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I barley had time to eat my breakfast when Alice started pushing me towards the door and into the car. By the time I was buckled up, Alice was sitting in the driver's seat. When Alice pulled out of the driveway, gravel went flying. By the time we hit the main road, I refused to look at the speedometer because I knew I didn't want to know how fast we were going. I tried to watch the scenery, but everything was just a blur and it was starting to make me nauseous. I ended up locking my vision on the angel beside me. That's when I noticed an evil smile on her face.

"Bella, I got good news. We won't be trying anything on at all the stores."

Carefully I nodded my head, "Ok, then what are we going to do then?"

"Hold on one minute and I will tell you," and with that she pulled out her phone and called someone. "Hi, this is Alice Cullen and I need the truck and about 50 movers. I will pay 20 dollars an hour, plus a 500 dollar bonus per person, starting in 30 minutes at Port Angels mall until the truck is unloaded."

When what she said started to register, I couldn't stop myself from saying, "Alice, you're starting to scare me."

Alice took my hand "Its ok Bella, we're just going to buy something at the mall and try it on at my house."

"What about that phone call you just made then Alice?"

Alice looked sheepish. "Well, I keep a moving company on standby with a semi truck and crew to load it. The phone call was to have them meet us there…"

Sighing, "You better be glad I love you Mary Alice Brandon Cullen."

"Oh I am, trust me I am" A smirk cross Alice's face as she pulls the car over to the side of the road.

I look around confused. "Alice, why are we stopping here?"

Her grin gets even wider "Because I didn't want you screaming when I did this." Alice then leaned quickly over and pulled me into her lap. She started to gently kiss me. The moment her lips met mine a low moan escaped my lips as I melted into her. One of my hands then wrapped its self in Alice's hair while the other rubbed up and down her back. I broke away because heard a strange sound. I noticed what sounded like purring come from Alice.

"Alice, were you just purring?" I swear, if a vampire could blush she'd have put a fire engine to shame.

"It only happens when I'm very content." She tried to look away but I was having none of that. I reached out and directed her face back towards me.

"So are you saying I make you content?" I asked with a smirk.

Alice nodded. "Extremely"

I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered "What will happen when I make my Ali Cat cum." And I then bit down on her neck right below her ear causing a shiver to run down her body as she let out a slight moan followed by a loud purr. I then slid back in to my seat with a smile on my face.

"I don't know, but we will defiantly have to find out some time," Alice then looked at me, "and what is this about calling me Ali Cat?"

I couldn't believe she hadn't seen that one coming.

"I have four reasons." Alice nodded her head and motioned me to go on. Grinning I continued, "One you are always bouncing around like a feisty little kitten, two you move with a grace reserved for the felines of the world and you purr, three you're attracted to shiny new things, and then there is the real reason," I paused and kept changing my mind about telling her until Alice couldn't take anymore.

"Please Bella, I admit I am guilty of the other three, but what's the real reason." She whined.

I decided to be merciful upon her and said "It's simple because cats love to play with bells." With that I started laughing until Alice was laughing too.

"Guilty as charged. I guess I can handle being your Ali Cat as long as you agree to be my Bells." She then ran her hand across my face which, of course, I leaned into. "Come on lets go."

I buckled back up as Alice took off down the road. When we reached the mall, we parked out of sight of the video cameras by the mall's sign. We watched the moving company pull in behind us. There was one semi and 10 moving vans. One of the vans pulled up next to us while the others all took up a row of their own while the semi truck backed up to the loading dock.

"Come on Bells lets go shopping." With thatm, she hopped out of the door and quickly went around the car to open the door for me.

"May I?" she extend her hand for me to take. I took her hand and started to get out of the car when I trip and landed in Alice's arms.

"You knew I was going to do that didn't you?" I growled when I notice the smirk on Alice's face. She immediately let me go as the driver of the moving van walked up to us.

"Miss Brandon, I know we have done business in the past but, it has been awhile. So I am going to need to see your credit card." Alice nods and hands the driver a black credit card.

"Here you go. Now, I want you to listen up, this is what we are going to do today. We will start in one shop, I will hand the cashier my card to process all items that one of the three guys with us will bring up to the register. The rest of your men will be transporting to the paid for items to the semi. After we get done in one store, we move on to the next. When we finish shopping, the truck will be delivered to the normal location, where you will leave it to be unloaded at my convenience"

The driver nodded and handed Alice back her credit card. "Here you go, and I understand perfectly. Now, if you'll excuse me, I will go tell the rest of the men what is going on." With that the driver headed to the rest of the crew.

Alice turns to me and grins, "Bella, are you ready?"

I shook my head, "No, not really, but lets go anyway," and so began my shopping trip with Alice.

AN: All right now for those who are interested in the challenge here is how it goes. The vision that Alice had of Jasper in the diner was a warning to stay away. Alice didn't realize it though. So what happen when she met Jasper was that Jasper fell in love with her immediately and started to use his power on Alice to make her love him. When they met up with the Cullen's he broadcasted peace and acceptance to keep them from realizing that he was constantly manipulating them all. Everything was going fine until Bella shows up in the cafeteria. When Alice saw her Jasper felt Alice's emotions going haywire. To prevent Alice from leaving he channeled the emotion in Alice to that of a friend a started pushing love at Edward. Bella was falling for Alice so Jasper redirected that love toward Edward. Now Bella has found out Jasper's evil plan and with the help of just one ally who you get to pick must save her true love. Now she has to worry about Edward reading her ally's mind, Jasper catching the emotions that she is feeling for Alice. And Alice getting a vision of her plans and letting them know and this all happens before the wedding. So what will happen will she end up with her true love, not escaping and becoming Edward's bride. Or will her blood flow down the throat of one of these vampire she calls family

The only three people you can't pick as an ally are Edward, Jasper, and Alice. If you pick Jacob he is not allowed on the Cullen's land

Edward – believes he is in complete love with Bella and will fight to keep her.

Alice – believes Bella is just a friend and thinks she is in love with Jasper.

Jasper – the ring leader he has been controlling the emotions of everyone around him. He knows that Alice's true mate is Bella but he will prevent it with all means necessary short of killing Bella directly.

So what do you guys think if you take up the challenge pm me to let me know.