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~Chapter 2-part 1~

It's already been a week of Yuki's arrival and just the week before was Mikan, Sumire and I running around outside of the school looking for Natsume and trying to get him out of the company called AAO's grip. Finally, things seem to have eased down and the Alice festival has finally begun, hopefully bringing much enjoyment to come—especially with how complicated it can be to have to babysit Yuki.

I've learned that Yuki has a very spoiled brat personality when it comes to things she wants, making it extremely difficult to convince her to follow someone else's desire. She's the type that wants what she wants when she wants it and if she can't receive it, she'll smother her way into it. What is even more unbearable to handle is that it seems that she herself doesn't realize her actions which makes it difficult to scold her as she becomes panicked and confused at why she was in trouble.

She's also very persuasive.

"It seems like we don't need any more help," Yuu tried forcing a smile but was too ashamed to make one. "Sorry, Lunet-chan."

I grinned, hoping it would ease him down. "No worries."

"No, I'm truly sorry. I couldn't find anything that you could be of assistance in." He clutched his note pad, hands shaking.

"No, really, really!" His unsteadiness made me nervous as it seemed he would cry at any minute. "I-it's not your fault that my Alice is useless, it's mine, and you can always call me in for help if something goes wrong later. Besides, I'm new in this so it would be nice if I could look around."

His hands stopped shacking as he took in a breath and smiled warmly at me, nodding. Before anything else was said, Yuu was called out to continue helping with the haunted house, ending our conversation then and leaving me with you-know-who to walk around the festival with.

"How about this?" She bent down towards a big sunflower as she pocked the center hoping to make it react.

"I don't know either."

After a few ineffective attempts to make it respond to her, she turned to me with a frown plastered on her face. "You don't know anything do you?"

"I'm new in this too." I crossed my arms, frowning as well, as she completely forgot that I have only been inside this school no longer than a couple of months.

She sighed, walking out of the store monotonously as I trailed after her, really wishing I didn't have to. If it's one thing I have learned to hate doing is having to look after someone like Yuki. I'm not exactly the type of person that begin hating others, and I don't hate Yuki, she's just very nerve wreaking and unbearable. Why she ever chose me as her partner I wonder when practically every boy in the classroom offered openly once the question was asked and very noticeably desperate to be picked. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having to be ordered around by her.

"Let's see…Where to wonder to?" She looked around aimlessly for anything that would catch her eye. "Ah!" She stopped at a store full of edible Alice products, each giving the consumer a special skill for a short amount of time, and began skipping towards it, completely forgetting that I was still beside her.

I puffed my cheeks furiously as I took hold of Yuki before she wondered away from me. After the incident I had to go through at Central Town, I certainly wouldn't let it occur twice.

"Just where do you intend going to on your own?" I asked, turning her to face me although she deliberately looked away frowning, arms crossed and obviously wishing I wasn't here at the moment…But I was.

I continued scolding her, insisting on reminding her about the time she pulled that stunt on me, certainly not letting her forget, but no matter how much I tried she simply wouldn't listen and the scowl on her face wouldn't disappear.

"Can you please just let me go?" She spoke harshly, moving her glare but definitely not meeting mine. She knew how quickly she quiets down if she looked at me. "I—" She stopped, eyes wide and mouth slightly open from what she was about to further say.

I shook her shoulder lightly, searching for any response, but her expression remained frozen in place. I peeked towards where she stared—nothing was out of place. "Yuki," I shook her again, "Yuki! Hello? Are you there?" I waved my hands in front of her face, still no response. "Hey! Airhead, are you there?" I pocked her forehead with my figure forcefully enough to tilt her head back and finally snap her out of her trance.

She responded to me with a glare, slapping my hand away from her head. "What?"

I frowned. "You were saying?"

"Nothing," She turned away, crossing her arms over her chest. "Let's hurry up and go."

I narrowed my eyes at her suspicious, noticing that she stopped complaining. "What are you up to?"

"What?" She looked at me with a fake startled expression, "I'm not going to do anything."

I still didn't believe her as I walked towards her and narrowed my eyes, slightly making her nervous. "You're not leaving my sight."

