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{End Flashback; Present Time}

And so here I am. I'm badly injured; more so than some of my comrades, but the injuries aren't what's bothering me so much. In fact, I can't even feel any of the physical pain that is shooting all throughout my body because the emotional pain seems to override easily. I'm still in the same place where everything came crashing down around me. The Arrancars had won this fight, but it was what happened that made our loss all the worse. The Arrancars had taken something from us...Or rather someone.

...They had taken Tsubaki.

The dangers were over for the time being. Kurosaki and the others were currently gathering so that the less injured could assist those that were wounded enough that they couldn't move well on their own. We had to get back to Kurosaki's home...We had to have our injuries tended to and healed, which Orihime's healing abilities would do well enough so long as she doesn't over exert herself...She really is alright...For a human anyways.

However, that's beside the point. The point is, is that I had let them get away. I was right there, but had been too badly wounded against the fight with that young blond Arrancar - Wonderweiss Margera, I believe his name was. I failed in protecting her and now Tsubaki was gone. For that, I was now paying the price as the emotional pain threatened to consume me.

It wasn't until I heard a deep voice from behind me that I was dragged back out of the pit of darkness that I had slowly began to sink into. Turning my aquamarine gaze towards the direction the voice had come from, my sights landed upon Ichigo Kurosaki. He was decently wounded himself, but being as stubborn and thick headed as he was, he refused to let the pain get to him or keep him from moving around without anyone's assistance...Sometimes I wondered if he was either very strong or just plain stupid...Half the time I think it's the latter of the two...Make that most of the time.

"Hey...We need to head back to my place Toshiro. We'll get your injuries healed there." When I didn't answer him in response, I could see he was getting frustrated, but also a bit angry. "Listen Toshiro! You need to stop your damn sulking already! Sitting around and feeling bad about all this isn't going to bring Tsubaki back! It's not going to save her! What we need to do is get stronger. We need to move on ahead and make sure that we become strong enough to take down those Arrancars. It's only then that we'll beable to save Tsubaki, alright?"

Staring up at him, I actually couldn't help but be mildly surprised. After all, I didn't realize that Kurosaki could be smart. I mean, I'm known as a genius amongst the Thirteen Court Guard Squads because I'm the youngest ever to make Captain, but here I was, giving up and about to let myself fall into the pit of depression and darkness...Who knew it'd be Kurosaki that saved me? Sometimes, I really do underestimate him.

Sighing faintly to myself as my eyes close, I weakly rise up onto my feet and sheath my zanpaku-to back onto my back. Opening my eyes back up slowly, I bring my gaze back onto the one before me. "...You're right Kurosaki. I shouldn't allow myself to slip off into depression. Not while Tsubaki is being held captive now by those Arrancars and the three traitors...I thank you Kurosaki for helping me to realize what it is that I need to do now."

Kurosaki smiled lightly at me as he nodded his head, telling me that it was no problem. As he turned around and started off, he glanced behind himself and stared at me. "Well, we better get moving then. Come on Toshiro."

"...It's Captain Hitsugaya."

Chuckling to himself, I watched as Kurosaki left with the others, leaving me to stand there for a moment. Sighing lightly to myself, I treasure that moment alone as a single tear escapes my eyes and fall down the side of my face. Glancing behind me, I gaze at the spot where Tsubaki had been and the image of her appears before me as well as her last words before she was taken from me.

"Gomenasai...Captain. I...I love you."

When the image disappears, her heartbroken, sad voice and those words still echoed around me and inside of my mind. Sighing to myself, I let another tear escape my eyes before I finally turn back to face the front and head off after my comrades,...leaving behind the place where I lost my love.

I know that we'll beable to get stronger and fight our way through the Arrancars and the three traitors. I know that we'll beable to save Tsubaki and I'll finally beable to tell her those three simple yet so meaningful words to her that I have waited too long to say,...but until then...I will always regret...that I hadn't told her sooner.

Please wait for Tsubaki.


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