London, Ontario, Canada- April 19, 2008

George and Nora Venturi decided that it would be a good idea for the whole Macdonald-Venturi family to go to the museum for the day, due to the rain. After a lot of fighting from Casey and Derek, and chasing Marti around to get her ready in something black, a color she doesn't have a lot of, because today she wanted to wear black, the family was ready to go.

Once at the museum, Nora and George decided that they would take Marti, and the other children could split off from each other if they choose to. Lizzie and Edwin ended up leaving their older siblings about two minutes after their parents left, due to Casey and Derek fighting once again. Casey wanted to see the Medieval Times exhibit, but Derek wanted to see the Ancient Rome and Greek exhibits, for being a guy he is all about the gladiators and anything else testosterone oriented. They finally made a compromise: They would see the medieval exhibit first, and then get something to eat at the museum's cafeteria. After eating they would go see the Roman and Greek exhibits. Derek didn't like the fact that his choice in an exhibit was last, but he figured at least he'd enjoy some part of the day.

While walking through Casey's choice of exhibit, Derek started falling asleep while walking. He could do this due to Casey semi-dragging him along. Medieval times always bored him, so being so bored he was almost fully asleep didn't surprise him.

"Oh! Derek, look!" Casey exclaimed as she went up to a piece of art. "This painting depicts how the peasants lived their daily lives. Isn't it fascinating?"

"Casey, you are getting way to into this. I mean, honestly! Greek and Roman times are so much better. They where more civilized." Derek responded with eyes half-shut.

"Derek, you, of all people, are talking to me about civility?" Casey scoffed. "I mean you are not very civilized yourself so how can you say anything against the Renaissance?"

"Because it bores me, and Ancient Roman and Greek history is far more interesting." Derek replied. Many people think that he isn't very smart, but he reads up on things that he likes. For example, he could read all day about Ancient Greek and Roman times, but put something that has to do with England during the Renaissance, and he'll chuck it back you with so much force, you should duck or get hit so hard you get a concussion. "The medieval times were ten thousand steps back for civilization. Why would I enjoy anything about them?"

"Because during that time some of the greatest works of literature were written."

"Then you like the literature, not the times themselves. Are you done here yet? I mean I'm bored and hungry. I want to go to the Greek and Roman times as soon as possible. In fact, Spacey, if you want I'll leave you here, and I'll go spend the rest of the day in the exhibit I want to be in." and before Casey could respond Derek turned on his heal, and went to get some food so that he could then enjoy doing back to a half-way decent time.

Casey followed him. Once he was in the cafeteria, she tapped his shoulder, and said, "Derek, we have to stay together. I thought we agreed to go the exhibit I wanted to go to first, get food then go to your exhibit."

"Casey, we did. We went to your exhibit. Now we are going to get food, then we are going to my exhibit. And I thought you were the smart one." Derek ended sarcastically.

Casey huffed and pushed passed Derek. Both figured getting sandwiches and bottles sodas would be the best option, so that's what they did.

Once done with their food, they went to the Ancient Greece and Roman exhibit. The Roman exhibit was first, and Derek was completely fascinated by the Romans' architecture.

"Casey, isn't this fascinating?" Derek questioned. As he eyed a replica of the Roman structures. "I mean, honestly, I don't know how you like the Renaissance. All of those people were mindless and barbaric. The Romans and the Greeks were so much more interesting. I mean have you even seen the great architectural feats they've made? It's absolutely incredible."

"Derek, I've never seen you so eminent about something. I mean, you don't usually show interest in something that would prove you have a brain, and better yet, that it works."

"Ha. Ha. You are so funny." Derek said sarcastically. "Now, if you are just going to mock me and my interests, then just go away and let me examine the exhibit."

Casey grunted slightly as she walked passed Derek to a bench. "Come find me when you want to stop being a jerk, ok?"

"Whatever, Casey." Derek responded as he kept walking around the exhibit.

He couldn't help be stare in awe at the wonderful structures the Romans had come up with. Aqua ducts, the Colosseum and the wall around the empire, design features such as vaulted ceilings and arches. One plaque said 'The Romans built structures that we today would need greeter technology to build.' That plaque was in front of a model of what Ancient Rome was thought to have looked like.

