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anyways disclaimer: I Do NOT OWN DIGIMON. ALTHOUGH I WISH I DID. Kouichi x Izumi Kouji x OC

"Gosh, I wish you would stop smacking your gum in front of my face Izumi!" my best friend told me. Hi, my name is Izumi and I'm dying right now

because of Kouichi. Yes, Kouichi Kimura one of the top three best looking boys in our grade and one of the greatest friends I have. You see, the

prom is coming up and it's junior year. I know, I know junior year doesn't really matter but a prom is a prom no matter how you look at it! My girl

best friend Kyumi already has a boyfriend; his name is Kouji Minamoto, another one of the best and popular. He doesn't care much though;

actually I think the only thing he cares about in school is being with Kyumi. They just match and click. He already asked her to the prom. Now, I

have bad luck with guys. Actually, I haven't had a real boyfriend since forever since the reason guys usually want to go out with me is because I'm

different than your average Japanese. I have blonde hair and green eyes, with a slim figure and pale skin. Later Kyumi and I are going dress

shopping. "Hey Kouichi? Isn't there something you want to ask Izumi?" Kouji implied. I held my breath. Just then the bell for last period rang.

Kouichi blushed and ran off. Kyumi said, " I don't know what I'll ever do with kouichi." Then she kissed kouji on the cheek and headed off to our

last period, music, Our school requires two~three arts classes. Naturally I go with dancing, drawing and flute playing. I love to sing but I don't

want to study it. Now, Kyumi oh loud, cheerful kyumi is the total opposite she takes drawing (naturally), singing (naturally), dancing (naturally)

and instrument (naturally, again) Not to mention she is very talented and all of the girls are jealous of her except me. Now today, our teacher

says we have to join the singing class for two weeks as a project. Guess what the project it? You have to sing a duet with a partner that you

have to write together and of course sing. I hope I'm paired with Kyumi she is a natural at this stuff. Tsukisa-sensei is reading off the list, "

Suzuae and Kisaki, Kouji and Izumi, Kouichi and Kyu-" Then Kyumi raises her hand and says, "Um, sensei can I switch partners with izumi since me

and kouji began working together anyways?" "Of course dear, Kouji and Kyumi, Kouichi and Izumi" Kyumi winked at me and mouthed good luck.

Then she went off to practice her song with kouji. I heard a glimpse of it, now she's singing, "I've been dreaming for this very day for everything

to be ok~" Kyumi told me she wrote part of the lyrics and kouji did part of the music. It fits me perfectly not to mention I have a dilemma. "So,

what do you want to start with izumi?" Kouichi asks me. Uh-Oh I'm in trouble.

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