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The Return

Chapter 1

Seeing Harry

It was three and a half years since Harry Potter had finally managed to end Voldemort's reign of terror and though he had died doing it, his triumph was remembered and Harry was honoured more than any wizard had ever been, even surpassing the great Merlin.

His funeral had been attended by thousands of wizards witch's and other magical folk. So many had turned up that the Muggle Prime minister had to be informed of the mass gathering so that he could hastily arrange a stadium for the service.

The ministry of magic had, had a life size statue of Harry erected at Hogwarts. The Muggle (non-magical folk) Prime minister had recommended a medal for courageous service to humankind.

Everyone at the Burrow missed him deeply. it was one of the Weasley twins, Fred, who had said what they were all thinking, that had Harry lived they would probably be having a double wedding next weekend.

Ron had once again said something stupid and while his fiancée Luna told him off Hermione had run up stairs to the room she was sharing with Ginny and again sobbed into her pillow. Mrs Weasley had followed and tried to comfort the young woman, while Fleur yelled at her brother in law for being so insensitive. That had occurred the previous weekend when things had been just a little calmer, but now life in the Burrow was hectic.

Mr Weasley had had to have an extension added to the already crooked old house in order to fit everyone in; he had also had to acquire quite a number of tents.

The entire Weasley family, plus Hermione's parents the Grangers and several of Luna's family and friends were all here for the big day. Still more of Luna's extended family were expected to arrive before the weekend.

Hermione and Luna were upstairs talking over the wedding plans, they had decided that the bridesmaids' dresses were to be in a pale rose pink colour and the men would wear full dress robes.

"I wish he could have been here to see this," said Luna quietly

"Harry, I mean, Ron and me getting…" she trailed off looking at her friend.

Hermione did not appear to have heard a word; she was staring out of the window with a look of shock on her face, the colour draining from her cheeks as she peered intently at something seemingly in the distance.

"What ever is…?" Luna never finished her question as Hermione collapsed to the floor.

"Hermione!" she said as she rushed over to Hermione she shouted "RON! Mrs WEASLEY."

There was the sound of feet pounding on the stairs and Ron burst into the room wand at the ready.

"Hermione! Luna! what?" he fell silent as he rushed across to where Luna sat on the floor cradling Hermione's head in her lap.

"What the hell!" he said as he picked up his best friend and gently laid her on the bed. Mr Weasley entered at a run closely followed by the rest of the household, "what happened?" he asked looking from Luna to Hermione.

"I think she fainted," said Luna "she was looking out of the window then she just sort of collapsed."

Ron went to the window and surveyed the scene, "I can't see anything unusual," he said as Mrs Weasley tended to Hermione, who was now beginning to wake.

"What happened dear?" she asked quietly.

Hermione sat up with a jerk, then in one move was out of bed and staring out of the window.

"He was there, standing in the lane, I know he was," said Hermione as she peered once again through the small panes of glass.

"Who was there?" said Mr Weasley looking worriedly at the girl he thought of as his surrogate daughter "Who did you see?"

Hermione was shaking as she looked at the people gathered in the bedroom "I saw… I- I- saw Harry," she said and they all stared at her.

Mrs Weasley turned to Fleur "Will you take everyone downstairs please and perhaps you would make us all a nice drink Fleur dear? Thank you."

As Fleur ushered them all from the room Mrs Weasley turned back to Hermione, "Did you say you saw Harry? You know that is not possible dear."

"I know that, but he was there in the lane, I saw him," said Hermione as her parents walked into the room.

"We all know that you loved Harry, dear," Mr Weasley was saying "but even the greatest wizard can't come back from the dead. Perhaps it was just a daydream or something, now we will all have a nice cup of tea and relax. You are maybe over excited all these arrangements and things," with a little cough he followed the others back to the kitchen.

Ron and Luna returned to Ginny's room with Hermione after a quick cup of tea in the kitchen.

Ginny had arrived home a few minutes earlier and now sat on the bed looking at Hermione, who was once more staring out of the window. "You know we all miss him, but I suppose you miss him the most. Loving him as much as you did," she said in a rather quiet sisterly way.

