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ST 103

Separate Lives

Chapter 1

Upperton University. Six months after attempted invasion, nearing Christmas break:

'Oh when they said it was hard they weren't kidding. Dr. Director said only two or three in ten make it. The pressure is unrelenting.', the redheaded former teen heroine thought.

'Josh is such a jerk too. It's like he hates me. It'll be nice to get home for a day or two to see the family, but then I have to go in for duty right after Christmas on the 28th.'

'Who thought it'd be such a pain? Who thought I could be in so much pain? God, I miss him, I miss our Christmases together.'

'Shuddap Possible, you knew this when you called him Loser. You pushed him from your life and what do you have to show for it...Josh. I wish that gun had been loaded.'

'It hurts! God it hurts without him!'

Kim walked through the door of the apartment. "Josh I'm home.", she announced. The place was dark, quiet and empty. She looked around and saw a note on the table. She picked it up, "Kim I am going out of town for the holidays. I will see you when I get back. Make sure you take your vitamins. Be careful not to miss a day. I'll call you later.----Josh"

'Not even a happy holidays from Josh. Great another lonely night. And I have to live with him. God, Ron, please come back to me and rescue me.', she pleaded silently as a few tears rolled down her cheek.


"Hiro-san she appears broken. She does not have the spirit that I have observed in her from the past. She is not as driven as the reports have stated. What do you make of this my love?", Yori asked her fiancée.

"Yori-kun, Kim-san is as you have observed, not as driven at this point in her life. When I replaced the Chosen One during that exchange she showed a very Type-A personality. I wonder at the change as you do. We must soon head back home soon. First, we need to be sure of several things so that our report is complete.", he replied, "I am still worried that Stoppable-san has not surfaced by now. It has been over six months."

"What did Sensei say?", Yori asked him.

"Nothing except Maku-san is getting very nervous.", he confided.

"I wonder why he was so sure Stoppable-san would follow the Blade back to Yamanouchi. I wonder if Ron-san released it to return to it's home?", Yori asked.

Noting that the light in the apartment was doused, they waited. As Kim walked out they followed her at a discrete distance. Yori followed closer and Hiro stayed back in the shadows. He could tell that Yori was also being followed. 'I wonder who it is? Well I will just follow them as well.', he smirked as he checked to see if he had a tail.

Kim walked to the deli that she frequented when Josh went on his 'trips' since she still couldn't cook worth a dang. Though she was finally able to make coffee at this point in her life, she wasn't totally incompetent in the kitchen.


Fort Bragg, North Carolina:

"LISTEN UP, Today is your fifth and final qualification jump. Graduation will be held at 1100 hours tomorrow, so if you have guests make sure we have their names to make sure they get to see you get your wings. NOW LET'S SADDLE UP AND DO THIS RIGHT!", the Sergeant yelled. The young men rose and marched to off to their assigned positions on the 'bird'.

"Hey who's got people coming in?", a specialist asked. Most raised their hands. "It's going to be a big moment. What about you R.T.L?"

"Nah, I don't have any relatives that I know of. I'm an orphan.", the Private First Class replied.

"Man that's too bad, sorry.", the Specialist told him.

"Don't worry about it, sometimes it's the way the world works.", the PFC responded, "I stopped worrying about a family a long time ago. I have a family and a home right here."

"Where you headed next buddy?", the same one asked.

"Ranger School, all I have to do is get my last jump in.", the PFC stated flatly.

"You sure that you're gonna make it through? That school's pretty tough.", he retorted.

"It's all I got man, so why not.", the PFC replied with a smile.

"Hey good luck to you.", the Specialist slapped him on the back.

"Thanks, let's go have some fun. It's time to walk on the air.", the PFC laughed back as they climbed up the ramp of the waiting transport plane.


"ALRIGHT, STAND UP!", the Jumpmaster yelled raising both hands. "HOOK UP!", he continued making the hand signal. "COUNT OFF", he yelled again making sure that each checked his buddy in front.......He waited... "GO!", he yelled as the students walked out into the air.