Derek was about to make his way into the Greek exhibit, but then remembered that Casey was probably still sitting on that bench she left her at. He went back to the bench. She was sleep. He decided to just pick her up, and carry her to the Ancient Greece exhibit, which wasn't too far from the bench she had situated herself onto.

When he got to the divider between the two exhibits, he put her on her feet, and stood her up.

"Casey, wake up. You need to be awake for at least part of this exhibit."

"Hmm, wha?"

"Casey." Derek said more sternly as he slowly let go of her so that she would stand. Casey blinked, opened her eyes slowly, and then looked up at Derek sharply.

"Derek, why do you have your arm around my waist?" she tried to snap, but it didn't come out as harsh as she meant it, due to the fact of her still being partially asleep.

"Look around, Space Case. Don't you notice something different?"

"Yes, I'm standing next to you, with your arm wrapped around my waist instead of being on a bench being bored. Again I repeat why is your arm around my waist?" Casey said the last sentence making sure to pronounce each word precisely so that Derek was sure to understand.

Derek rolled his eyes, and looked at Casey saying, "Casey, if you haven't noticed, you are in a completely different exhibit. Oh, wait! You don't care about a better time period, so why would you bother to notice?" Derek asked sarcastically. "I carried you from the bench to here, the divider between the two. You had fallen asleep, and I wasn't about to let you just stay in an exhibit I was no longer looking at."

"Awe, Derek. That was so sweet of you."

"Don't get used to it." Derek responded, playing off the fact that he sort of cared about his stepsister.

Casey looked at him like he had grown another head, but said nothing. They walked into the exhibit.

Once inside Derek saw another model, but this one was of the Greek city-state, Athens. He looked at the replica with great interest. The Erechtheion, a temple for Athena, the Acropolis and there was even a stadium. Around the model were stands of information. One told about Athenian economy: 'Athenians were sea traders mostly. This was due to unfertile land and being relatively close to the sea.' Some gave bits of information about certain structures, for example: 'Stadiums were first built by the Greeks, though today they are larger and used for different types of entertainment compared to the stadiums of Ancient Greece.'

Casey had to pull Derek away from the model. She was getting somewhat bored, but she did find a few interesting things, not that she would tell Derek that. She really wanted to just go home. She really didn't care much for history, mostly because it wasn't something that interested her greatly. She was more of an English major, so she was starting to go slightly insane. Sure there were some interesting things here, but not enough to keep her from going completely out of her mind.

"Derek, can we go meet up with Mom and George now? I'm getting kind of bored."

"Relax, Space Case. We're almost at the end of the exhibit. You can last that long, I'm sure."

"Ugh! Fine. I'll go through the rest of this."

She stopped dead when she saw a painting out of the corner of her eye that didn't look at all like any Greek paintings she'd ever seen. It was done more like an Italian painting done during the time of the Renaissance. It caught her eye, so she turned to look at it a little closer, and stopped dead in her tracks as her jaw went slack and her eyes widened.


"What now, Casey?"

"Come over here and look at this. You're not going to believe your eyes. I know I don't believe mine."

"What are you-" he stopped mid-sentence as he caught sight of the painting she was looking at.

It wasn't the fact that it was different from Greek paintings. The figure in the painting was what seemed to be some sort of soldier. He was in armor and there was a spear in his left hand, his right foot was one top of his helmet, and a shield was over his right arm. His face held a serious expression, most likely typical of a soldier from those times. But it wasn't the normal seriousness you'd see on someone's face. It was that of someone what has lost so much, but done so many things he didn't want to do. He had to do these things, like be in a war he didn't want to be in, so there he stands, spear and shield in hand, with a face that speaks more words then any normal picture. 'What is he hiding?' Derek thinks. 'Why does he have that look of despair on his face?'

It was Casey who says something after studying the painting. "He looks a lot like you, but in armor."

"It says here that he is a Spartan soldier, who fought bravely in many wars, and that he defeated some sort of creature to save Athens. His name was…" Derek can't finish what he was reading. It shocked him way too much.

Casey read the last word of the sentence, "Derekous."


This is just the beginning. I had to do a myth project, and I finally got around to putting it up. I used Life with Derek because it was easy for me. Hope you enjoy it. My teacher did. I got the only perfect score.