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Little_Tsubaki_Abarai: Well, while Ikakku is gracefully failing in his attempt to break the wall, here's a story I did manage to come up with. Enjoy!^^

Ikakku: Damn it! Break you stupid wall!

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{?'s POV}


This wasn't supposed to be this way.

They weren't supposed to succeed in taking her.

Damn it!

Another battle against the Arrancars had arisen within the world of the living. Myself and the other choice Soul Reapers that had accompanied me on this mission to reside in the living world until the trouble here was completed truly had our hands full this time. Even Kurosaki had trouble and in the end, we were all brought to an injured state save for one single Soul Reaper. She was a subordinate of mine and had extraordinary skills. Though her body was that of a child - perhaps only twelve years at the most -, the amount of spiritual pressure and energy she contained in that small body was unlike anything myself nor anyone else had ever witnessed before.

However, it was that small body of hers that was her very weakness. It was because of this that she would never be able to unleash the full extent of her power without putting forth the risk of costing her life; a life that was precious to me, though I never admitted it to anyone. It was a secret that I had even kept from her and even for me, it was rather difficult because looking into her sapphire depths, it was near impossible for almost anyone to keep anything from her. They held so much purity and innocence that even though she was able to handle things herself well enough, I felt such a strong urge to protect her...Even more so than my urge to protect Momo.

Now here I am, injured to the point that I can barely even stand, about to have the final blow dealt to me to end my life by the hands of this unusual Arrancar that hardly even entered the fight that had ensued between myself, the others on my side, and the other Arrancar that had accompanied the youngest of them. However, before the final blow could be dealt with to end my existence, a flash of black and dark silver came between us, blocking the attack. My eyes could only widen as the small figure turned their head some so that sapphire blue now locked with my own aquamarine.

A slight nod was issued towards me as if silently telling me that everything was going to be ok before that Soul Reaper pushed back the blond haired Arrancar; his wide bright violet eyes holding both surprise and innocence. It was the same type of innocence that the one between us held in their eyes the majority of the time. However, it was then that the Soul Reaper sheathed their Zanpaku-to as the light blue haired Arrancar and the black haired one with the grayish skin appeared before us as well.

My eyes widened in fear for the safety of my subordinate and I opened my mouth to tell them to run and save themself, but no words seemed to escape me. It was like I had lost my inability to speak, but I know that clearly wasn't the case. The fact of the matter was, I was actually scared. I was too scared for the one before me's life that I just couldn't get any words to come out no matter how much I tried. I hated feeling this way.

It was then though, that the Soul Reaper slowly made their way over towards the Arrancars as a portal appeared behind them. The small one uttered a single sound with a tone of innocent wonderment while the black haired, stoic Arrancar turned soundlessly as he stepped through the portal with the small blond that would lead them back to Hueco Mundo. All that remained was the blue haired Arrancar, who had a maniacal grin on his features.

When the Soul Reaper finally made it to his side, he rested an arm around their slender shoulders - their tiny frame practically swallowed up compared to his own - and chuckled before he finally spoke. "Tough luck there kid. This little one belongs to us now and there's nothing you or any of your other pathetically weak friends can do about it."

What he had said, it boiled deep inside of my very core, but all I could do was give him an icy gaze that swore that I would kill him and get back my subordinate no matter what the cost may be. My glare, however, disappeared gradually as the small figure glanced behind them at me. Their once innocent, loving gaze was no longer there, but a deep sadness that was filled with not just sorrow, but heartache as well. Tears even glistened in their eyes, but they refused to shed a single one.

Finally, after so much silence between the two of us since the battle had begun and ultimately led to this horrible conclusion, their lips parted as they finally spoke; a sweet, tender voice that was filled with all the sorrow and heartache that revealed in their eyes. "Gomenasai...Captain...I-" They seemed to hesitate on the last part, but it suddenly filled me with dread as I feared the worst on what was to come when they finally managed to let the last part they were trying to tell me out. "...I love you."

It was then that I could only watch as they turned back around and stepped into the portal before it closed behind them. I had tried to go after them, but my body had felt so heavy because of the wounds I had taken on during the fight. Now though, my injuries didn't seem to matter as an even greater pain ripped through me...A pain of my heart shattered like glass. I tilted my head down slightly in an attempt to hide the expression that was now written on my face, but it was clear as day for anyone that was close enough that they witnessed tears now streaking my face.

However, now...I just didn't care anymore. For the first time ever, I allowed myself to act like the very age that I looked,...and I cried in front of everyone. It was then though, that I had finally found my voice once again,...but it had been too late.



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