Hermione nodded and crossed the room to where a tall red haired Ron stood looking puzzled by what was happening. Reaching up she put her arms around his neck and began to sob once again, "Oh Ron I still love him so much, and I know I just saw him, he was there in the lane."

Ron awkwardly patted her on the back, and as food was the only thing he could think of that might take their minds off Harry he then led them back down the stairs to join the others in the now overcrowded kitchen.

It was unusually quiet as they all sat or stood around the kitchen table. All were remembering their close friend Harry Potter, the brave boy who had been the sworn enemy of the most evil wizard of all time. The boy who while still at school had fought and survived the onslaught of the most evil wizard of the century Lord Voldemort several times.

Then on the death of his favourite professor and headmaster 'Albus Dumbledore' had given up his schooling and had set out to destroy Voldemort even at the cost of his own life. He had given up living a normal life. Even gave up 'Hermione' the girl he loved , in order to fulfil a prophesy made before he was born.

Ron had been Harry's best friend ever since they first met at eleven years of age; they were on their very first trip on the scarlet steam train that was the Hogwarts express, taking them to their first term at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He thought of all the good times they had shared, the fun they had and the dangers that Harry, Hermione and himself had shared at school.

A knock on the door bought them all back to the present with a start. Mr Weasley got up to answer it, to his surprise he found professor McGonagall, the headmistress of Hogwarts standing on the step,

"Ah Minerva do come in, would you like some refreshment after your journey?" he asked.

Hermione leapt to her feet "Professor McGonagall, oh how wonderful you could come," she gave her old professor and friend a hug.

Mrs Weasley also welcomed the new arrival and insisted that the twins Fred and George get up to make room.

Professor McGonagall smiled slightly as they all fussed around her.

"I will want bringing up to date on what you have all been up to since last we met," she announced as she sat, then she noticed Hermione's pale face.

"What ever is the matter Hermione dear? You look like you saw a ghost."

Mrs Weasley coughed and to try to change the subject asked, "Would you like a cup of tea Minerva or maybe something a little stronger?"

"Tea will be fine thank you Molly, now Hermione come, tell me all about it."

"Sorry to interrupt professor, but we have a lot to do and only two days left to get it done so I'll need this lot. Come on follow me," said Bill Weasley trying to help his mother, he led the way out side. "Right Fred George you two see to the marquee, Ron, Luna, Hermione you Ginny and Fleur can put up the accommodation tents for the guests. The rest of us will see to the gardening. Charlie will you get the grass in the field sorted." Whilst the younger ones were out side, Mrs Weasley gave a quick account of the wedding arrangements to the professor.

Mr and Mrs Granger were sitting looking slightly worried; it was not every day they were invited to a wizarding wedding. "Is there something bothering you?" Mr Weasley asked looking at them both in turn.

Mr Granger answered "Not bothering so much as, well, it's just that our little girl seems to be seeing things. It all seems such a short time since we thought we were the ones seeing things then we found out she was a witch and was off to Hogwarts. We don't seem able to help very much with anything she has to go through, in fact we feel a bit useless."

Professor McGonagall smiled at them, two of the nicest Muggles she had ever met.

"Don't forget it was you two who gave Hermione to the wizarding world and taught her such good values. The way you bought her up to be such a wonderful young woman, and she turned out to be the brightest I ever taught. Such a clever girl, she will be long remembered as a great witch; there is not a spell she cannot do. You must be very proud of her and of a job well done," said Professor McGonagall.

"It's such a shame we never really got to know Harry," said Mrs Granger "He was after all, best friend to both Hermione and Ron, we should have invited him over for holidays and things like you did," she said as she looked at Mrs Weasley.

"Yes they were inseparable at school, they will both miss having him being there on Saturday," Mrs Weasley was saying.

"We all will," said a gruff voice from the open doorway.

Mr Weasley beamed "Hagrid my dear fellow come in' come in."

Professor Rubeus Hagrid had been a very close friend of Harry, Ron and Hermione, since they first met in their first term at Hogwarts. He had been gamekeeper then, now he was one of the teachers and thanks to the help he had received from his three friends was regarded as a good care of magical creature's teacher. Hagrid was twice the size of a normal man, he bent low as he walked to the table and sat down. He did not seem to be his normal cheerful self and the others quickly noticed.