In the drop zone below instructors watched as their students became fully qualified. Suddenly the sight that none of them wanted to see. A main chute not deploying. "We got a 'STREAMER'!" one of the Senior Instructors yelled as local media looked on in horror at the plummeting dot. In a moment the faulty parachute seemed to float away from the tiny form that had been below it. All looked on as a smaller chute came out. There was gasp from a major, "Damn-it that reserve is fouled."

They all watched as the enlarging form seemed to gather the balking piece of nylon trash to him and tossed it back out again. The watchers let out a sigh of relief as the small chute deployed slowing the much larger form at the last moment before he collided with the ground.

"Medics get your tails out there!", the Major yelled, "He might be hurt bad. LET'S GO MOVE IT!"

The field ambulance raced across the landing zone to a figure that was just picking himself up. They ran up to him. "You OK trooper?", the Major asked.

"Yeah sir, sorry about the main though. I guess I gotta pay for that.", the student replied.

"Don't worry about the chute, we saw what happened. How did you redeploy the reserve? You should be dead son.", the Major continued.

"Uh.. I guess I got lucky sir.", he replied again.

"Yeah I guess you are, but you earned your Wings today son. How did you manage to do it?", the Major prodded.

"Well sir this wasn't the first time that happened. I did a little skydiving before I came in. And I had it happen once, so I sorta knew what to do.", the young soldier told him as he began noticing that the rest of the drop was landing.

"Just how much skydiving did you do?", the Major continued.

"Oh I don't know sir, I guess about sixty jumps.", he responded.

"Son that's got to be pretty expensive, how did you pay for it?", he asked.

"Well I worked at a restaurant after school, I used the money to pay for skydiving and my rock climbing sir.", he stated.

"You climb?", he asked, surprised.

"Yes sir, rock and ice.", the trooper replied.

"You any good son?", as the Major continued to learn more about the young man.

"I'm fair sir. Nothing great, I can lead if I have to.", the trooper stated as he was beginning to get uneasy with the attention as others were beginning to form around him.

"Where are you gong next son?", the major asked.

"Since I just made my final jump, I suppose I've been accepted to Ranger School.", the young man told him happily.

"Son, do you want me to put in a good word for you?", he asked.

"Thank you sir, but I'd rather do it myself. I want to see if I have what it takes.", he told the major.

"Good luck son.", the major told him as he patted him on the back.


Middleton, Colorado:

The Dr's. Possible and the Stoppables were having a fun night. They were all being entertained by the cute baby that was nearly a year and a half old. "So have you heard from Ronald yet?", James asked.

"No, it's like he fell off the planet. We have no idea if he's even alive. Sometimes Hanna cries at night for him.", Dean replied.

"How do you know she's crying for Ronald?", Anne asked, her interest perked.

"She doesn't say 'brudder' anymore she says either Brother or Ronnie. It's heartbreaking sometimes.", Barb injected.

"How about Kimberly? Is she doing well in her studies?", Barb asked genuinely concerned for the girl who had nearly become her daughter-in-law.

"She still distant Barb, she calls once in a while but it's still very hard to get her to talk to us. When she dated Ron she was a little controlling. Now with Josh she seems submissive to him. I'd like to talk to her longer, but that young man she's living with keeps her tied up. I wish she could tell him to shove off and wait for Ronald to come home." Anne confided in her friend.

"Well with Ron, we don't know where he's at. There's just been nothing in over six months. That reporter, Wendy, what's her name again? Oh yes, Wendy Marks has called a couple of times. It seems like she and Kimberly had some sort of deal about Ronald. I'm still trying to determine what went on there.", Barb observed.


Fort Bragg:

"Lieutenant, would you get me at file on the kid who's chute malfunctioned today?", he asked his aide. 'He's too good at his age. I wonder who he is. Maybe the guys at the Ranger School can keep an eye on him.'

'No background?', the officer growled to himself, "What gives? Outta the blue comes a guy that looks like he's been doing this all his life. Like he's born to it. And Ranger School too? Well, we'll see.'


Upperton, Colorado:

She lay sleeping in the small bed in her room. Tears flowed as she clutched the pillow to her chest trying to ease her pain, hoping for some semblance of comfort when she knew deep down inside what it would take....and he wasn't there. 'Is he even alive anymore? If he isn't it's my fault. No one else is to blame just me. Please Ron, I'm so sorry. Forgive me, just forgive me before I die.', she continued to cry as she dreamed of the man that she promised her love to.

