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I really don't know how I ended up here. It's all a coincidence, or maybe not. Even so, who would have thought it would end so painfully? And why end at all? Why? Couldn't it just continue but differently? It's as if this was supposed to happen since before I was even born! No, that can't be it. It's pure coincidence…Right? I myself don't know anymore and why know anything at all? Everything's over for me now anyway. There's no going back now.


"Get back here!" A guard's voice called out, easily catching up to me with my slow pace.

"You go on. I'll handle this." I told the twin tailed brunet, Mikan, supporting the weak raven haired, Natsume, walking to a shelter anywhere around here.

She gave me a worried look, as if not sure if that was a good idea. I eased her down with thumbs up as she gave a small smile in return and continuing to find their shelter.

With both of them gone, I turned back to the guard avoiding his hand already launching to get me. Grabbing hold of his arm and flipping him to the ground, I continued running, chasing the other guards away from Mikan and Natsume, wherever they may be hiding.

"Stop, girl!" Like that will really stop me. I scoffed mentally at the guard who yelled that out and turned in a dark corner of a wall.

As I ran through, I stopped to knock down boxes in the way as they spilled a liquid out from their cracks. I didn't know what they were but I didn't have time for that and continued running.

"Hey!" I turned around, seeing the guards having a hard time walking over the scattered boxes. Some of them even slipped from the liquid. "Get back!" Another yelled once I disappeared through another wall obviously not paying attention to their order.

With only small dims of light as a guide and with my body already trembling with exhaustion, I found it hard to find a place to hide before another guard popped out. You can't quit now! I took in a breath and forced myself to continue, managing to drape myself in a dark alleyway before I was seen.

Sounds of footsteps were nearing me quickly, as I pressed myself close to the wall hoping not to be seen. Much to my relief, the guard passed me seeming to be oblivious of the way right next to him.

I sighed, using the wall as my guide in the dark, hoping not to stop in a dead end in my hiding place. Much to my surprise, the wall I felt in my hands disappeared; causing me to push force into nothing and making me tumble down stairs. I was lucky not to get that injured from the incident as I stud grabbing hold of a wound in my arm from the fall.

"Is that you, Lunet-chan?" Mikan's voice quickly made me snap my head up to the fairly visible twin tail seeming to have a medal pole in her hands. "It is!" She dropped the pole and smiled a little.

I tried forcing a smile through my pants and the wound on my arm, but before I could even make a move, "I heard the noise over here—hurry!" All three of us snapped our head up in surprise—they found us.

As we all squeezed into the dark hoping not to be seen, a figure appeared from the stairs and, sadly, spotted us. Before he could open his mouth to continue yelling, Mikan rushed towards him and smacked the pole across his face, quickly knocking him down unconscious, as she continued onward towards the others.

I forced myself to get to my feet, still very weak, and managed to put enough force into a punch I delivered to another guard on his way toward us. I strolled up the stairs, trying to stop as many guards as I could with the amount of energy I had left but, sadly, wasn't enough as I was easily shoved to a wall just as easily was Mikan stopped and Natsume carried by a huge guardsman I didn't notice.

"No!" Mikan shouted, trying to stop the big guard but was pushed back with so much force that was shoved towards me, giving me another punch, so furiously, I began to faint.

The only thing I could remember was an intense heat, so close and so powerful, I wondered if I'd burn.


A blurry face appeared as I slowly opened my eyes, giving me an image of someone I least expected to be here. "Marian?" If I still didn't feel so dizzy, I might have sounded surprised.

"Marian? Who's that?"

I jumped out of my bed with the energy I didn't know I had. "Sumire!"

"In the flesh," She smiled, hands on her waist trying to make a joke.

"Where am I?" I couldn't help but ask. "Where are the others—Mikan and Natsume? Are those two alright?"

"Calm down, their fine," I sighed a little, relieved to hear that. "You're in the school's hospital; I think they'll let you out soon." I nodded, realizing that a while ago. "I'll tell the other's you're awake, their waiting outside."

Once she was out of the room, I laid back down with a sigh.

This was the first adventure I had in this school—one that lead me to the hospital with luckily not that many injuries. But it wasn't the last. What I didn't know was that the longer I stayed in this school, the more problems I would develop—one after another eventually creating the biggest of all, the worst I'd ever like to face. This school held part of my story and the ending. Shall I tell you about it?

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