"Something wrong Hagrid?" asked Molly.

Hagrid looked through his mop of long black hair, "No not really, jus seem to have bin seein things."

Molly looked at him with a motherly oh dear sort of look "What sort of things have you been seeing then?"

Hagrid sat up a little "Well I was walkin out o the forbidden forest tother day an I could a sworn Harry was walkin near to my place."

"Hagrid I do hope you hadn't been drinking," said Professor McGonagall a look of mock surprise on her face.

"Drinkin' no I wasn't drinkin Minerva, it was just after I went ter tend a unicorn, got itself hurt," said an indignant Hagrid.

The conversation was interrupted just then as an owl swooped in through the window and dropped a letter into Mr Weasley's hand. Having read the letter he turned to his wife "Fetch Ron and Hermione please dear."

"Something wrong?" asked professor McGonagall.

Mr Weasley looked around "I do hope not but we are wanted at the ministry, soon as possible."

Mr Weasley, Ron and Hermione, all worked for the department for Muggle children's accidental magic. A department set up in memory of Harry, to help young witches and wizards born into Muggle families.

Mr Weasley his salary more than doubled had been promoted to take charge of the new department. When it had been realized just how important to the continued secrecy of the magical world it was to help these young witches and wizards, he had had ten new members added to his department including both Ron and Hermione.

Ron and Hermione came panting into the kitchen followed by Molly Weasley, who was looking at her husband with a questioning face.

"Right you two we have a job on so we best get going."

"Where are we going?" said Ron

"We are wanted in the office asp," said Mr Weasley as he strode to the door, turning he said "Sorry about this but duty call's, see you all later."

Mr Weasley Ron and Hermione disappeared just outside the door as the rest of the family and friends were coming back up the path.

They arrived at the office to find the Minister of magic pacing up and down.

"Ah Weasley so glad you got here so quick. There is a lot going on, we don't know who is responsible. List of strange occurrences, we have cakes floating around and dropping on Muggle heads. Some one just turned an old woman and her dog into sort of balloons then the snakes at the zoo all escaped when the glass cases disappeared and that awful young Dursley fellow, the one that works at the Muggle ministry for pensions, has grown a huge pig's tail. A bunch of students at the university suddenly growing hair so fast they were hard to find underneath it."

Ron stared at Hermione who was looking thunder struck.

"Excuse me sir" she said, "Where did these things happen?"

"Where?" the minister looked at Hermione then at Ron, "down around little Whinging where Mr Potter used to live, that's where."

"I have dispatched teams to repair the damage and to modify the memory of those involved," the minister was saying "but as far as we can find out, no known witch or wizard are involved. So it looks like we have an under age that we don't know about. I trust I can leave this in your hands now," the minister finished talking and handed Ron a roll of parchment and left.

Ron and Hermione looked at Mr Weasley.

"I think we should pay a visit to the Dursley's," Hermione said to Mr Weasley.

"What on earth would you want to see those awful people for?"

The Dursley's were Harry's only living relatives and they had grudgingly allowed Harry to live at their house following the death of his parents. They had treated Harry cruelly owing to the fact that they hated all things magical.

"I think she's right dad," said Ron looking seriously at his father.

"Is there something I should know?" Mr Weasley looked from Ron to Hermione and back.

"Well began Hermione all these thing's that have happened they, well they…"

Ron continued "They are some of the thing's Harry did. He told us all about them when we were young. He got a warning from the ministry for performing underage magic when Dobby dropped that cake at the Dursley's. Then there was the visit to the zoo when he set a python loose without realizing it. Then he blew up his aunt and the ministry had to deflate her, and remember he told us about his cousin's tail, and Harry's hair always grew back when his aunt gave him a horrid hair cut."

"This is most curious." Mr Weasley was frowning. "Do you think some one is copying the thing's Harry did?"

He paced the office, "That and there's Hagrid and you Hermione both say you saw Harry, this is most curious, yes I think you are right we should go to see the Dursley's."