She looked away quickly, "Whatever."


The corners of my eye brows twitched as I bit my lower lip; preventing me from expressing the anger I had swelling up inside me. I swear she's the living devil! That thought ran across my mind every time I was reminded that she managed to escape… again.

"What the hell is she?" I muttered angrily, "An escape artist?"

"Come on now, it can't be that bad."

I turned to him, glaring darts. "This is the second time! Second!" I sounded so miraculously insane. "And she didn't just ditch me—oh, no!" I took out my hand, lifting one finger for everyone I mentioned. "She planned it out, tricked me, played around with it and then ditched me." I waved my four fingers in front of him before turning back around, proceeding to bit my lip.

"Well," He moved in front of me, making me notice the smile he was forcing. "It already happened, just drop it, and…" He flicked my chin harshly.

"Ow!" I cupped it before turning away.

"Stop doing that. You're wounding yourself." He pointed to my lip. I touched it, giving a short screech from the pain it inflicted. "See?"

I just lowered my gaze with my pout. There was a short silence.

"Let's go get something to eat." He moved his face in front of my stare as usual, seeming not to be pleased to talk with someone without them looking at him.

"I'm not hungry." I grumbled.

"Then let's get something to drink."

"I'm not thirsty."

He sighed, surprising me once he took hold of my wrist. "It doesn't matter, let's just run there."

Run? Do you want me to die!?

Before anything was said, he pulled me with him as I struggled to tell him to stop while trying to catch up to his pace. Can't he see that I'm not an athlete? That I'll collapse any second if this continued? Sadly, it seems like he didn't and lurched me with him the entire way, leaving me breathless and wobbly once we stopped.

"Feeling any better?" He asked once he regained his energy.

Of course not! I protested mentally considering my state at the moment. I couldn't even utter a word.

"Wow, you're tired." He mumbled after I remained quiet for a long while. "Let me get you a drink."

I nodded, waving him off as he went inside. I managed to get to straighten up and began catching my breath. I gave a sigh once I recovered myself again. I never had anything against running but if it always made me feel this bad once it was over I can't stand having to do it.

I sighed again. "How annoying." I mumbled as I waited outside for the boy to come back.

He finally arrived after a few minutes with two smoothies in both hands handing one to me. I took in a deep breath causing him to raise a brow, curiously. "Still tired?"

"Just slightly." I took a sip of my strawberry shack. "Let's just say it takes a while for me to recover fully."

"So it shows." He gave a sided smile.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He laughed. "Nothing really."

I took another drink, taking a glance at him before looking back down at my cup. "So…"

"…What?" I looked up to his curious face.

"Well," I stirred my shack with the straw, feeling I should be patient with this question. "You've already been around me ever since… She left and you haven't told me your name." I looked up at his eyes—golden. "We met in Central Town as well, didn't we?"

He sighed. It took him that sigh for me to notice that his grin was gone. He turned his gaze to a group of kids our age, making faces with the freaky dolls they held and giggling at each other's expressions, standing just a couple of feet away from us. I continued staring; waiting for the simple answer that never seemed to come.

He looked back at me and smiled. "Well, if it's my name you want to know, it's Akira."

"Akira-san, huh?"

He continued smiling, resting his chin on his entwined fingers. "No need to worry about my last name. I prefer to be called from my first. It feels more… Friendly."

I chuckled. "Well then call me Lunet."

"Lunet-chan… Hmm, doesn't sound Japanese."

"I'm not."

"French then?"

I raised a brow. "What made you think that?"

"In French, lunette means glasses." He chuckled. "Funny name."

I frowned crossing my arms. "Well, no. It's not spelled how they do in French, it only sounds like it."

"Is that so? Then what are you?" His voice somehow sounded as if he was teasing.

"I'm American…" I pressed my lips together. "Well, at least that's what my guardians say."

"That's what they say." His smile brightened, trying to be friendlier but only annoying me more.

"Let's just drop it." I sighed. "Call me Lunet and that's final."

"Aye, aye, Cap'n."

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