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Izumi's P.O.V.

What does it take for one guy to ask me to the prom? Why oh why! I thought while spacing out when my cell phone began ringing.

"Hello?" I asked as Kyumi replied,"Hey Izumi, I was wondering…do you want to go shopping tomorrow?"

"Yea, sure what time?" I said as I wrote down a reminder.

"Uhh…Kouji, Kouichi and I'll pick you up at 11ish?" She answered.

"Yup! See you then." I smiled and hung up.

It is getting pretty late but I can't fall asleep since Mr. Best friend's best friend's boyfriend's brother refuses to ask me to ANYTHING!


Kouji's P.O.V.

"Call her Kyumi." Kouichi said as I teased him by saying,"Aw…can't wait to see your crush."

"Shut up Kouji." He grumbled.

"Stop teasing him, you were worse than him before you asked me out." Kyumi countered as my face turned bright red.

"That's not fair…"

"Yea yea, little brother." Kouichi snickered.

"Hello? Hurry out Izumi!" Kyumi said into her phone as Izumi came out a few moments later.

"Hello everyone~" Izumi sang as she slid into the seat next to Kouichi.

"Ok..Now we have to pick up Takuya." I stated as Izumi muttered, "I bet he's still sleeping right now."

"Then we can be his special wake up call." Kouichi said as everyone laughed.

-Regular P.O.V.-

Kouji pulled up to Takuya's driveway and said, "Everyone should cover their ears now."

"Kyumi, please call our good friend." Kouichi laughed.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Yup!" Everyone cheered as she dialed Takuya's number and waited.

"Herro?" A muffled greeting was heard as Takuya answered.

"Hey, Taki! Where are you? We were supposed to meet at the mall an hour ago." Kyumi questioned.

"Wh-what? Oh my-I need to-GAH!" Takuya screamed as Kouji motioned everyone to cover their ears as he pressed on the horn really loud.

"AHHHHHHH!" Takuya yelled as a giant clatter was heard and Takuya's grumbling was also heard.

"Kouji, you jerk." He complained as he came running out a couple of minutes later.

"Your fault." Everyone said as Takuya pouted.

"Ok..why are we going shopping again?" Takuya questioned.

"Well…the auditions and the performance for school and KJY is coming up…and so far we need to buy outfits...a lot of outfits…so that's why we're going." Kyumi replied.

"Wait a minute why am I going?" Takuya questioned.

"There's food at the mall~" Izumi coaxed as Takuya immediately nodded and said,"Ok, let's go."

Soon the group arrived at the mall.

"First things first…Izumi and Kouichi's outfits for the school thingy." Kyumi listed as she and Kouichi secretly glanced at each other and nodded.

"Then it's your and Kouji's outfit, our outfits for the auditions….and are you guys auditioning?" Izumi asked.

"Nah…I'm comfortable without the fame." Kouichi and Kouji said simultaneously.

"Haha…freaky." Takuya mumbled.

"Ok then, since we don't have a lot of time...Let's go!" Izumi urged as everyone immediately went into action.

Forgive me! It's very boring but the real fun parts are when the competition and things like that starts. ;D