Snuggling under the covers, Inara listened to the rainfall. Her eyes fluttered closed again, the soft putter of morning rain gently falling on the roof made her feel lonely.

The body that slept next to her stirred, Mal's arm curled around her waist pulling her closer to him. She scooted her body back until her bottom nestled against his groin. Waiting for him to wake up, she ran her fingertips lightly along the strong arm that held her. He moved again, his other arm sliding under her head, his face burying against her neck before falling back asleep.

Needing him awake, she strategically squirmed and was rewarded with an unmistakable indication that he was, indeed, awake. Or at least parts of him were. He mumbled a sleepy pretend objection but his arm tightened around her.

Reaching back, she placed her hand on his hip, nudging him even closer. She felt him grin before he placed the tenderest of kisses at the base of her nape. She shivered before stretching her neck, giving him more room to kiss. He obliged. The morning stubble on his chin and cheeks pleasantly scraping her skin as his lips kissed their way from her ear down her neck to her collar bone.

She smiled, a contented sigh wafting from her. "Mmmmm…"

Slowly, Mal slid his hand from her hip down to her thigh. She didn't move. Instead, she just let herself feel. Feel his calloused hand drift over her leg, feel his lips softly kiss the back of her neck, his tongue caressing the sensitive place behind her ear he knew she loved.

Mal's arm under her head straightened. One hand grasped hers while his other hand explored. Lightly gliding along her thigh, her hip, her waist up and higher until his fingers brushed her breast. Cupping one breast, his thumb rubbed the taut nipple all the while trailing hot, wet kisses over her neck and along the line of her shoulder.

She lifted her hand behind to curl her fingers in his hair. Her toes caressed his leg, her knee bending upward, opening herself to him. Mal inhaled sharply, his caresses grew more impassioned. Refusing to relinquish his hold on her breast, his other hand let go of hers to trail down her body to touch her. His jagged breath was hot against her neck as his fingers fondled her. His other hand on her breast, cupping then squeezing giving her the pressure she needed.

His knee slid between hers. She shifted, giving his hand better access to her. Mal pressed closer to her, his weight heavy and welcome against her back. Her hand, still on his hip, slid down around the muscles behind, encouraging him.

"Mal…please," she moaned.

She smiled with delight as Mal murmured words of love in her ear before lifting her hip to slide into her. His thrusts were deliciously slow; his hands delectably strong. One hand on her breast squeezing, the other rubbing at her with two wet, knowing fingers, carefully, a steady and insistent rhythm that charged her, all over, electric, wild.

"I love you." Again and again, he whispered in her ear, "I love you."

Her eyes opened to see rain splashing against the big window next to her bed. The sudden clap of thunder finally nudged her fully awake and for a split second, she almost thought he was really there. Pulling the covers tighter around her, Inara listened to the rainfall.