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Chapter 1- Reflections of the Sun


To smile was something Sasuke had long forgotten how to do. It had only been a year since burglars killed his parents.

The young boy was quite lucky that the intruders hadn't found him or his brother, but he himself didn't see it that way.

His feet made ripples in the water below as he dangled his legs off the rock he sat upon.

The river running through the city had become one of his favourite spots.

No one ever bothered him here.

No one made a fuss over how he acted.

No one.

The water filled with hues of the setting sun, as rays of light danced through the skyscrapers in the distance.

The river marked the beginning of the suburbs. The rows of tall, foreboding buildings gave way to spaciously placed houses mixed amongst trees of all shapes and sizes.

The river flows; indented into the earth, while the embankments either side allowed people walk beside it, getting along with busy lives.

But Sasuke found no need to hurry anywhere, after all, what was there for him to rush to?

Home had become something of a prison. His guardian forced him to see a physiologist who, despite Sasuke's refusal, decided to give the boy prescriptions for his depression.

School was school. He chose to keep to himself, despite the persistence of girls constantly wanting to talk to him.

He attempted to skim a pebble across the somewhat calm water, only to see it sink upon impact.


A far away splash awoke his sunken face and he turned his head to see who else had ventured down to the waters edge.

Blonde hair reflecting the orange rays of the sun caught the Uchiha's eye.

He watched. Mesmerised by the boy, who must have been about the same age as him, as he clumsily ran about in the river. The blonde continued to lunge his hands into the water attempting to catch something.

Before Sasuke knew it, the boy had moved up river to his rock, not paying attention to the dark haired boy watching him.

He attempted to move away from the blonde and head home, but for some reason his body wouldn't move. He couldn't even stop staring.

Then he saw it.

His eyes shone towards Sasuke. The brightest blue that could rival the deepest ocean or the clearest of skies.

"Ne… what you looking at?!" The blonde was loud as he stood in front of Sasuke, water gently dripping from his hands creating ripples in the water below.

Sasuke blinked. His conscious taking action, as he stopped staring at the estranged boy.

"Eh?" The blonde questionably tilted his head to the side, a look of puzzlement upon his face.

"I…" the raven's voice was low and almost a whisper, "… I was wondering what you were doing." Sasuke had never been one to talk, ever since his life was turned upside down.

"Oh!" The blonde seemed to continue his antics, searching the water for something "I was just fishing!" He attempted once again to grab one of the trout that lived in the water.

Sasuke watched on at the idiot.

A wave of water erupted from the river and the blonde fell in, drenching him from head to toe.

"che." The raven continued to watch the clumsy blonde his voice finding a louder level. "You'll never catch fish like that, dobe."

The blonde looked up at him, anger forming on his face. "I'd like to see you try, teme!"

A smirk played at the sides of Sasuke's lips as he gracefully stepped into the water. He moved slowly and carefully attempting to disturb the water as little as possible.

He waited patiently as the blonde watched on, now standing and attempting to dry off.

A fish hovered near him.

He struck, but missed as the fish quickly swam away.

It seemed harder than he thought.

Both continued the game until the sun had disappeared from the sky, with only the remnants of light sitting lazily on the horizon.

Both boys were drenched as they made there way to land.

"Trying to catch fish with someone is a lot more fun than doing it on your own." The blonde grinned at the Uchiha.

"Hn." Sasuke was distracted by the beaming boy, causing him to almost trip over a stone.

He had never seen someone smile like the blonde had. Sure, he remembered his parents used to smile most of the time, but it was always somewhat reserved.

The blonde's appearance seemed to match his personality, untameable.

They sat against the bank watching the city lights come to life. "I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki" the boy announced to the Uchiha.

"Sasuke" he replied bluntly.

Reluctant to go home, Sasuke stayed with Naruto and listened to the boy talk about pointless things, such as ramen and how the colour orange was the best colour ever.

Normally Sasuke would be annoyed by such a conversation, but for some reason he found himself happy to listen. The blonde's enthusiasm making his words more powerful.

It got later and later until Sasuke decided that it was best to leave, hoping his damp clothing hadn't given him a cold.

"I'll see you around then." The blonde said, as they walked to the top of the embankment. Sasuke just nodded at this. "I don't really come down to the river a lot but I'll probably see you around else were, ne?"

Sasuke's mouth opened before he could realise it. "Tomorrow" He barely placed it as a question.

The blonde blinked.

Sasuke repeated, "Tomorrow…be here."

"Eh?" The blonde tilted his head once again; it seemed to be a small quirk of his. "Hai, hai! We can go fishing again!" The grin rose once more as he waved goodbye, walking in the opposite direction to Sasuke.


The two boys continued to meet at sunset by the riverside. They never talked about anything of great importance, carelessly watching the day fade to night…

And one day he was gone.

Sasuke found himself watching the shiny orb fall through the pillars of buildings, a solemn figure.