He stepped to the fire place, on the shelf was a square green box, he took out a small pinch of floo powder and dropped it into the fire, the flames turned to warm emerald green. Sticking his head into the warm flames he said clearly, Mrs Figg's little whinging.

Mrs Figg almost jumped out of her slippers; she was so surprised to see Mr Weasley's head in her fireplace.

"Goodness you almost gave me a heart attack Arthur, what can I do for you?"

"Well I was just wondering if we could Apparate into your house? We have to go to the Dursley's and I don't think they would like it if we just appeared in their living room."

Mrs Figg gave him a look of curiosity but did not ask any question's "Certainly Arthur I just wish I could be there when you knock on their door."

Smiling at this thought he thanked her and withdrew from the fire, moments later they all stood in Mrs Figg's kitchen.

Mrs Figg offered to guide them to the Dursley household and then hid herself where she had a good view of the front door.

Petunia Dursley, Harry's cruel aunt answered their knock. She stood staring at them, her thin bony features looked haggard almost as though she had not slept in a long time. She gave them a look that told them she did not like them, then she surprised them and invited them in without being rude.

"Vernon is in the living room," she said as she led the way.

Ron turned to shut the front door and stopped in his tracks, "Harry!" he gasped.

Both Hermione and Mr Weasley turned to look; Ron was stepping back outside.

"Ron," called Mr Weasley. Ron glanced back over his shoulder then turned to look again at where he had just seen Harry but there was no one there.

"I just saw him standing there, and I am not just humouring you," Ron said to Hermione, as she looked at him in that way that only she could. The look that said ok that's the joke over now it's time to behave.

Ron stared up and down privet drive "I know I saw him," he mumbled as he joined the others in the Dursley living room.

Harry's uncle Vernon was not looking to well. He was a big man but he had clearly lost some weight and actually seemed for the first time ever, to be happy to see someone from the wizarding world. A thing he hated more than anything else.

He politely asked them to take a seat and then turned to Petunia "A drink for our guest's please dear."

Hermione looked at him in surprise but she had very little compassion for him. This was the man who had for years been cruel to her best friend and the man she loved and had treated him as though he had been dirt under his feet.

"You don't look to well," she said, "Have you been ill? We could put off our visit for a while if you are ill."

"No it's ok, in fact if I had known how, I would have sent you an owl letter as I wanted to see you, you see, as Harry's only living relatives we received a letter from your Minister telling us that Harry had died without leaving a will, and that we as his only kin would inherit his things. We also had a letter from our Prime minister, telling of Harry's bravery and of the medal that they had awarded him." He paused then looked at Ron.

"Will you please take Harry's trunk. its got all his things in it still, it's in his bedroom will you take it with you."

Looking back at Hermione, he continued, "Any way it seems there is a bank vault with a large amount of gold at a bank called Gringotts, and a house in Grimmauld place that also belonged to him. Well I tried to sell the house but strange things kept happening. Then they would not allow us into the bank vault unless we could bring proof of Harry's death. The death certificate was not, they said, sufficient proof of death. That and I keep thinking I see him. I saw him in the garden lying on the grass, when I looked again he was gone. Then I was going to the coast on business and I could have sworn I saw him walking across platform ten to platform nine. I think he's come back to haunt me for being so cruel to him." With that, he fell silent.

Hermione looked up at Petunia who said in an almost whisper "I saw him last night on the drive outside," she turned to Mr Weasley "Do wizards come back?" she then turned and rushed into the kitchen crying.

Mr Weasley followed her "You know my dear nobody can come back, not even a great wizard like Harry."

It was obvious that the Dursley's would be of no help to their enquiry in their current state and so they decided it was time to leave. Ron went upstairs to get the trunk. As he opened the door, he thought just for a second that he had glimpsed Harry.

"Good on you Harry, get your own back on them," he said as he dragged the trunk out and closed the bedroom door behind him.

Ron and Mr Weasley carried the trunk between them as they returned to Mrs Figg's house. Hermione was deep in thought as they walked.

"Ron you don't think Harry has come back to haunt the Dursley's do you?" she asked as they reached the Figg house.

"Well after the way they treated him I wouldn't blame him, I'm damn sure I would," said Ron.