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Chapter 2 - Collision

Distant ringing woke the Uchiha.

The room was still dim as the sun struggled to rise against the morning sky.

The once young boy rose to get ready for the day ahead, the empty house echoed with his footsteps.

It had been many years since he shared the humble dwelling with his guardian; he had decided to get emancipated as soon as he could.

After all, when had the Uchiha ever needed anyone in his life? He didn't need his parents, his brother, or his ward.

At seventeen, Sasuke had also resurrected the family business from its financial grave. He was top of his class at school and considered good looking by all the girls, but the raven didn't need them.

Winter was drawing near, the last touch of autumn falling from the jagged tree branches in the boy's garden.

It would not take much longer for snow to dance in the city air.

The Uchiha had always preferred winter to summer. The cold hues seemed to make everything more… delicate, like everything would shatter with the slightest of touches.

Sasuke found walking along the river to be the quickest way to get to school from his house. Despite being able to have a driver take him, he preferred to walk, enjoying the peace and quiet around him.

It had taken years for Sasuke's psychologist to make him more talkative, but when he became a young adult, he was able to free himself from the clutches of his tormentor.

The path glistened with a thousand stars as the rising sun reflected off the frozen ground. The river, once free flowing, showed signs of stilling as the shore held thin sheets of ice.

He paused.

A lonesome rock stood out against the shoreline. His rock. The place were he sat to think, to get away from everyone, and yet…

His eyebrows furrowed.

"I don't need anyone." His breathe poured out in a trail of white mist.

"Ne? You know, talking to yourself is bad for you."

His head snapped around to find a familiar sight, surprise and anger riddling his porcelain face.

"You!" He stepped forwards to grab the blonde's arm, but could not think of what to say next.

Hypnotic blue eyes sparked into onyx black.

His movement had been too sudden. He had been too sudden. The first time after five years of seeing Naruto and he just bumped into him here of all places.

There was so much to say, so much anger Sasuke held against the boy, and yet…

And yet he felt it drain away as he looked deep into the dobe's eyes.

"Ne… don't I know you?" The familiar voice filled the Uchiha's senses as memories of a distant summer filled his thoughts.

Had the blonde forgotten?

Sasuke couldn't answer. His head bowed as he felt the air knocked out of him.

"Eh… wait… ano… Sasuke, right?" Naruto found the grip on his arm loosen.

"You… you never… came back." The Uchiha's voice was low yet strong. "Explain."

The blonde took a step back, his foot sliding slightly on the path below. The sun hugged the horizon sending streaks of sumptuous oranges and pinks across the cloudless sky.

"Gomen! Gomen!" he rubber the back of his head "something came up and… I had to leave for a while"

The Uchiha looked up to find the boys grin hadn't changed.

He still smiled with the same see through honesty.

Sasuke smirked.

The blonde shifted on his spot as he gazed at the rising sun, "I've got to go…"

Sasuke's smirk evaporated.

For some reason, something that continued to elude the raven, Sasuke had always been drawn to the mysterious boy. It had been years since the short time he spent with Naruto, yet he felt as though they had never been parted, a strange tingling pain filled his chest as the blonde attempted to depart.

He grabbed a hold of the boys arm once more.


His social skills hadn't developed well as he grew.

His hand, radiated cold, flowing through the blonde's white hoodie, sending a chill down Naruto's spine.

Before the blonde could object he found himself being dragged down the hill towards the river, the grass cracking under their feet.

"Teme! Let go!"

Sasuke said nothing until they reached the waters edge.

They stood silently, in the long shadow of the embankment, the air around them charged and warming against the frozen landscape.

"…Gomen." for once the loud-mouthed blonde whispered.

Through out the years Sasuke had gained very few friends, and all of whom he never shared his thoughts or feeling with, but it had seemed different back in that distant summer. He might not have talked much in the short time he spent at twilight with the blonde but he had felt…content.

He felt as if the blonde knew him, inside and out, knowing exactly how to act around him.

Sasuke would never admit it, but Naruto was his first and only true friend.

In most cases, a friendship needs to build up over time and develop, though the two had by passed such a thing, and managed to become close friends in relatively no time at all. Their relationship was special.

But then, Naruto had left. Disappeared, and Sasuke wanted to know why.

Could the blonde tell him his secret, even after all these years?

They sky brightened with each second, slowly subtracting the shadow that covered the couple.

The Uchiha opened his mouth about to speak, only to be cut off by Naruto. "Ne… what are you doing tonight, teme?" he had regained his loud speech. "We could meet up here and… talk…"

"We can talk now." The ravens voice stabbed through the air as he attempted to contain his emotions.

The blonde looked nervously back up the embankment, the sun's rays soon to reach were they were standing.

"I… I can't." He made a move away from the black eyed boy, only to find the Uchiha clinging on to his wrist.

"We can talk now." He repeated.

"Ah! Let go, teme!" Naruto struggled under the firm grasp. "I can't stay any longer… ne… please… Sasuuukee!"

The sun's rays rippled off tanned skin as Naruto's eyes widened in horror.

He let out a gasp of hot breath.

Sasuke found his hold loosen as his face contorted with shock and fear.

It was as if the blonde was disappearing, actually disappearing.

White lights danced through the air like a swarm of firefly's.

What was going on?!

The bright light evaporated as Sasuke found himself falling back on to his frost covered rock.

Bright blue eyes.

That's all that the Uchiha could recognise.

It took time for the boy to realise what he just saw.

… kitsune….

Fox. His fur, rivalling the purest of snow. Each strand rippling with the ice, cold wind.

They stared at each other.