'It hurts! God it hurts without him!'

'Get used to it Miss hero, Josh and the other guy made your choice for you. Now it's what you have. If you was any good at all you could break this what it is and find him and make it right again. If you can't live without him, you know have to do.'

'I can't, I'm not brave enough. There's always the chance he'll come back.'

'Sure, we saw his eyes. We felt his pain. We should know, we caused it. Why should he return for us after that? We're not worthy.'

'I know, but he forgives. He always forgives. All those other times when we...when I hurt him. He forgave then.'

'This time we pushed too far.'

'I know, but I couldn't stop....I couldn't stop.....What's wrong with me?'


Fayetteville, North Carolina:

Monique Jenkins was not happy. 'The weather forced me to come through this airport to get back to Middleton. Grrrrr! I wonder how many more hours it's gonna take till I get home. It's been such a long time. I miss Kim and a lot of the other guys from school. I wonder if they miss me too.', she thought with a sigh, 'I am goin' to be so stiff by the time I get back only an hour in the hot tub will make it better....unless I can get one of those cute guys in uniform to give me a bac.......Hold on isn't that Ron? That IS Ron.'

Monique jumped up, "RON!", she screamed, "RONALD DEAN STOPPABLE! Get your skinny butt back here, you RAT!" Mo grabbed her things and ran off after the disappearing group of uniformed men. "STOPPABLE!", she screeched as she ran up behind them. "Where is he?", she growled.

"Who ma'am?", One of the guys asked her.

"Stoppable, Ron Stoppable. As if you didn't know.", Monique now lowered her voice.

"Ma'am, we don't know a Stoppable. We have a Ron with us....hey where did he go? He was here a minute ago.", he stated, "Anyway he must have drifted off, he's sort of a loner anyway. He's always going off on his own. Is there anything else we can help you with Miss?"

"Monique Jenkins, and no... no thanks, I guess that was it. I was sure that I saw him with you guys. I haven't seen him in over six months. He always made me laugh, and he was my best friend's boyfriend. He just disappeared one day right after they broke up.", she told them.

"Sorry about that ma'am. Where are you from Miss Jenkins?", one of them asked.

"Oh I'm from a small city in Colorado.", She told them.

"Ah well that wouldn't be the Ron that's traveling with us, he's from California. He's sort of quiet and keeps to himself. He was an orphan. I guess he has a hard time making friends because he was in and out of foster care most of his life. Anyway, I hope you find your Ron ma'am, it looks like you could use a good laugh. Take care.", the soldier told told her.

"Thank you.", Monique told them softly, "I was just so sure I saw him. You don't know him but since he left nothing has been right. All of his friends except his ex-girlfriend has been affected by his disappearance."

She watched as they turned away and walked down the jet way.

'I was so sure. Girl are you goin crazy? Now your seeing Ron Stoppable all over the place? What needs to happen is that those two get together again. Too bad that jerk Mankey is in the way. Maybe Ron boy will come home and those two go away on a month's honeymoon.', she thought smiling again.

From around a corner a quiet figure looked at her. He smiled softly and wiped a tear from his eye. He turned and hurried off to catch his friends down the concourse. He knew he may never see them again either since they were on their way back to their own postings. He was sure that he's never see the African-American beauty again either, but that was another life now.


Upperton University:

Bonnie looked at her best buddy, Tara King. They had the good fortune to get placed together in the dorms. They had been friends a long time, almost before first grade. "Well what's the first thing you're going to do when we get back T?", Bonnie asked.

"I'm heading over to the Cow and Chow for some real food that's where we're having the meeting anyway. I'd go to Bueno Nacho, but I just can't even think about that place without crying since Ron and Kim broke up.", she told her friend sadly, "I'd just like to see them together again, they were so cute. Ron always looked out for her. I've seen Kim around campus, but she's always rushing here and there. That enhanced program has to be tough."

