have fallen in love with her? What if she doesn't like me that way? God it would be great to just tell her then kiss her. I think about that for a minute. No, I don't think I could bear it if she rejected me. It's better to be friends and at least still have her in my life a little bit. Looking at Alice I realize that she is having a vision. 'Oh shit what if she saw what I was thinking? Quick make something up.'


I was waiting for Bella to answer me when a vision over took me.

'Bella takes a step towards me with a slight smile on her face. "Alice, the person that I have fallen for is you. You evil little pixie, you." And then she kisses me. The vision fades away and is replaced with another. Bella shakes her head. "It's that actor who plays Cedric Diggory in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Just a crush, I guess'

Snapping out of the vision I look at Bella. No way in hell am I going to let the second vision happen. Before Bella open her mouth to speak I lean forward and kiss her. "Don't be shy I love you too."

Bella smiles and wraps her arms around me. "You changed my life." Then she kissed me back.

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