"I know what you mean Tara.", Bonnie told her, "I wonder whatever happened to Ron. After what he did to Junior and the respect that he got from Senior, I have to wonder what he was all about. I've seen Possible too, I don't think she saw me, but it looks like the fire's out in her."

"Well, if you must know, her boyfriend has been hitting on some of the girls on campus. I don't know who's in Kim Possible's body, but I wish they would give it back to her. There's no way that the girl that I knew in high school would put up with that. Heck Josh has asked out me out several times, that two timing.......oh I hate that man!", Tara growled.

"I understand T, remember I dated him too once upon a time. He was always so sure of how big a man he was, but you know something? He wasn't.", Bonnie giggled

Tara burst out laughing, "Bonnie that's terrible."

"But… true.", Bonnie continued to giggle.

"So how about we go to the Cow and Chow and stuff our faces the minute we get in. Maybe we'll see some of the other guys and make a party of it.", Bonnie asked.

"Sounds like a plan B. Boy are you gonna surprise people when they see you.", Tara told her seriously.

"Well it was a life changing experience watching your super-buffed boyfriend get nearly thrown through a wall in the blink of an eye. Then facing those eyes and that voice. Right then I realized how stupid I had been my whole life and how rotten I had been to Kim and Ron. Here I am ripping them and one of the world's richest men treats Ron with dignity and respect. That was one part of the eye-opener.", Bonnie confessed.

"Oh? There were other parts?", Tara asked.

"Yeah.", she responded.

"Like?", Tara asked.

"When Ron talked to me, I sorta soiled myself. With everything happening, nobody noticed, even me.", Bonnie confessed.

"Ewww, Bonnie! TMI!", Tara ranted.

"There was a lot going on that night and it was a good thing I had a change of clothes in the car.", she laughed, "I'm sorry about the jerk though. If I was a guy I'd take him out to the woodshed and pummel him to within an inch of his life. Revive him and do it again until I got bored."

"You never know. The way he is, Josh is bound to make some enemies. I'd just like to have a camera there to take pictures. We could do a show-and-tell at our first class reunion.", Tara told her.

They laughed and joked for another 20 minutes until Bonnie told Tara, "I got finals yet T, so I have to get some sleep. Nite."


Yamanouchi, Japan:

"I do not understand Sensei, my old friend. The Chosen One should have returned by now. He must feel the loss of the Blade. I know the Blade is mourning it's absence from his side. It feels like the joy is being sucked out of it's resting place. Once there were smiles there. Now only frowns. Where once there was soft laughter, there is a pall of silence. What can we do to make it better my friend?", Maku-san asked.

"I do not know my friend. Now that we have estranged the Chosen One from us by our inaction to his requests, I am not sure what to do. One thing is clear, we should not force the issue. He left, now he must travel his path. The reports about Possible-san are no less troubling. Our agents have noticed a great change in the one-time teen hero. She is not the person she once was. I will have a full report in the next few weeks upon the return of our people. I have already briefed their replacements and they are traveling to their post. We must wait for this chapter of our lives to come to an end my friend. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait. I wonder how the women do it.", Sensei replied.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

"Mike.", the blond called, "We're only going to be gone for two weeks, and you have clothes at your parents' house. You don't need to pack a lot."

"Justine honey, I wanted to wear some nice clothes when we get home, not just jeans. Working here has taught me a lot.", the incredibly large young man told his sweetheart.

"OK Mikey, just don't bring too much. You can use one sports jacket which you can wear on the plane, a couple pairs of slacks and a a couple of sweaters. That, a pair or two of jeans and a few shirts and you'll be just fine.", she told her boyfriend.

"But what happens if it gets cold, Justine?", he asked.

"That's why I'm going to be there Mikey, to keep you warm.", she laughed.

"Oh that's right Justine. I guess I'm ready to go home then.", he replied.

"Remember we're picking up Felix at his dorm honey. I'm afraid that you're going to do the heavy lifting with him after he gets out of his chair. Are you sure you can handle that honey?", she asked her huge boyfriend.

"Sure Justine. Felix was Ron and Kim's friend. I'll take care of him.", the giant told her.

"Oh last night while you was out Tara King called me and a few of our old friends from school are meeting at the Cow and Chow tonight. I told them that we should be in by then and we'd be bringing Felix with us.", she stated as they left their apartment.


Global Justice Headquarters:

Dr. Director looked at the report and she was not happy, 'He vanished six months ago and still no word. Someone should have seen something by now. I mean just how hard is it to miss a person that glows blue and has superhuman strength. This isn't a comic book. These kinds of people just don't hide, someone has to notice. And Possible? What's with her? The grades are fine, the fitness reports are great, but where's the charisma? That's what everyone liked about her. Well it's only been one semester plus half the summer vacation. Freshman year is always the toughest, but now she has the whole first year done in a semester. We have to push her even further, I hope she can make it. She'd be a great asset. So far we lost two people, I hope we don't lose her too.'


The Senior Lair:

"But father, I don't see why Bon-Bon doesn't love me anymore!", the spoiled teenage cried.

"Junior, she must not have been right for you. We are going to a party tonight. You must be on your best behavior. There are several princesses that are very interested in you. Please try to act like an adult for once.", he father pleaded.

"I will do my best father, will these people be able to make me a pop idol?", he asked.

"No my son, but they will make our name go on for eternity.", his rich father replied.

"But what about my Blue Fox?", he asked.

"My son, Miss Possible is beyond even my help now. We must try to find the one that should be with her, but alas I have found no trace of young Mr. Stoppable. Even you, my son, have to admit that they are destined to be together.", he told his son.

"I understand father, but I would at least like one slow dance with her.", Junior replied.

"As would any young man with red blood in his veins, my son. Even I, if I was was only fifty years younger, would enjoy the same. Truly Miss Possible is destined for another. I do not like this man she lives with. He has no honor. I fear something is wrong with her and it troubles me greatly. If Mr. Stoppable ever returns he may need our help to regain her. Right now that is the aim of several of our past associates. The world will be a much safer place if young Mr. Stoppable and Miss Possible are together.", he told his offspring.

"Yes father, but maybe if they wed I will get my one dance.", the son responded.

"If they return to each other's arms I shall make the request my son, but for now please get ready." Senior told his son.

"Yes father.", Junior replied.


Las Vegas, Nevada:

Josh Mankey looked around, 'This is the life. I had to get away. Otherwise I'd go nuts seeing Kim Possible that way. How did I ever get in this deep? If I run off can I get away...? No he'd hurt Mom and Dad, he'd even do something worse to Kim, she doesn't deserve that to happen to her. I just wish Stoppable would return so that the master can kill him. Then we can move on with our lives. God I hate all this sneaking around.'

A lovely blond haired young woman with too much make-up on, casually slipped up to his car. "Want to party?", she asked coyly.

"Sure, pretty lady.", the teenaged boy told her as he opened up the car door to let the lady of the night inside.

A couple hours later they exited the low end-pay-by-the-hour-motel. Josh paid his fee, got back in his rental car and headed to a casino. 'At least the master gives me some down time. Otherwise I don't know if I could keep on doing this.', he grimaced.

'It'll be good to have some time off.', I hope the master gets run over by a truck or something. It's a good thing we went away from the vials and to a dosage that looks like her BC pills. The way this is going I can't touch her anyway even if the pill has the real stuff in it. Every time I see her I just want to be free. I want her to be free of me too. Look what it's cost me, Tara. I thought we could get it together, now she spits at me. I'm afraid of what Bonnie will do to me.', Josh groaned inwardly.

He bought himself a quart bottle and took it to his room, using his phony ID to buy the intoxicating beverage. 'Well at least this is better than the last time I went out of town. The girls here are clean and relatively inexpensive. It'll be a good way to spend the holidays. Maybe I can drink myself into oblivion. What a way to go. I can see the headlines...OK maybe not the big headlines: "Upcoming Artist Drinks Himself to Death - found with two hookers"...Yeah Mom and Dad will be so proud of me. Why did it all go wrong. Maybe if I just told him to get lost or called the police. Yeah, and I find everybody in the house dead the next day. Then he would have gotten one of her other crushes. Then maybe he would have killed their families too. You're a brave on Mankey, maybe Stoppable was right when he called you Monkey.', Josh mused as he wiped off his nose and took the first swig of the night.